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5 Benefits of Blogging for Travel Nurses

January 28, 2022

Travel nursing is all over the news. At a time when clinician demand is surging and employees are prioritizing work-life balance and personal well-being, this industry has a lot to teach us. Travel nurses and allied health workers are in a unique position to honor themselves, inform others, and even make some money doing it by blogging during travel assignments. Let’s look at how blogging as a travel nurse can improve your life and the lives of others.

Blogging Improves Your Mental Health

Blogging is one of the few activities you can add to your day that can actually make you feel refreshed. Taking the time to record your experiences and emotions is helpful in many ways:

  • Perspective – Especially after a challenging day, it can be helpful to put it all on paper, actual or digital. Moving trials from your headspace and storing them in a notebook or on a drive allows you to process them in the moment, and revisit them later, if you need. Sometimes the knowledge that the hard day you wrote about has already happened - it’s in the past - is a warm blanket for your state-of-mind.
  • Creativity – Clinicians spend tremendous time and energy listening to others and executing crucial tasks in an exact fashion. Writing a blog lets you tap into your whimsy and creativity. It allows you free expression and rewards a bit of silliness. Plus, it’s generally established that you can experience huge health benefits when you let your creative self out.
  • Distraction – We all do it. We get stuck in our heads, replaying our missteps or rehearing confrontations. Guess what will help you move past those? You got it. Putting your focus elsewhere can instantly shift you from thinking about a past event you can’t change to empowering you in the present moment. Just for fun, try typing this sentence while thinking about something else. Can’t do it? See, it really works!

Of course, this is not a substitute for professional help. Take advantage of the resources available to you whenever you need them. Writing is one useful tool that can be helpful to you. Remember, blogging is a personal decision. You’re not obligated to share. But, if you do, sharing your content can be helpful, too.

Form Connection and Community

Solo travel can be lonely. Although it’s possible to travel in pairs, most do not. And nurses who travel alone can feel isolated. But once you start sharing your journey, you’ve brought others along with you. Make sure to include contact information in your blog and to encourage feedback and communication from readers and other bloggers. You can build community around your profession, your travels, and even your newfound love of writing! While you can always count on support from Advantis Medical’s Care Team and your recruiter at any time, it’s always nice to have a circle of friends, too.

Inspire Others with Your Blog

Yes, you!  Become a thought leader! You have a fascinating career that takes you to varied, interesting locations. You know who’d love to do that? Lots of people. Sharing your honest experiences gives others a chance to live vicariously through you. Do you remember how nervous you were the first time you set out on your own? Someone else is feeling those feelings and that doubt right now. Your post can be the inspiration that sends an aspiring RN or other clinician on the path to a travel career. A fun side effect of this perk is the positive feedback you’ll get. Notice how inspiring others through blogging also ties into community and mental wellness? That’s no accident. The benefits are exponential.

Blog to Educate and Inform

Perhaps you’re keener to inform than inspire. Rather than a collection of stories, you can blog about specific aspects of your job. What do you do in a day? What valuable tips and tricks can you pass on to others? How do you get started and where do you live? Your blog can track your adventures and serve as research to others. Best of all, when you finally put your feet up to relax, you now have a digital record of all the adventures that comprise your life’s journey.

Take Your Blog to the Bank

Travel nursing is a lucrative field, but who doesn’t want to make a bit more money? Along with healing your woes and filling your heart, blogging can add funds to your back account. There’s a huge demand for real people telling their stories in authentic voices. And, with demand ever-growing, there are lots of free and paid websites out there to help you get started. As you create more content and gain more views, you’ll find income opportunities from advertising, guest posts, and more. But keep perspective and don’t let your side hustle add to your daily stress. After all, we started this post wanting to help you feel better and more fulfilled.  

Blogging for travel nurses income stream breakdown circle graph.

Now, have a seat, get comfy, and start blogging! If you’re ready to start writing and want to contribute to the Advantis Medical blog, please contact us at To learn more about our top-notch team and services, visit

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