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Why Your Healthcare Staffing Agency’s Reputation Matters

February 8, 2022

Choosing the best healthcare staffing company for your job search is a personal decision and not all agencies are created equal. Key differences between top healthcare staffing agencies include the caliber of recruiters, technology tools, and access to exclusive listings. Advantis Medical Staffing has built one of the best reputations in the business, thus can offer the best recruiters, tech, and listings for travel nurses and allied health workers.

How to Choose A Healthcare Staffing Agency

You’re ready to explore a career in travel nursing. Where should you start? If you look at online reviews first thing, you’ve joined 90% of consumers. It makes sense to hear from those who’ve used a service before you sign on. While we’re proud of our 4.6/5-star rating, we encourage you to dig deeper. Read the reviews. Find out what made other travel clinicians value our service and results. This is a great way to make sure your agency fits your values, priorities, and requirements. Next, make sure it has the goods to deliver the travel nurse assignment you’re looking for. Industry leading outlets provide unbiased annual “Best of” lists to guide your selection. At Advantis Medical, you can find your next job with a dedicated recruiter and support staff, an entirely self-guided online experience, or a combination of both. Let’s look at what makes our recruiters different.

The Value of the Right Recruiter

Your relationship with your recruiter matters for every step of your search. Don’t forget, recruiters and their team work for you and are invested in your success. Since your future is at stake, you can and should have high expectations. Here’s what it takes to cut it as an Advantis Medical Recruiter:

  • Responsiveness – Landing a job is a big deal. You shouldn’t have to wait long to hear about opportunities, interviews, or offers. Any questions should be responded to quickly, completely, and to your satisfaction. We take pride in getting thorough answers to your questions and following up if more information is needed. Expect answers within an hour during business and within a day during non-business hours. Your question isn't resolved until you’re satisfied.
  •  Professionalism – We say our staff is part talent agents, part travel agents. It’s our job to know your strengths, what you seek in a position, and the location of your dreams, then find the assignment that matches all three. That takes investment in knowing you, a deep knowledge of available opportunities, and the ability to represent you best to potential employers. With more than 20,000jobs, many of which are exclusive to Advantis Medical, and many travel nurses who stick with us time and again, we are ready and able to serve you, professional to professional.
  • Dedication – This can’t be measured, but it can certainly be felt. It’s a reflection of values and culture. How can we ensure our recruiters will go the extra step for you? We go the extra step for them. We provide the tools, support, and positive environment that set them, and you, up for success. As one of the top places to work in Dallas/Fort Worth, we are qualified to seek a similarly great place for you.

Tech You Can Trust

It’s not just about offering a technology-driven path to employment. It’s about offering user-friendly, intuitive tech that puts jobseekers at ease and in control of their process. Tech that expands reach, clarifies information, and empowers results. We designed, developed, and implemented the AdvantisConnect job portal with all that in mind. This versatile platform lets you conduct your entire search, from inquiry up to onboarding, entirely on your own. Experienced travel nurses especially may find this ideal. The portal allows you to customize and filter your search results by location, salary range, types of shifts, specialties, and highest salary for travel nurses. It includes calculators you can use to determine your exact take home pay, too. Clinicians who want a human touch for instant support are a click away from our Nurse Care Team. This team is comprised of onboarding and compliance specialists, tax and negotiation experts, nurse advocates, recruiters, and customer success partners – all at your service.

Exclusive Travel Nurse Job Listings

This is a big one. Once you select an agency, you’ve chosen your team and your assignment options. As expected, reputable staffing companies get more desirable and more exclusive opportunities. Just as travel nurses want to work with the best agencies, so do employers. This has paid off for Advantis Medical Staffing and for our travel clinicians. We are able to offer high paying travel nurse jobs at premium facilities throughout the nation.

We have a highly trained team dedicated to securing and supporting our many exclusive listings and we are sought after by employers seeking top-notch travelers without hassle and headaches. This support ensures the best travel nurse experience with experts overseeing the process from start to finish. And that consistent attention detail, along with a glowing track record, results in loyal clients on both sides of the placement process.

A Personal Decision

Your relationship with your recruiter and agency is an important one – it affects your income, manner of living, and state of mind. At AdvantisMedical Staffing, we want to do more than find your next adventure – we want to be with you for the journey. Your success is our success. After all, our reputation is on the line.

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