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Best Compression Socks for Nurses (2022)

March 28, 2022

Nurses are a special and talented group of individuals. The work they do is often unforgiving and requires them to stay up on their feet for extended periods of time. You might wonder what compression socks do for a nurse or whether you should wear compression socks. The simple answer is that they give your feet and legs a supportive hug while they support your hardworking body. The best way to find out whether they’re right for you is to try on a pair. 

Why Do Nurses Wear Compression Socks?

How do compression socks work? Compression socks, also called compression stockings, apply supportive pressure to the legs and feet. They help improve blood flow, especially for people who spend a lot of time on their feet, like nurses and allied health techs. The pressure on lower limbs helps blood fight gravity, which prevents blood pooling and swelling in your lower legs, feet, or toes. Blood can flow more easily to your heart and head and away from your lower extremities. 

Compression Socks for Medical Conditions

Compression socks are helpful for medical conditions, such as edema and low blood pressure, as well as providing comfort for just about anyone’s daily routine. They are also said to reduce varicose veins and spider veins caused by failing blood vessel valves. 

There are many popular brands of compression socks since nurses often rely on them to help avoid sore feet and legs.

Depending on a nurse's preference, they may prioritize compression strength, cute designs, or different styles of compression socks. Here are some of the best compression socks to choose from. Any nurse should be able to find something they like!

List of Best Nursing Compression Socks

1. Think Medical Fun Compression Socks

Striped Think Medical fun compression socks.

It’s not often that you find compression socks that are specifically for nurses. These nurse-centric socks by Think Medical feature hearts, a stethoscope, sinus rhythm, and other symbols and text geared toward nurses. The bright colors are also likely to lift your spirits!  

Choosing these fun compression socks is sure to put a smile on your face. However, they deliver relatively low compression, so another pair of socks on this list might be better for you if you need more support.

2. Nurse Yard Core Compression Socks

Black Nurse Yard core compression socks.

Do you prefer compression socks with technology that keeps every part of your feet and calves in mind? Nurse Yard’s Core Compression Socks might have your name on them. These are the most thoughtfully designed socks we found in our search. 

Nurse Yard paid attention to every detail for these compression socks. They feature arch support, cushioning, non-slip cuffs, and 20-30 mmHg pressure throughout the calf to deliver the support you need to make it through your shift.

3. Bombas Performance Compression Socks

Colorful patterned Bombas performance compression socks.

If you like brightly colored socks that are high quality and backed by good reviews, Bombas is your best bet. Their performance compression socks are available in packs of three to save you both time and money. They also sell regular socks and other undergarments for people of all ages. 

Creating high quality clothing isn’t all Bombas does—they’re heavily focused on philanthropy. As such, they donate a pair of socks for every pair that they sell. Purchasing compression socks from Bombas helps you help yourself, as well as someone in need. Check out their wide selection to pick out some socks you like. 

4. Pro Compression Marathon Compression Socks

Gray Pro Compression marathon compression socks.

Searching for highly supportive compression socks that also display your bubbly personality? Pro Compression’s Marathon Compression Socks are sure to tickle your fancy. These fun socks deliver 20-30 mmHg compression in a fun tie dye design. 

If you prefer a more toned down design, you can also get these socks with a smiley face or tropical flowers instead. Check out the different options on their website!

5. heartsoul Light Compression Socks

Hello Kitty heartsoul light compression socks.

Hello Kitty is an iconic anime character that people all over the world know and adore. She was a prominent part of my childhood and the childhoods of so many other children. heartsoul leveraged Hello Kitty’s fame in their Light Compression Socks, which feature just 8-15 mmHg of compression.   

Bring a bit of nostalgia with you to work by wearing these cute Hello Kitty compression socks. You can purchase them and other options from heartsoul on Uniform Advantage’s website. 

6. Bioworld Compression Socks

Marvel inspired Bioworld compression socks.

DC Comics’ movies have a large fan base of children and adults who are highly invested in each new movie release. With so many fans across the globe, there are bound to be some nurses who like these movies. There also happen to be fun compression socks that are perfect for this subset of nurses.   

Wonder Woman compression socks from Bioworld are the perfect pattern for everyday heroes like nurses. Wear them to work for added support and a little extra pep in your step! You can find these and other novelty compression socks on sockologie’s website. 

You don’t have to endure leg and foot pain while you’re on your feet at work. Nurses like you wear compression socks to help them make it through the workday. Our suggestions include functional compression socks with fun patterns as well as more toned-down colorways. We hope you found something you like!

How To Find Medical Clothing Discounts

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