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Benefits of Travel Nursing in Pairs or as a Couple

June 6, 2021

Travel nursing is a fun and unique lifestyle that will allow you to explore many new and exciting places, all while furthering your travel nursing career. This career path is even more enjoyable when the journey is shared with a fellow nurse.

Whether you find a friend to travel with or have a spouse and children that stay with you throughout your travels, travel nursing in pairs or as a married couple is not as complicated as it may seem and will add many benefits to your daily life.

Continue reading to learn more about traveling as a pair with ease and the various benefits that this arrangement can provide.

How To Do Travel Nursing in Pairs

Finding two positions in the same hospital or area may seem like a significant feat, but there are several ways to make this process easier and more achievable.


Be sure to let your travel nursing agency know upfront that you'd like to do travel nursing in pairs, whether it's a friend or spouse. This will allow them to help you find the best positions together in the exact location.

Additionally, please communicate with your traveling partner your preferences regarding your career, traveling locations, housing, and more. Discussing specifics will help you determine if traveling together is a good idea that will be beneficial for everyone involved.


Sometimes, when few openings are available in a specific location, you may have to sacrifice your ideal nursing role to travel in pairs. You should weigh the pros and cons of each position and determine if the pros of traveling together outweigh the cons of a less-than-ideal position.

If you travel through multiple nursing positions with someone, you can take turns making sacrifices so that each of you has the opportunity to work a position that you enjoy. Overall, it is essential to be flexible when your goal is to travel nursing in pairs or as a couple.

Benefits of Travel Nursing in Pairs


A significant benefit of travel nursing as a couple or in pairs is saving money and afford a better housing situation. When travel nursing as a couple, one person can take the housing stipend offered to travel nurses, while the other allows the nursing agency to make housing arrangements. This will enable the travel nursing couple to earn added profit from the housing stipend, which can add to their savings or improve their overall quality of life.

If you're traveling in pairs with a friend, both of you can take the housing stipend and pool your money to afford a better housing arrangement than you might be able to afford traveling alone.


Travel nursing can be a lonely career if you choose to travel alone. However, nursing is a challenging career, and traveling as a pair can improve your mental health and quality of life by providing you with a supportive community, as well as familiarity amidst a new setting.

Also, if you coordinate your work schedule to have days off together, you can spend time exploring your new city and making beautiful memories together.


For female traveling nurses, it can seem daunting to move to a new city alone. However, the harsh reality is that the world is not always a safe place for women, so travel nursing in pairs with friends or as a couple can help women feel safer as they pursue a travel nursing career.

Travel As A Pair With Advantis Medical

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