Travel Nurse Housing in Pennsylvania

How to Find the Best Travel Nurse Housing in Pennsylvania

September 6, 2023

Pennsylvania has so much to offer for your next travel nursing job. The Keystone State is home to Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly love, a place with so much history to explore. In the central portion of the state, you’ll find plenty of chocolate to indulge in at Hershey Park and Chocolate World. Of course, we can’t forget about western Pennsylvania, home to Steel City’s 446 bridges.

There is currently a high demand for NICU, pediatric ER, and psych travel nurses in Pennsylvania. If you’re considering becoming a travel nurse in Pennsylvania, keep reading below to learn how to find the best housing.  

How much does a travel nurse make in Pennsylvania?

Travel nursing is certainly a career worth consideration for nurses seeking a higher salary. For example, in Pennsylvania, travel nurses make an average of $2,261 per week, about the same as the national average. This amounts to about $123,582 per year for a full-time travel nurse.

In comparison, traditional staff nurses make only $1,743 per week in Pennsylvania. Per year, this is more than $20,000 less made by staff nurses compared to travel nurses in Pennsylvania.

Types of short-term housing for travel nurses in Pennsylvania

  1. Extended Stay Hotels
    Long-term hotel rooms are sometimes a good option for shorter travel nurse stays. These hotel rooms often offer a bit more than a traditional room, such as a small kitchen and laundry services. This is ideal for single travelers.
  1. Room Rentals
    Travel nurses can rent a room or a portion of someone else’s home or apartment. This is an ideal option for saving money. However, you’ll likely need to share a bathroom or kitchen with others.
  1. Apartment or Condo Rentals
    Renting an apartment is a great option for nurses who want their own space. You can also locate a roommate to help make an apartment or condo rental more affordable.
  1. House or Townhouse Rentals
    If traveling with your family or a group, it may be beneficial to consider renting a house or townhouse. This option gives you a more liveable atmosphere and more space.

How much does travel nurse housing in Pennsylvania cost?

Rental housing costs will vary quite a bit, depending on which portion of Pennsylvania you’re living in. The 2023 Fair Market Rent in Pennsylvania is an average of $917 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. Of course, this depends on a variety of factors such as location, amenities, square footage, etc.

Factors affecting affordable housing for travel nurses in Pennsylvania

Finding travel nurse housing in Pennsylvania can sometimes be challenging, so be sure to start early! Some factors that commonly affect affordable housing for travel nurses in Pennsylvania include:

  • Proximity to the city (Philadelphia and the surrounding main-line area can get expensive)
  • Length of contract
  • Eastern vs. western PA
  • What time of year you wish to stay
  • The size and space of the rental
  • Accommodations and amenities (for example, a parking space)
  • Available discounts
  • Traveling with pets

Agency-placed housing vs. stipends

Travel nurse housing in Pennsylvania can be paid for as agency-provided or housing stipends. Agency-provided housing options mean that the housing department will locate a place for you to stay. This option benefits those looking for a better price on travel nursing housing in Pennsylvania or those who do not want to come up with much start-up money.

Housing stipends are another option for travel nurses who want to choose exactly where they will stay. The stipend pay option means nurses are responsible for locating, booking, and paying for their housing. This option allows travel nurses more flexibility if they want to explore the area and live in Pennsylvania before or after their travel nursing contract.

When considering what type of housing you can afford, you’ll want to determine your take-home pay to calculate your budget for rent.

Where to find short-term rentals for travel nurses in Pennsylvania

Looking for a short-term rental for travel nurse housing in Pennsylvania? Check out the following websites to find travel nurse housing.

  • Airbnb

Choosing an Airbnb is ideal for short-term contracts, allowing you to reserve a place to stay every month.


Searching for an apartment in a new area can be challenging. If you’ve chosen a housing stipend, you’ll be responsible for locating your own apartment. This website can help find all available apartments in a particular area.

  • Facebook

Searching the local Facebook group for the area you wish to move to is a great idea when seeking short-term rentals. Here, you’ll find others seeking roommates or availability for open rooms in houses, condos, or apartments.

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