Group of female and male Advantis Medical Staffing employees and leadership crowded around for a group photo after winning #3 spot on the SMU Dallas 100 List.

Advantis Medical Staffing Earns #3 Spot on the SMU Dallas 100 List

December 6, 2022

Advantis Medical Staffing is thrilled to earn the #3 spot on the Dallas 100 List. This prestigious catalog is curated by SMU Cox Caruth Institute of Entrepreneurship and ranks the fastest-growing privately held companies in the Dallas region. Earning a spot on this coveted list is based on three years of continuous growth – a challenge all winners met while navigating extraordinary circumstances throughout the pandemic. Steve Belcher, president of Advantis Medical Staffing, views this achievement as an honor and a challenge.  

“That feedback, that you’re doing great things and growing fast, that’s exciting and humbling – especially in such a competitive market. It also lights a fire under us to keep getting better.”  

The secret is simplicity, and the power lies in execution. Advantis Medical’s North Star is treating the clinician like gold. Each traveler has unique hopes, dreams, and desires so “gold” looks different in every scenario. The challenge is making extraordinary service scalable. How can this exponentially growing team execute efficiently while maintaining that all-important personal connection? The answer lies in technology - some already in play and some on the way. The back-office team is innovating new ways to use existing tech. And where current tools are absent or lacking, the internal development team is creating solutions from scratch. As an example, the AdvantisConnect app will introduce several new career-management tools over the next year to make travelers’ lives easier through technology. AdvantisConnect is more than a job portal. It’s a digital destination for empowerment, inspiration, and connection. An ecosystem built around a traveler’s career – not just the next few months.  

Even as they disrupt the digital landscape of healthcare staffing the team at Advantis Medical is hyper-focused on the power of their recruiting and support teams. The human touch means everything. It’s simpler, more elusive, and harder to train. The pandemic forced a compressed learning curve that highlighted key strengths and opportunities. When forced apart, this team focused on the importance of working together and supporting one another. This is where the magic happens – where the spark between technology and humanity empowers career-advancing adventures delivered with compassion.

“Our biggest strength is our people,” says Steve. “Advantis Medical is fueled by people who are passionate about our purpose. We deal in big numbers all day long. But I like to stay connected to the small numbers that showcase the extraordinary talent on our team, too. Personal touches that can’t be measured by metrics. It shows in our reviews – and believe me, I read them all.”

The only certainty about healthcare staffing in five years is that it will bear little resemblance to healthcare staffing today. Technology and AI continue to evolve and present alert companies like this one with new ways to view and execute their mission. It’s key to interpret current trends and make informed forecasts to future-proof and maintain a competitive advantage. There’s a global shortage of nurses now with many saying they are somewhat-to-highly likely to retire in the next decade. To attract and retain talent, staffing must adapt. It sounds cliché, but complacency is the enemy, and staying still is falling behind. It’s time to meet healthcare professionals where they are, and with the tools they want.

Finding a job doesn’t happen in isolation.  Today’s young healthcare professionals require digital access to every key function in their life. Success is more than landing the high-paying travel nurse job they want. Success is a seamless process from start to finish that’s comfortable on a phone screen and completable in the time it takes to grab a coffee. It’s about having the right tools at their fingertips. And then, it must be intuitive and easy to navigate so travelers feel supported at every step of their journey.  

“We’re at a point of incredible potential,” says Steve. “It’s an immediate world. We want to know clinicians’ needs before they do and to have exactly what they want before they want it. Competition is intense. We have to innovate with purpose. So, we’re learning daily, researching, and asking big questions. We’re not asking what we can accomplish with what’s out there, we’re asking what a flawless experience looks like, then sourcing, developing, and implementing solutions.”

That power of prediction drives much of the team’s current efforts, but it doesn’t detract from their focus on daily execution. There’s an enormous emphasis on learning, improving, and innovating. Additionally, there’s time, every now and then, to step back in awe of all this team has accomplished together. Earning a top spot on the Dallas 100 List is one of these reflective moments.

This recognition is monumental. Advantis Medical is humbled to rank so high on this list of impressive organizations. Accolades of this caliber inspire exponential effort and focus on continuous improvement and continued growth. This honor is a challenge to work harder, think bolder, and make more lives better. The team at Advantis Medical Staffing is ready and eager to do all the above, and so much more.

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