Celebrating the 2024 CARE Awards

Celebrating the 2023 Q4 CARE Awards: Honoring Exceptional Healthcare Professionals

February 1, 2024

Advantis Medical is thrilled to spotlight the latest recipients of the CARE Awards for the fourth quarter of 2023, a quarterly celebration honoring exceptional healthcare professionals who exemplify excellence in care, compassion, and commitment. As we build on the momentum of previous quarters, this installment of the awards continues to recognize those who make significant impacts across allied, acute, and post-acute care sectors. This approach not only reinforces our mission but also establishes benchmarks for industry excellence. A hearty congratulations to the winners of the Q4 2023 CARE Awards for their outstanding contributions to healthcare and enhancing patient lives.

Ryan Campor

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit RN

Registered Nurse - Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

Nominated by: His Advantis recruiter, Logan Patterson

Assignments: Oklahoma Children's Hospital at OU Health and Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center

Time traveling with Advantis: One Year

About Ryan:

Since joining us at OU in February 2023, Ryan Campor's commitment to patient care and willingness to go above and beyond have been outstanding. Even amidst a family emergency during his assignment, Ryan's dedication remained unwavering. He managed to fly to PA and back in 24 hours to fulfill his shifts and work on credentialing for his next assignment at Kaiser in CA.

Ryan's proactive approach to professional development is equally commendable, having driven to Ft. Worth for NRP courses on his only day off, showcasing his dedication to excellence. The facilities he has worked with echo our admiration, praising Ryan for his adaptability, positive influence, and valuable support, especially during the transition to EPIC. His flexibility in scheduling, eagerness to pick up extra shifts, and unwavering commitment to teamwork during emergencies further highlight his exceptional contributions.

Ryan's impact goes beyond his individual efforts, as his referrals have brought in other outstanding clinicians to Advantis Medical. In celebrating excellence and dedication in healthcare, we proudly award Ryan Campor as the Acute winner of this year's CARE Awards, recognizing his remarkable contributions to patient care and healthcare at large.

Angela Gordon

Computed Tomography Technologist

Computed Tomography Technologist

Nominated by: Her Advantis recruiter, Kelsea Bickerstaff

Assignments: Wellstar - North Fulton, Ascension WFH St Joseph Hospital, University of Oklahoma Medical Center, and Millcreek Community Hospital

Time traveling with Advantis: One and a half years

About Angela:

Since her start in June 2022, Angela Gordon has exemplified loyalty, dedication, and exceptional communication skills across four distinct facilities. Angela's remarkable ability to forge lasting connections shines through, from being invited to Christmas celebrations by her colleagues at Millcreek to receiving a warm welcome back from the manager at Ascension Milwaukee.

Her proactive stance on addressing challenges head-on ensures quick and effective resolutions, embodying the core values of the CARE Awards. Angela's journey with Advantis Medical is a shining example of how dedication and excellence in healthcare can create significant impacts.

We are thrilled to honor Angela with the Allied winner title of this year's CARE Awards, celebrating her outstanding contributions and dedication to healthcare excellence. Congratulations, Angela, on this well-deserved recognition!

Desaraye Teague

Licensed Practical Nurse - Long-Term Acute Care

Licensed Practical Nurse - Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC)

Nominated by: Her Advantis recruiter, Keely Peirce

Assignments: Maple Ridge Care Center, Cedar Community, Fairhaven Senior Services

Time traveling with Advantis: Over two years

About Desaraye:

Desaraye Teague joined our team in October 2022 and quickly became an indispensable part of the healthcare facilities she has worked with. Known for her flexibility, punctuality, and unwavering reliability, Desaraye has garnered immense respect from both her colleagues and the patients she cares for.

Her dedication shone brightly during a challenging eight-day period amid a stomach bug outbreak, where her commitment never wavered, showcasing her exceptional work ethic. Desaraye is not just a skilled nurse; her positive attitude, commitment to teamwork, and high-quality care have made a significant impact everywhere she goes.

Her willingness to pick up additional shifts and go the extra mile highlights her as a paragon of dedication in the healthcare community. We are proud to honor Desaraye Teague with the Post-Acute winner of this year's CARE Awards, celebrating her outstanding dedication and inspiring excellence in healthcare. Congratulations, Desaraye, on this well-deserved recognition!

Honorable Mentions


  • Amy Castano RN - L&D
  • Dekisha Jones RN - LTAC
  • Samantha Frederick RN - ER/Trauma
  • Laura Masse RN - Stepdown
  • Daniel Gardner RN - MedSurg/Tele
  • Michaela Akins RN - MedSurg/Tele
  • Sierra Willis RN - ER/Trauma
  • Margaret Davis RN - MedSurg/Tele
  • Pamela Smith RN - MedSurg/Tele
  • Abbie Capps RN - General Peds, Peds MedSurg/Tele, Peds Rehab, and PreOP
  • Regina McInnis RN - ER/Trauma
  • Royal Ezenwa RN - Rehab
  • Misty Munck RN - MedSurg/Tele
  • Theresa Higgs RN - MedSurg/Tele


  • Aaron Scruse CNA
  • Kalli Lavin LPN - LTC/SNF

Allied Health

  • Lance Boland Allied - Neuro Vascular Tech
  • Cristina Georgacopoulos Allied - Rad Tech
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