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National Hospital Week 2022: “We Are Health Care”

May Baker
May 6, 2022

The past two years have been challenging to say the least for healthcare workers. In 2022, National Hospital Week is celebrated May 8-14 and encourages honor and respect for the innovation of our healthcare systems and the life-saving skills of dedicated healthcare workers.

A Brief History of National Hospital Week

National Hospital Week initially began as a day. Created in 1921 this day was used as a way to promote confidence and education in hospitals following the Spanish flu of 1918. It was lengthened into a week in 1953 to allow for additional public education. The initial Hospital Day was chosen to honor the birthday of Florence Nightingale (May 12th). Florence was a pioneer of the nursing profession and credited with instituting early sanitation practices. It only makes sense that National Hospital Week and National Nurses Week overlap.

Why Celebrate Hospitals?

National Hospital Week recognizes the over 6,000 hospitals, healthcare systems, and outstanding staff members that contribute to the teamwork required to provide quality health care. All hospitals are included in the recognition, from acute care hospitals to Veteran’s Administration hospitals, to children’s and psychiatric hospitals.  

No skill is too small to keep a hospital functioning at peak performance. Clinical staff, maintenance workers, supply chain workers, medical records, billing departments, and so many more are vital to maintaining the seamless flow of hospitals.

2022 National Hospital Week Theme: “We Are Health Care”

National Hospital Week is sponsored by the American Hospital Association (AHA). Their theme for 2022 is “We Are Health Care” to highlight the individuals that selflessly provide care in America’s hospitals and healthcare systems. The AHA is asking hospitals and healthcare workers to participate in National Hospital Week by sharing their stories and experiences in working on the frontlines through a pandemic.  

Official graphics for American Hospital Association National Hospital Week.

Videos have been compiled from caregivers all over the country who are sharing their pride in their profession and colleagues and what drives them to continue providing quality care even during a historical pandemic.

Showing Support During National Hospital Week

Healthcare systems, managers, and other corporations and individuals can honor healthcare workers in a number of ways.

  1. Special events. A hospital “spirit week” promotes engagement in a fun way to boost morale. Prizes, raffles, and contests throughout the week give staff a break from their endless tasks. Hospitals can offer free t-shirts to wear on a dedicated day and bring around free snacks to the units to show heartfelt appreciation. A “carnival day” with outdoor games and free food for employees and their families makes a big statement. There’s nothing more fun than watching hospital administrators plunge into cold water at the dunking booth!
  1. Make their jobs easier. National Hospital Week is a great time to make improvements to hospital equipment and processes. A new fridge in the break room, a couple more electronic vital sign machines, and maybe an additional bladder scanner (gasp!) support staff in doing their jobs to the best of their ability.
  1. Spread awareness. Respect and appreciation should be loud and clear. Hospitals can display posters and banners as individuals add filters to their social media profiles. Share personal stories using the hashtag #hospitalweek. Local businesses may feel honored to be involved in supporting hospitals by delivering free meals to staff or offering discounts to their stores.  
  2. Giveaways. Everyone loves free stuff and being appreciated. Advantis Medical Staffing has week-long giveaways and gifts packs sent to all our nurses.
National Nurse Week giveaway ad example for National Hospital Week.

Hospitals are full of individuals whose priority is to fight for the lives of those who are sick and in need. They are brave and compassionate pillars of strength that continue to provide excellence even during unprecedented circumstances. They fight for us, so we must fight for them.

Advantis Medical Staffing celebrates National Hospital Week as we do not exist without the collaborative efforts of the hospitals, healthcare systems, travel nurses, and allied health professionals that we work with.  

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