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Choosing the Right Travel Nursing Agency to Work With

February 21, 2021

We wish we could tell you the name of the “best travel nursing agency” in the nation, but the truth is, there isn’t one. All nurse staffing agencies excel in different areas, which is why it is important to conduct thorough research to find the right travel nursing agency for your needs instead.

According to Verywell Health, a renowned healthcare consumer media brand, these are the

6 Best Travel Nursing Agencies of 2022

  • Best Newcomer: Advantis Medical
  • Best Overall: Triage Staffing
  • Best for Sick Pay: Aya Healthcare
  • Best for Education: Travel Nurse Across America
  • Best Customer Service: Axis Medical Staffing
  • Best Track Record: FlexCare Medical Staffing

Top picks were based on national ranking, user reviews, and features.

Now that you have an idea of how travel nursing agencies are vetted, we want to help you in your quest to find the right one. By making sure you are well informed and asking the right questions, we hope to facilitate your overall choosing experience.  

Tips for Choosing the Right Travel Nursing Agency

Infographic checklist of how to choose the right travel nursing agency.

1. Recruiter Compatibility

It is important to talk to various recruiters and ensure that you have a travel nurse recruiter who is easy to reach and truly looking out for you. Keep in mind recruiters are meant to make your life easier, by preparing you for the interview process, taking care of paperwork, and answering specific questions. You want a recruiter who is easily approachable and someone you can trust. They are responsible for finding you assignments and setting you up for success. Having a “rock-star” recruiter can truly make your experience and recruitment process a pleasant one.

2. A Professional and Stable Company

We can’t emphasize this enough - do your research! Check the travel nursing agencies' track records and reviews. Nursing blogs are a great place to start for genuine information on real life experience and the reputation of a nursing agency. Reach out to fellow nurses in your hospital who are travel nurses. They will more than likely be happy to share exactly how their recruiter made them FEEL throughout the recruitment process.

3. Strong Pay and Benefits

Be completely transparent when asking questions about full compensation packages so that you get a comprehensive idea of the overall pay. Some travel nursing agencies offer housing or housing options. Get details on everything so that you can plan accordingly. Don’t be afraid to push back if you’re not satisfied with what they are offering you. When it comes to benefits, lay out what is most important for you, whether that’s health insurance, 401(k) plans, PTO, etc. Benefits can impact pay rate, so make sure to ask questions about flexibility and negotiation. The right travel nursing agency will have all the benefits and pay rates you're looking to have.

4. Available Assignments

When reviewing an agency’s available assignment - focus on the quality and quantity of travel nursing jobs listed. If you don’t see a location you want, you might want to look elsewhere. You don’t want to force yourself into an assignment. This can negatively affect your performance, mental health, and well-being.  

Advantis Medical is connecting travelers to opportunities across the U.S. ingrowing numbers. Due to this growth, we have earned the title as the “best newcomer” travel nurse agency of 2021, and we’re not stopping there!

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