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Land a Travel Nurse Job with AdvantisConnect in Less than a Week

December 16, 2021

Advantis Medical Staffing has recently launched AdvantisConnect, a travel nurse job portal that enhances travel medical professionals' job search and work experience. This portal can help you land a travel nurse job quickly.  

Across the nation, hospitals and medical facilities are reporting staffing shortages. This is where AdvantisConnect comes in. This travel nursing portal connects healthcare professionals with those facilities that need them most and gives travelers more control over their careers.  

With this web and mobile-based website, medical professionals like you can:

  • Streamline your job search. Travel medical personnel can instantly access thousands of positions with top facilities in their preferred locations and apply to them directly- taking the recruiters out of the equation.  
  • Tailor your employment journey. Travel professionals can manage your employment journey without talking to a recruiter. However, if a concierge experience is preferred, there are dedicated Advantis Medical advocates always available to help.  
  • View compensation details immediately with full pay transparency, making it that much easier for them to find the best opportunity.  
  • Get connected assistance with travel nursing. Signing up will get you in touch with your personal recruiter who will help you across multiple assignments. They are your travel companions for your career with your best interests in mind. Whether it’s a broken car, missed flight, housing options, or tax education,  they will always be only a text message or call away.

Obtaining travel nurse jobs in less than a week is not guaranteed because it is dependent on if the traveler has all necessary documents and the facility. However, using AdvantisConnect is proven to shorten the time span between assignments and improve communication flows between nurses and facilities.

Getting Started on AdvantisConnect

Getting started on AdvantisConnect is easy. Complete the following steps:  

1. Sign-Up  

Creating an account is easy. Fill in your details and click submit. This will generally take only 1-minute (literally!).

AdvantisConnect job portal signup screenshot.

2. Create Your Profile  

You'll create a profile with all of your details so that the recruiters can easily help get your profile submitted to top healthcare facilities of your choice. The profile will ask for:

  • Professional Summary
  • Specialties
  • Import of Resume/CV
  • Work Experience (if you don’t have a resume)
  • References
  • License(s)
  • Skills Checklist
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Job Preferences
AdvantisConnect job portal profile completion step screenshot.

3. Get Connected with a Recruiter

The moment you sign up, you are assigned a personal recruiter who will connect with you. Your recruiter is your travel companion. Regardless of how many travel nurse jobs you decide to take with Advantis Medical, they will be there with you the entire journey. No more re-introducing yourself and going through multiple recruiters.  

Your recruiter can help answer any questions you may have, help find housing, and get your profile to the top of the pile for travel nurse jobs. If you’re a first-time traveler, don’t hesitate to talk to your recruiter about your concerns.  

Additionally, we also have a customer care team that is dedicated to finding answers to your questions and concerns. There will always be someone available to assist you. Advantis Medical is here to help.

Some Advantis Medical reviews from our nurses:
“First contract with Advantis and my recruiter has been beyond amazing and helpful! Knowledgeable about everything I ask and if she’s not sure about something then she works hard to figure out the answer. Responds better than any recruiter I’ve ever worked with, compassionate, works hard, and actually cares about you and getting what you want and deserve!! Can’t wait to continue my career with Advantis and recruiter in my corner!! If you join this group you will not be disappointed!! They respond and actually care about you!”
“It’s a hard and BIG decision leaving a staff position to travel for the first time. I can’t remember why, but when I first started my research on agencies, Advantis stuck with me—Now, one week into my first travel assignment, I know why. Getting here wasn’t easy: a delayed start, a lot of last-minute paperwork/tests (all because of issues on the facility’s end.) Had I been with any other agency, I probably would’ve quit, or completely shut down out of frustration…Buuuuuuut I was lucky enough to have my personal recruiters keeping me in the loop, pushing back on facility bs and keeping my spirits up when things didn’t go as planned. I’m beyond grateful for the hard work and man hours they put in to help try to keep this major transition on track and I’m sure this is just the first of MANY future travel assignments with Advantis!”
“Working with Advantis Medical Staffing has been a wonderful experience as someone new to the world of travel nursing. I spoke with a few different companies and recruiters when I decided to start my travel nurse career. What set my recruiter apart from all the other recruiters I had spoken with was her willingness to listen to what I needed to make sure I was comfortable as I took a chance on leaving my comfortable staff nurse position with my old employer and take my first travel assignment. I had a great experience at my first facility. My personal recruiter was in contact with me throughout the assignment, often checking in with me to make sure everything was still going okay and ask if there was anything I needed. I finished up that assignment and am in the process of getting credentialed for what looks like another excellent assignment close to family so that I can spend some time with them during the upcoming holiday season. I cannot recommend my recruiter and everyone over at Advantis enough- I do not hesitate to recommend them to all my nurse friends and colleagues as I am confident they will have the same great experience.”

You can find more reviews on Google My Business or Facebook.

4. Browse Jobs  

With advanced filtering, you can sort all the assignments in the travel nursing portal by the following:

  • Types of Shifts
  • Salary Ranges
  • Highest Salaries
  • Locations
  • Specialties

AdvantisConnect even has integrated calculators that help you determine your exact nursing take-home pay.

AdvantisConnect job portal browse jobs screenshot.

5. Apply for Jobs  

Once you have found a job that matches your preferences and your qualifications, click “apply”. It’s that easy!

AdvantisConnect job portal applying to nursing jobs screenshot.

What Happens After I Submit an Application?

While you can navigate your journey through AdvantisConnect, the Advantis Medical team is here to help you any time you need it.  

Application Review  

When you apply for a position, your application is sent to a member of the Advantis Medical team. They will review it and make sure that your qualifications meet the needs of the facility. You can expect to hear back from your recruiter in less than 24 hours, but in most cases, less than an hour. We understand that no one wants to be kept waiting.

Once your application is ready, they will submit your application to the facility. Make sure that you reply quickly when a team member reaches out to you so they can submit your application as quickly as possible.

Job Offer

At this point, your application will be in the hands of the facility. A member of the Advantis Medical Team will keep you informed about the status of your application.

When the facility is interested, they will reach out with a request to interview. You can find some interview tips here.  

Next, when they decide to offer you a position, a member of the Advantis Medical team will reach out to you on behalf of the facility with the offer's details.

While on Assignment

At this point, you’ll be assigned a member of the Advantis Medical team that will check in with you to ensure that you are enjoying your experience- and you will send your timecards to them. Additionally, they will be just a text or phone call away in case you have any issues.

Let’s Get Started with AdvantisConnect 

AdvantisConnect is a comprehensive and easy to use job portal recently launched by Advantis Medical Staffing. This portal allows candidates to apply for jobs digitally. Choose your own travel nurse adventure or have a recruiter guide you through the journey. You will have a member of the team available to you, when you need it. The process of becoming a travel nurse isn’t always the easiest- but with AdvantisConnect, it’s becoming a lot easier. Sign up now.

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