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How to Improve Your Travel Nurse Job Portal Profile

April 19, 2022

Joining a job portal is a sure fire way to jumpstart your travel nursing career. Using a job portal has many benefits, but you can only reap these benefits if you use the portal correctly. Here are the advantages of online job portals, as well as some pointers to help stand out among the competition!

Benefits of online job portals

Online applications makes applying for jobs easy for most industries. You sign into the application site and upload your materials. Then, rinse and repeat for every job you want to apply for. It can become tedious and time consuming if you’re applying for many different positions.  

With an AdvantisConnect job portal profile, you can cut down on the time it takes you to apply for jobs. Employers across the country have travel nursing opportunities available through AdvantisConnect. Simply fill out your job portal profile and use it to apply for several jobs at once!  

This technology does more than simplify the application process. The AdvantisConnect platform also helps flag job opportunities that are an ideal fit for your education and experience. That’s why it’s important to make your profile as complete and unique as possible.  

Improve your AdvantisConnect profile

To fully take advantage of the benefits of our online job portal and get hired, you have to put your best foot forward. Here are some ways you can improve your AdvantisConnect profile to get noticed!

Fill it out completely

Nursing is a highly technical career that is in high demand. As a result, there are several fields that you need to fill out in your AdvantisConnect profile. Here are ten sections you’ll need to fill out:

  1. Professional Summary
  1. Specialties
  1. Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  1. Work Experience
  1. References
  1. License(s)
  1. Skills Checklist
  1. Education
  1. Certifications
  1. Job Preferences

By filling each of these categories out fully, you’ll receive more job suggestions. You may even find it easier to get the attention of potential employers.

Get more certifications

While there’s high demand for travel nurses across many different nursing specialties, you’ll have more assignments to choose from if you have more certifications. Since you have to complete continuing education requirements to maintain an active license, you may want to pursue education opportunities that result in additional certifications. That way, you give yourself an edge over other travel nurse applicants while also keeping your license current and active.  

You may even wish to work toward a Master of Science in Nursing, or a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. Both of these degrees will open you up for higher level positions in nursing. DNPs are in very high demand, enjoy more autonomy in the healthcare setting, and earn higher salaries than other nursing professionals. Advance your education and expand your job prospects with advanced nursing certifications!

Learn a high demand specialty

All nursing specialties are experiencing high demand, however some are more critical than others. The top 10 nursing specialties in demand include cardiac, emergency room, psychiatric, midwives, and more! Consider these specialties as you continue your nursing career and seek additional employment opportunities. Include these in your job portal profile to stand out among other applicants.

Write your professional summary carefully

The professional summary portion of your AdvantisConnect profile gives you a great opportunity to set yourself apart from other nurses with your same level of experience. You can tell the story of your nursing career here in a compelling and persuasive way that makes you the obvious choice for any given nursing opportunity. Be sure to detail your nursing journey with all the specialties and certifications you have, as well as those you plan to pursue.  

Getting hired as a nurse shouldn’t be tedious or difficult if you have the right education and experience. Take advantage of job portal profiles like AdvantisConnect to catapult your career to the next level.

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