Top Paying Travel Allied Health Jobs

Top Paying Travel Allied Health Jobs

August 1, 2022

Are you interested in traveling and working in healthcare but are looking to do something outside of nursing? Explore the world of paid allied travel jobs! There are so many options for allied health travel jobs, no matter what your interest.

What is Allied Health?

Allied health consists of anyone in healthcare excluding doctors and nurses who tend to patients. The professions can include lab professionals, imaging specialists, speech-language pathologists, nutritionists, and many more. Luckily, many positions are lucrative and fulfilling, especially in travel assignments where professionals take on temporary roles across various locations.

Top-paying travel allied health jobs:

1. Echo Technicians

Average Weekly Pay: $3,855

Potential Yearly Pay: $200,460

Echo Technicians specialize in obtaining ultrasound images of the heart. This vital role provides key insights into cardiovascular health. By taking on travel roles, Echo Technicians can gain exposure to diverse medical settings, enriching their professional experience and expertise. Browse Travel Echo Tech Jobs

2. X-Ray Technicians

Weekly Pay Up To: $3,451

Potential Yearly Pay: $179,452

X-Ray Technicians work in catheterization labs, helping in the diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions. Traveling as an X-ray technician allows them to engage with cutting-edge technology and procedures. This fosters continuous learning and development in their field. Browse Travel X-Ray Tech Jobs

2. Certified Surg Tech

Average Weekly Pay: $3,005

Potential Yearly Pay: $156,260

Certified Surg Tech works with surgeons during surgeries, ensuring a smooth and efficient operating process. Travel roles in this specialty offer opportunities to work with renowned surgeons and learn advanced surgical techniques, enhancing one's professional growth. Browse Travel Surg Tech Jobs

4. CT Technicians

Average Weekly Pay: $2,989

Potential Yearly Pay: $155,428

CT Technicians operate CT scanners, producing cross-sectional images for medical diagnosis. Travel roles in CT technology provide opportunities to work in various healthcare environments, broadening one's skillset and offering a chance to make a significant impact in patient care. Browse Travel CT Tech Jobs

5. MRI Technicians

Average Weekly Pay: $2,999

Potential Yearly Pay: $155,948

MRI Technicians operate MRI machines to create detailed images of the body's internal structures. This non-invasive imaging technique is crucial for diagnosing many medical conditions. Traveling as an MRI Technician opens doors to work with diverse patient populations and medical teams, enhancing both personal and professional growth. Browse Travel MRI Tech Jobs

6. Ultrasound Technicians

Average Weekly Pay: $2,966

Potential Yearly Pay: $154,232

Ultrasound Technicians utilize ultrasound equipment to visualize internal organs and structures. Traveling in this role offers a chance to explore different specialties within sonography, contributing to a well-rounded career and making a meaningful difference in patient lives. Browse travel Ultrasound Tech Jobs

7. Respiratory Therapists

Average Weekly Pay: $3,084

Potential Yearly Pay: $160,368

Respiratory Therapists provide care for patients with breathing difficulties. Embracing travel roles offers exposure to various respiratory conditions and treatments, fostering professional growth and the ability to make a profound impact on patient well-being. Browse Travel Respiratory Therapist Jobs

8. Pediatric RRT

Average Weekly Pay: $2,285

Potential Yearly Pay: $118,820

Pediatric Registered Respiratory Therapists provide respiratory care to children. Traveling in this field allows therapists to work with pediatric specialists across different hospitals, enhancing their skills and making a lasting difference in the lives of young patients. Browse Travel General Pediatrics Jobs

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How to Find High-Paying Allied Health Jobs

As you can see, there are many options when looking for travel allied health jobs. This allied health jobs list offers opportunities to work inpatient, outpatient, in a lab, or with actual patients. No matter what part of healthcare interests you, there is an opportunity for you.

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