Louisville, Kentucky city skyline and waterfront at night with a bridge stretching over Ohio river.

Travel Nursing Jobs in Kentucky

The Bluegrass State's residents are known for their laid-back attitude and friendliness. We have travel nursing jobs in Kentucky for most specialties. Endoscopy, ICU/Critical Care, and Medsurg/Tele are especially in demand now. Sample regional dishes including the "Hot Brown" sandwich, Kentucky Derby Pie, and Burgoo to earn foodie points and don't forget the Mint Julep and Kentucky bourbon. Start your travel nursing adventure in Kentucky today!
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Popular Places to Visit in Kentucky

Cumberland falls in Corbin Kentucky with water flowing between nature with trees and rocks.
Businesses on Market Street in Downtown Lexington, Kentucky on a rainy day.
Looking out of Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky looking over a wooden fence into large wide green fields of grass at sunrise.
Booking a travel nursing job in Louisville? Pack your fancy hats! This city hosts the famed Kentucky Derby, renowned for fashion and extravagant headwear as well as the race itself. Interestingly, Lexington to the east is considered the Horse Capital of the World because more money changes hands over the sale of horses here than anywhere else on Earth. Bowling Green in southern Kentucky will feel like home from day one. Get a glimpse into a subterranean world in a boat tour of the Lost River Cave. Aboveground, travel nurses who thrive in a college town, quirky atmosphere will find favorite places and new friends around every corner. Further south, Owensboro has a new flavor of fun around every corner. The Bluegrass Capital of the World blends endless culinary delights with year-round festivals and seasonal celebrations. Sound good? Explore Advantis Medical travel nursing jobs in Kentucky below.

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Travel Nursing in Kentucky:
Did you know?

  • Beneath Mammoth National Park in central Kentucky lies the longest cave system in the world. So far 400 of the estimated one thousand miles of the cave have been explored.
  • The Kentucky Derby Festival began in 1956. It includes 70+ special events and entertains 1.5 million people. It is called the most famous two minutes in horse racing.
  • Have you ever seen a moonbow? Get a nighttime selfie at Cumberland Falls, aka The Niagara of the South, which lights up spectacularly on clear nights on either side of the full moon each month.
  • The nickname "Bluegrass State" came from the predominant type of grass, which looks blue when buds form in the spring.
  • Mother's Day and the Happy Birthday song originated in Kentucky. This state knows how to celebrate!

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Concrete staircase with railings in the forest woods leading down into a small cave in Mammoth National Park, Kentucky with water dripping down. Cumberland Falls on the Cumberland River in Kentucky surrounded by large rocks and warm colored autumn leaves on trees. Kentucky Bluegrass or Poa Pratensis field arranged on a green natural background in a warm day.

Kentucky Travel Nurse FAQs

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What license do you need to travel nurse in KY?

Kentucky Board of Nursing
Contact information
Website: https://kbn.ky.gov/Pages/index.aspx
Phone: 502.429.3300 or 800.305.2042


Processing Time: 2 weeks
Valid for: one year (perm) six months (temp)
Renewal Schedule: annually between September 15 - October 31

How much can a traveling nurse make in Kentucky?

Glassdoor.com estimates the average travel nurse salary in 2022 at $92,950 but this can vary widely by location, specialty, and demand. This is significantly higher than $77,600, the average salary for a staff nurse in 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

What is the highest-paying travel nursing agency in Kentucky?

Advantis Medical negotiates for the highest-paying travel nursing jobs in Kentucky. All our travelers qualify for free concierge service. Chat with your recruiter to learn how we can help you land the job of your dreams quickly and hassle-free!

What are the benefits of working with Advantis Medical?

Advantis Medical offers comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage, along with 401(k) plans that start on day one. Experience the Gold Standard in clinician care with the convenience of weekly direct deposit, housing & travel assistance, and a personal concierge for onboarding & credentialing. Interested in traveling with a friend? Advantis offers $500 per traveler that you refer so it’s never been easier to travel with friends or family.

How much does travel nurse housing cost in Kentucky?

Your Advantis Medical Support Team can help you find housing in Kentucky within your budget. Our Travel Coordinator will even book your living arrangements if you’d like! We do not provide agency housing. Instead, our travelers get a generous stipend and any help needed to get settled. This gives you the freedom to live where you want and lets you pocket any leftover money, too! Agency-provided housing, on the other hand, is deducted from your paycheck. Either way, you pay for your living arrangements.