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Uncertainty of Allied Health Travel Jobs Answered

April 27, 2021

If you are wondering how COVID-19 has changed healthcare, you are not alone. Seasoned allied health travelers and those beginning their journey all share the same sentiments. 2020 was undoubtedly a year for necessary change and growth in all industries, especially healthcare. 

Healthcare experienced the most significant advancement in response to an increase in critical care and higher demand for respiratory specialists. The evolution of healthcare continued with ever-changing protocols to stay current with the latest research. Many healthcare workers experienced an influx of need, whether for PPE or more hospital beds. Other healthcare specialists experienced a hold on in-person services as the dangers of exposure seemed to outweigh the necessity of care they provided. 

With the uncertainty in 2020 blurring into 2021, allied health travelers have a year of experience in the pandemic to make informed decisions about the future of their careers and how to best meet the increasing demands for allied health travel positions. 

COVID-19 in 2021 | Top 5 Medical Travel Jobs 

Using data collected during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, the following top 5 in-demand jobs provide further insight into the changes U.S. healthcare experienced.

Graph of allied health travel job salaries in 2020.

Respiratory Tech

With COVID-19 potentially affecting the lower respiratory system, respiratory tech travel jobs experienced the highest increase at 241% over typical trends during that time. With such a significant increase, respiratory specialists may continue to experience higher demand than before the onset of the pandemic.

Registered Respiratory Therapy

Following the above trend, registered respiratory therapy experienced a 139% increase. Again, with COVID-19 alerting the lower respiratory system and having lasting effects, patients need respiratory therapy. Registered Respiratory Therapy is a much-needed specialization right now. 


Pharmacist jobs increased by 120%, most likely due to the need to fill sudden open positions due to sickness or quarantine instead of direct contact with Covid-19 cases. 

Pharmacy Tech

Pharmacy Tech jobs saw a 54% increase in demand. 

Dialysis Tech

Interestingly, another allied health travel job, which seems indirect to COVID-19 response, experienced an increase in demand. Traveling Dialysis techs experienced a 38% increase in demand. 

Opportunities for the Allied Health

The way our nation performs and thinks about healthcare has experienced significant change. The demand for allied health travelers is at an all-time high, and opportunities are endless. Some areas require more help than others, as cities like New York, New Orleans, Detroit, and Chicago were designated crisis hotspots. Researching struggling areas can help healthcare workers determine where their service is most needed.

In addition to growth opportunities, travel rates have increased. This allows for allied health travelers and travel nurses to double rates or increase sign-on bonuses. 

These are all items to consider before your next job!

Advantis Medical Can Help

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Advantis Medical, travel nursing agency, is here to bridge the gap between allied health workers and their next dream job opportunity. You can begin your search here and be on your way to a rewarding experience as you help contribute to a brighter future.

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