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Advantis Medical’s purpose is to connect Travel Nurses and Allied Health Professionals to their dream opportunities across the United States!

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The top three reasons health professionals become travelers are adventure, money, and independence. And, with 1.09 million total open jobs projected for nurses by 20241, its clear that opportunities for highly rewarding assignments have never been more abundant!  
1 The total number of job openings for nurses due to growth and replacements to 1.09 million by 2024
Comforting others and saving lives every day, Nurses truly ROCK! Advantis Medical works hard to be as valuable to our extended nursing family as they are to the world! We are committed to bringing compassion, support, and exciting opportunities to every travel RN and allied health professional seeking an adventure!
Everyone on the Advantis Medical team cares passionately about connecting travel nurses and allied health professionals to their dream travel assignment. Most of all, we care about our Nurse family, and we care about each other. Join us!

Come as you are…

Your gender, your beliefs, your preferences, your skin color, or your bigshot friend make no difference to us. Advantis Medical is a progressive and open-minded collective. If you’re smart, optimistic, and care about being awesome at what you do, come as you are!
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Advantis Medical Staffing exists today because of a journey that started when a Co-founder of Advantis Global, a national Tech Staffing company headquartered in San Francisco, began a quest to find a treatment and cure for a rare form of disease diagnosed in his young son.
That journey has resulted in pioneering and life-changing gene therapy treatments for Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophies (LGMDs) where none existed before. Along the way, tons of love and compassion was freely given by an army of caring nurses and healthcare providers.
It was the care experienced from these awesome souls that inspired the creation of Advantis Medical. Now we’re trying to return the love the best way we know how – by connecting Travel Nurses and Allied Health professionals to their dream assignments at top medical facilities across the U.S.
Today, Travel Nurses face a sea of opportunity and countless options when considering their ideal path to rewarding opportunities in their specialization. Our travel nursing agency is here to make the whole process easy for you to find, accept, and settle into your next adventure.
Co-founded by experienced Silicon Valley Staffing executives, and headquartered in Dallas, Advantis Medical is a close-knit team dedicated to serving those who bring medical comfort and care to others every day.
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Partner with a travel nursing agency that offers white-glove, hassle-free experiences.
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