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How Advantis Medical Staffing Has Reimagined Healthcare Staffing

June 16, 2022

Dan Pollock approaches healthcare staffing strategy with humanity, technology, and a bit of alchemy. As CEO of Advantis Medical Staffing, he knows the best experience for travelers and facilities starts with an empowered team and an authentic, positive culture. Dan spoke with “The Staffing Show” podcast about how his organization is improving the healthcare staffing agency model by prioritizing process and always treating the clinician like gold. Here are some takeaways from that conversation.  

People Are the Heart of Healthcare Staffing

Ultimately, we’re going to win on service. This business is a relationship business.”

Everything about the staffing industry is people centric. Any tech is useless without a foundation of hard-working recruiters who are motivated to match their candidates with fulfilling roles. Ideally, roles that expand the candidates’ futures, too. Professional motivation for recruiters at Advantis Medical comes in the form of compensation and a path to promotion. That path to promotion shows each employee where there’s growth for them and how to achieve it.

For example, an entry-level recruiter at Advantis Medical starts with a two-week training program after which they have a plan in place, with clear goals, for their first promotion. Dan believes this has helped them attract and retain exceptional talent, often at the expense of competitors who are not keeping up with the demands of today’s market. With a solid and rapidly growing team there’s an emphasis on technology solutions that promote the absolute best human experience.

Advantis Medical Staffing’s Heart is Gold

“We started the medical business with one real goal in mind; to treat the clinician like gold.”

That singular vision inspired the team to re-examine nearly every aspect of the healthcare staffing process through the clinicians’ lens. The result is the most clinician-empowering experience in healthcare staffing. Candidates can tailor this hugely important process to suit their preferences. They have the flexibility to search for their next job with a recruiter by their side from start to finish; to complete the entire process in an independent, self-serve portal; or any combination thereof.

Technology That’s Always Improving

“…what we’re trying to do is build this beautiful marriage of gorgeous, effective technology coupled with the best and exceptional, incredible human experience.”

Seamlessness. That’s what technology adds to the equation. It makes a supremely human experience scalable and effective for a vast pool of talent. That means using existing solutions when available and innovating new ones when necessary. The AdvantisConnect job portal aims to make finding a job much less work for travel clinicians.

Launched in October 2021, AdvantisConnect allows candidates to create a profile, submit all documents which are necessary to submit them to a facility, then review thousands of roles and apply with a single click of their mouse. Knowing it’s a top priority for travel clinicians, every listing has complete pay transparency and other key information available at a glance. Travel RNs and allied health workers can manage their careers from a single, personalized dashboard. The magic really starts when you blend the power of tech, the impact of humanity, and the simplicity of effective process.

Balancing Process & Automation

“We’re trying to automate everything that a human touches. Automation is our best friend.”

The ideal placement process is a symphony of speed, efficiency, and accuracy, wrapped neatly in outstanding customer service. Automating everything possible ensures travel nurses and allied health professionals are in the running for the most competitive roles. Speed is essential and candidates must be submitted within minutes, not hours. This is no problem, thanks to automation of such processes as reference checking and the assembly of submittal packages for candidates.  

Automation also frees up time on the recruiting staff side for another Advantis Medical differentiator – relationship building. You still can’t automate smiles or human connection. Added bandwidth for recruiters gives them the opportunity to know their candidates and job listings even better, which helps them make better, more targeted, thoughtful matches for their clinicians.

On the Future

“I think the best model moving forward will probably be a way for a candidate to self-service digitally but then have a human at any point of the process there at a moment’s notice to interact and answer questions or remove friction. And so, they’ll bounce back and forth between technology and human, technology, and human, at their own discretion. … In travel nursing, we still like having people involved but we are moving to a model where if they choose not to, then they can just have a digital experience with us.”

Advantis Medical Staffing Roadmap

Advantis Medical Staffing timeline and roadmap of updates.
  • July 2018 – First clinician placed
  • Dec. 2019 – Joint Commission Accreditation
  • May 2021 – BluePipes “Best Travel Nursing Company”
  • Oct 2021 – AdvantisConnect launched
  • Nov 2021 – “Dallas Best Places to Work” (small company) Dallas Morning News
  • Dec 2021 – Care team launched to support hybrid self-serve/concierge search
  • March 2022 – Verywellhealth “The 6 Best Travel Nursing Agencies of 2022”
  • Late 2022 – App release with improved user experience
  • 2022+ – Enhanced features in AdvantisConnect

Listen to the complete episode here.

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