Advantis Medical Staffing Reaches New Heights

Advantis Medical Staffing Reaches New Heights: Ranks 110 on Inc. 5000 List

August 16, 2023

Dallas-based Advantis Medical Staffing has soared in the ranks of the 2023 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America, placing 110th overall and 12th in the state of Texas. This is their first placement on this prestigious list since the company’s inception in 2018. Today, Advantis Medical ranks among the top 2% of fastest-growing private firms in the nation.

Amongst the crowded landscape of staffing agencies, Advantis Medical is an outlier. Here, the stereotypical narrative of pushy recruiters and sky-high profit margins is being rewritten. The traditional staffing approach– reminiscent of casinos favoring the house– often ensures agency success while falling short of promises made to candidates, who are often corralled into the funnel by the thousands. However, Advantis Medical adopts an entirely counterintuitive strategy– one that is every bit as surprising as it is successful.

Rather than focusing solely on placement volume, Advantis Medical chooses instead to prioritize the travel nurse experience. It’s a tactic that defies conventional logic and begs the question of profitability, but the company stands behind their commitment to clinician satisfaction, citing higher retention rates and rapid-fire word-of-mouth marketing. In fact, over 20% of Advantis Medical’s first-time travelers come through referrals. This has compounded into a constant flow of new and interested candidates, allowing Advantis Medical to pivot their focus away from industry-typical spending on customer acquisition, and instead toward investing heavily into the nurse experience. According to Advantis Medical President Steve Belcher, this allows the company a "competitive advantage in every sense of the word...

“Nurses not only trust us to match them to job opportunities, but they advocate amongst their peers for the Advantis experience in a way that has facilitated unprecedented growth unlike anything this industry has ever seen.”

               - Steve Belcher, Advantis Medical President

At Advantis Medical, nurses enjoy a custom, digital job-matching algorithm that presents opportunities based on each clinician’s unique specialty and preferences. They receive generous gifts during National Nurses Week. Recruiters remain with candidates throughout the entirety of their employment journey as a trusted career partner, providing ongoing support as well as new job opportunities. Nurses have access to an entire team dedicated to coordinating travel arrangements and housing, a “clinical concierge” service, and on-the-job support. Furthermore, Advantis Medical has internalized clinician payroll, timekeeping, and HR for contracted clinicians, allowing the nurse a seamless, single point of contact for everything they need. It’s easy. It’s exciting. It allows healthcare workers the opportunity to travel the world and do great work, without the hassle or stress of managing their own logistics.

And Advantis Medical’s commitment to nurse satisfaction doesn’t end there. This year, the company introduced the CARE Awards for clinicians, recognizing certain healthcare professionals who go above and beyond in their work, attitude, and quality of patient care. In fact, fostering a culture of celebration is a cornerstone of Advantis Medical’s marketing strategy, as it serves to boost both positive brand sentiment and the company’s bottom line.

“When nurses feel celebrated, everyone wins. Patients across America get better care. Essential healthcare workers maintain much-needed morale. And facilities with critical staffing needs get passionate professionals who are more likely to show up on time, do great work, and request contract extensions. Advantis Medical is proud to simply enable nurses to do what they do best in a way that both empowers and encourages the vital and infinitely valuable work of healthcare.”

               - Steve Belcher, Advantis Medical President

In addition to adopting a clinician-focused mindset, Advantis Medical is selective in the facilities they partner with, meticulously reviewing potential clients for the highest standards of employee satisfaction, safety, and quality. The philosophy behind this choice is simple: pay people what they deserve, get them good jobs, and they will love you for it. You see, Advantis Medical’s success is not in their profit margins. It’s not even in the placement of individual clinicians. Rather, the organization has adopted somewhat of an “if you build it, they will come” strategy for success: treat nurses like gold, and the word will get out.

Today, hospitals and healthcare facilities in all 50 states consider Advantis Medical their trusted staffing partner. Clinicians not only enjoy a wide variety of geographical options for work, but they know that their temporary facilities are good places to work for. In fact, more than half of clinicians who begin short-term assignments here go on to request contract extensions. 

In addition to their 2023 Inc. 500 placement, Advantis Medical earned the #3 spot on the SMU 100 list of the fastest-growing private companies in Dallas in December of 2022. This year, they were named a Best Travel Nurse Agency by BluePipes for the fourth time in five years, an award primarily determined by online nurse reviews. Advantis Medical was also named a 2023 Top Place to Work (overall) and a 2023 Top Place to Work in Healthcare by Top Workplaces, the gold standard source for employer recognition. Leaders at Advantis Medical are humbled in particular by such awards because they serve as a testament to not only bottom-line success, but clinicians’ experience and overall satisfaction, two markers of success that can’t always be measured but are invaluable nonetheless. Belcher sums it up best:

“Put simply, nurses are happier here. And when nurses are happy, they do good work, and communities everywhere thrive.”

               - Steve Belcher, Advantis Medical President

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