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Top 10 Nursing Specialties In Demand

March 8, 2022

It's a great time to pursue career opportunities in healthcare. By 2029, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the number of people employed in healthcare to rise by 15%, to 2.4 million. This will be the highest number of people employed in any occupation. Rising demand for healthcare services fuels a surging need for registered nurses (RNs) and advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) in specialty nursing careers.

Nurses in these professions enjoy rewarding work experiences and competitive wages. These nursing specialties in demand provide nurses with a wide range of benefits, including greater responsibility and autonomy, higher pay, and the ability to advance their careers.

Top 10 Nursing Specialties in Demand in 2022

Top 10 nursing specialties n demand infographic with jobs listed.

1. Clinical Nurse

A clinical nurse provides a high level of care to patients with advanced or life-threatening health conditions including chronic disease, heart disease, or cancer. Hospitals and clinics are the most common places to find clinical nurses.

There will be a 20% increase in this field's employment by 2022.

2. Cardiac Nurse

As a cardiac nurse, you’ll be responsible for caring for patients with heart disease and other cardiac concerns. In addition to keeping an eye on their patients’ hearts, you may administer medications, conduct stress tests, and educate cardiac patients on how to take better care of their organs. You’ll also help with procedures like angioplasty, bypass surgery, or pacemaker surgery. Parallel to the increasing importance of a health heart, cardiac nurses are an increasing nursing specialty in demand.

The position is expected to grow by a whopping 16% by 2022.

3. Nurse Practitioner

The US has a chronic shortage of physicians. Thus, nurse practitioners are in demand and command some of the highest salaries in the nursing profession. Prescribe medication, conduct tests, and diagnose certain illnesses under the supervision of a doctor. On the other hand, practitioners can run their businesses in some areas.

The average salary in this field is currently $94,000, and it is expected to grow by a whopping 25% by 2022.

4. ER Nurse

A nurse in an ER performs a wide range of duties following a thorough assessment and stabilization of a patient. An ER nurse is expected to study a patient's medical records to establish the correct dosage of medication, as well as treat minor wounds or ailments that may be present. For example, if you're interested in ER trauma nursing, you might consider our ER Trauma Travel Nurse Job in Los Angeles, CA as a great opportunity to help patients with various illnesses and injuries under pressure. Alternatively, explore our ER Travel Nurse position in Los Angeles, CA or our ER role in Boston, MA for diverse and rewarding experiences in emergency care. Choosing this career path can be both challenging and rewarding.

By 2024, this field is expected to grow by 16%, with an average salary of $20.40-$38.65 per hour.

5. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse

These nurses care for mental health patients in various ways. People with mood disorders, social phobia, anxiety, dementia or alcohol or drug dependence can be treated by a psychiatric mental health nurse. Mental health professionals prescribe medication and conduct therapy sessions, along with other tasks. Many consider this one of the hardest nursing specialties in demand.

The average salary in this field is currently $110,000, and it is expected to grow by 31% by 2024.

6. Nurse Advocate

This is a unique nursing position. Nurse advocates are the communication link between a patient's family and medical personnel. They connect the communication chain between the patient and the various medical professionals involved, clarifying medical care, billing, and treatments. Nurse advocates do not provide direct patient care.

By 2022, this field is expected to grow by 19%.

7. Travel Nurse

These RNs travel across the country and worldwide for short periods to accommodate staffing shortages. Travel nurses may specialize or perform the gamut of RN duties, such as documenting patient histories, analyzing symptoms, and making diagnoses. With the recent pandemic, travel nurses have become important nursing specialties in demand for their flexibility and readiness.

Currently, the average annual salary in the field is $76,380, with a projected growth rate of 14% by 2022. Travel nursing job is one of the highest-paying nursing jobs.  

8. Nurse Educator

Nurse educators are RNs with graduate training who instruct nursing students in educational institutions or hospitals. Continuing education and refresher courses for working nurses are also available as classes for students pursuing a diploma or degree in nursing.  

You'll also offer guidance to nursing students, develop curricula, conduct research, and draft grant proposals. It's one of the best nursing specialties in demand for those who enjoy teaching.  

The median annual salary in this field is $69,130, with a 2.1% expected growth.

9. Geriatric Nurse

As the population ages, geriatric nurses are in increasingly high demand. These RNs undergo extensive training to understand and treat the needs of the elderly.

An elderly patient's health and well-being is the primary concern of a geriatric nurse who specializes in the care of the elderly. For example, they are well-equipped to deal with long-term illnesses like cancer or Alzheimer's while also anticipating the needs of their elderly patients shortly.

The average salary in this field is currently $41,000 to $51,000, and it is expected to grow by 19-26% in the next decade.

10. Nurse Midwife

A nurse-midwife is a healthcare professional specializing in expectant mothers' care. It's not just during childbirth that they're needed; they also assist in prenatal appointments. After the birth, nurse midwives help new mothers adjust to life with a baby by educating and counseling them.

The average salary in this field is currently $115,540, and it is expected to grow by 12% by 2029.

Getting Started in Specialized Nursing

There are a wide variety of rewarding jobs in nursing, both financially and emotionally. As a nurse, you'll have the opportunity to work with all kinds of patients, from newborns to the elderly, but you'll also have the opportunity to specialize in a particular area. Launch your dream career in demand nursing specialties and apply for amazing travel nurse roles with Advantis Medical.

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