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The Benefits of AI Powered Job Search in Healthcare Staffing

June 28, 2022

Why should you work with a healthcare staffing agency? It sounds like an odd question, but at Advantis Medical Staffing, we ask it daily. Why? Because challenging ourselves to come up with new ways to help you navigate and succeed in the competitive healthcare landscape drives us to seek out or develop the latest in human and AI based job search solutions. We are committed to adding ease, empowerment and satisfaction to every interaction so finding work doesn’t feel like work.

Why Should You Work with a Healthcare Staffing Agency?

There’s that question again. We’ll offer specific reasons shortly, but there’s one overarching answer. Results. You should only work with a healthcare staffing company that makes it easy to find, apply for, and land jobs that improve your life. One that eliminates wasted time and effort, improves the quality of roles you see, and increases your chances of getting hired.

Travel nurse infographic for saving money with time.

Advantis Medical Staffing is that healthcare staffing agency. First, we invested in building an industry-leading team of staffing professionals who are the most caring and committed around. Next, we instituted comprehensive training to empower them to serve our community of clinicians throughout rewarding professional journeys. Then, we got nerdy.

AI Powered Job Search

Time is money. You want more of both and we have the tech that delivers for you. AI based job search, along with machine learning and integrated automation are big words that do one thing: simplify your search. This is because technology can often perform repetitive tasks more quickly, accurately, and efficiently than people can. For example, once you set your preferences in your AdvantisConnect profile, you can opt for instant or weekly updates about job matches that meet your preferences. And by automating the notification process you know about your matches sooner and can apply earlier. This gives you a competitive advantage for the most desirable roles.

We implemented these programs to improve productivity and free our human experts to deliver a truly concierge staffing experience. So, when your AdvantisConnect profile populates with multiple roles suited to your needs you can be sure there’s a team of people ready to help you get them.

Your Healthcare Job Portal to the Future

AdvantisConnect is all about ease. Finding a job is stressful, especially when you do it multiple times a year. That’s why we empower you with all the information you need in an easy-to-access way. From instant access to your support team, to easy filtering ability, to complete compensation information, we make it simple for you to make this big decision. You’ll get thorough information in a glance and be able to apply for the roles you want with a single click. Because time in between shifts should be about rest, not stress.

But Wait, There’s More

It’s true. We’re just getting started! There’s more innovation ahead. Keep your eye out for even better refined search results, improved communication, and updates to payroll and timekeeping practices. We’ll continue improving the way AdvantisConnect looks and performs. Like you, our valued travel clinicians, we are dedicated to excellence in helping you realize your dreams. And we won’t rest until we do. If you’re ready to go places with allied health and RN travel jobs, visit AdvantisConnect today.

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