Travel Nurse Housing in Kentucky

How to Find Travel Nurse Housing in Kentucky

November 27, 2023

There’s lots to love about Kentucky! The state boasts the world’s longest-known cave system at Mammoth Cave National Park, the Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball team, and the most exciting two minutes in sports: the Kentucky Derby.

Another reason to love the Bluegrass State? The multitude of options for travel nurse housing in Kentucky.

How much does a travel nurse make in Kentucky?

Let’s start with the numbers. The average salary for a travel nurse in Kentucky is $2,312 a week. If you worked the entire year, you could earn more than $126,000 working in this state. This salary makes Kentucky an attractive place for travel nurses to live.

Be sure to keep in mind that travel nurse compensation packages can be complicated. They include variables not found in standard compensation packages. Advantis Medical Staffing offers an integrated nurse pay calculator, so you don’t have to manually figure out what you can expect to earn, making this process much easier to navigate.

Types of short-term travel nurse housing

Once you find your perfect travel nurse job in Kentucky, you’ll want to find a place to call home. There are several options for travel nurse housing in Kentucky, so you can find the right choice for your needs.

  1. Extended Stay Hotels
    You can stay short-term while you continue to search for your ideal home, or you can settle in. A great option for singles or couples, extended-stay hotels typically offer free Wi-Fi and fully equipped kitchens.
  1. Corporate Housing
    Parts of Kentucky, like Lexington, are home to big companies with employees needing corporate housing. Traveling nurses can benefit from this type of housing that can offer accommodations up to twice the size of a hotel. Corporate housing often provides more amenities than a hotel, like swimming pools, fitness centers, and areas to grill your favorite food while you relax outdoors.
  1. Apartment or Condo Rental
    Kentucky has fantastic communities with apartment and condo rentals. These tend to be great options when bringing a partner or even a child. If you’re into amenities, these often have even more to do than corporate housing — think putting greens and media rooms!
  1. House or Townhouse Rental
    Need more space? If you’re bringing a family or perhaps rooming with other travel nurses, you can find larger homes available for rent. Keep in mind that you may also be responsible for property upkeep, like lawn mowing.

Before you make your decision, you’ll want to know more about the cost of each option to ensure you focus your search on fitting your budget.

How much does housing for travel nurses in Kentucky cost?

Depending on where in Kentucky you will live, travel nurse housing will vary. The average cost of a one-bedroom in Kentucky is $577 a month, which is a fantastic price if you are living alone or with a partner. However, if you are looking for two or more bedrooms, you can expect to pay anywhere from $700 to more than $2,000 each month.

Factors affecting affordable housing for travel nurses in Kentucky

In addition to being a wonderful place to live, Kentucky is affordable. Did you know that Kentucky was ranked the state with the ninth-lowest cost of living in the United States?

Here are some variables you’ll want to consider when finding an affordable place to live in Kentucky:

  • As with anywhere, some cities may cost more than others. Once you know where your contract is, you will have a better sense of the affordable options available.
  • A month-to-month or short-term rental will have a higher monthly cost than a longer lease. You will also find long-term savings on sites like Airbnb.
  • Smaller rentals like an apartment or condo will cost less than a larger home, though that larger house cost can be offset by sharing rent with roommates. You will also pay more for accommodations with amenities.
  • Furnished homes usually cost more to rent and often come with a higher security deposit. For a travel nurse, that cost may be worth it to avoid paying movers to transport large furniture.

Agency-placed travel nurse housing vs. stipends

Traveling nurses have the option to choose agency-provided housing, which certainly takes the work out of finding the best prices. However, this type of housing may not have all the bells and whistles connected with other options. Nurses may wish to find their own accommodations — especially if they qualify for a housing stipend as part of their compensation package.

Where to find short-term rentals for travel nurses in Kentucky

Some travel nurse companies — Advantis Medical included — will help you find housing in Kentucky within your budget. If your agency doesn’t offer this benefit or you want to find housing on your own, you can find travel nurse housing on many websites.

  1. Airbnb: This site enables hosts to rent out their own homes. You can search by different criteria, such as preferred location, number of bedrooms, and access to amenities. Plus, they’re furnished!
  1. has a category specifically for short-term rentals — and there is no shortage of choices!
  1. RentCafe: This site has many listings in Kentucky. You can search by property type (there is even a selection for affordability) and filter by apartment amenities, community amenities, and ratings from previous tenants.
  1. Homestay: With Homestay, people can rent space in their homes. Single travel nurses looking for a furnished home will find this a valuable resource.
  1. Extended Stay America: Extended stay hotels like Extended Stay America in Kentucky are perfect for short-term stays and extended housing. You could also start at an extended-stay hotel while you search for your ideal home.

Find your next travel nurse assignment with Advantis Medical Staffing

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when finding affordable housing in Kentucky. If you choose to work with Advantis Medical Staffing, we provide a generous stipend, and our travel coordinator can even book your living arrangements. Check out our travel nursing jobs in Kentucky — and don’t forget to pack your fancy hat for the Derby!

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