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CT Tech Salaries are Growing - And so is The Field of Computed Tomography

May Baker
April 24, 2023

Imaging technology has revolutionized how healthcare providers diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses. A computed tomography(CT) scan is a type of diagnostic imaging that provides 3D visualization of internal organs and structures. These images are more thorough than traditional x-rays, making them helpful in detecting abnormalities like tumors, hemorrhaging, blood clots, and more.  

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a CT technologist or exploring ways to increase your salary, our CT tech salary guide will cover the following topics:

What Does a CT tech do?

Computed Tomography Technologists, or CT techs, operate CT scanners in healthcare facilities. They’re responsible for ensuring the CT scanner captures accurate and clear pictures of a patient’s body. Responsibilities of the job include:

  • Using a CT scanner to obtain the ordered images of the body part being examined
  • Educating patients on how the CT scanner works  
  • Ensuring the safety of the patient and staff from radiation
  • Administering IV contrast dye as ordered
  • Critiquing images to determine the diagnostic quality and adjusting or repeating images as necessary
  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and inspecting the equipment
  • Performing quality control checks and calibrating the performance of equipment
  • Communicating with physicians and other staff related to patient testing necessity and completion

What is The Average CT Tech Salary in The U.S.?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for radiologic and MRI technologists is $61,980. Since CT techs fall under this job category, this is a fair starting point when you’re considering potential job opportunities. However, ZipRecruiter reports a national average salary of $92,877 or $44.65 per hour and a wide salary range of $40,500-$161,500.  

When looking for jobs in the medical field, finding the right salary is essential — especially if you live in areas of the country with a high cost of living. As with most healthcare professions, California offers the highest pay. High CT tech salaries are also found in the northeastern region.

Highest Paying Cities & States for CT Tech Salaries

City and State Yearly Salary
1. Sunnyvale, CA $115,915
2. Livermore, CA $112,892
3. Santa Rosa, CA $112,227
4. Dimondale, MI $111,523
5. Redwood City, CA $110,417
6. Cambridge, MA $109,111
7. Lake Marcel-Stillwater, WA $107,546
8. Vacaville, CA $106,718
9. New York City, NY $106,407
10. Lynn, MA $106,068

Salaries are accurate from Ziprecruiter as of 02/26/23.

Realistically, CT techs new to the field can expect a salary somewhere around the 25th percentile, which is $66,000. Advanced salaries are based on region, demand, years of experience, and advanced certifications.

How Do Other Imaging Careers Compare?

Ultrasound, nuclear medicine, MRI, X-ray, and EKG are related specialties within diagnostic imaging. The following are the average annual base CT tech salaries for each specialty according to Ziprecruiter:

  • Ultrasound technologist - $80,064
  • Nuclear medicine technologist - $89,517
  • MRI technologist - $82,749
  • X-ray technologist - $50,944
  • EKG technician - $50,107

Keep in mind that these salaries are not usual when first entering the profession and depend significantly on the region.

What Factors Influence a CT Tech’s Salary?

Beyond the typical factors of experience, education, and certifications, healthcare facilities consider other factors when determining ta CT tech salary.  

1. Job Growth

As imaging technology continues to grow as an integral part of diagnosing and monitoring health conditions, CT techs are needed more now than ever. Over 80 million CT scans are performed in the U.S. each year. CT scans are useful in assessing appendicitis, cancer, strokes, bowel disease, and more. The BLS reports a 6% projected job growth for radiologic and MRI technologists between 2021-2031, leading to 281,000 new jobs.  

2. Place of Employment  

CT techs work in various healthcare environments, both inpatient and outpatient. Their skills are needed with all patient populations and with an array of medical conditions. However, some work environments have higher ct tech salaries than others. Here’s how work environments compare:  

  • Outpatient care centers - $101,020
  • Medical and diagnostic laboratories - $77,580
  • Physician offices - $77,210

3. Education, Accreditation, and Certification  

CT technology requires a degree in radiology. Most employers accept an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree from an accredited program, with the latter usually associated with a higher CT tech salary. After graduation, you’ll sit for the computed tomography technologist exam administered by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.  

Additional certifications that impress employers and that may increase your pay are:  

  • Certified Radiologic Technologist  
  • Certified Radiology Administrator  
  • Registered Technologist- Computed Tomography  
  • Registered Technologist - Radiography  

CT techs who cross-train in other specialties, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or nuclear medicine technology, will likely receive more job prospects and competitive salaries.

4. Travel CT Tech Positions  

Healthcare facilities across the United States are stretched thin. With more patients needing high-quality care, they’re turning to travel agencies to fill vacancies. Advantis Medical offers CT tech jobs around the country. Current travel nursing jobs in California are over $3,000/week! Our travel jobs also provide attractive benefits, including stipends for accommodations, medical insurance, 401K, and relocation reimbursement.

Frequently Asked Questions About CT Techs

How do I become a CT tech?

CT techs need a college degree in radiology and a passing score on the CT technology certification exam. Most employers also look for related internships or undergraduate experience when hiring recent grads.  

What is the average CT tech salary?

The national average CT tech salary is $92,877 or $44.65 per hour.  

What are similar careers to a CT tech?

Similar careers include x-ray technologist, nuclear medicine technologist, or MRI technologist.  

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