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The Best Male Nurse Gifts Under $150

August 4, 2022

There are over 2.5 million registered nurses in the United States, and over 2.1 million of them are female. So less than 337,000 (or around 16%) of nurses are male. As a result, many gifts for nurses cater to women. However, there are many great gift ideas for the male nurse in your life. Here are some of our favorites that are sure to put a smile on a male nurse’s face without breaking the bank.   

Male Nurse Gift Ideas They’ll Love

1. Nursing journal - $30

Nursing journal.

As they navigate their careers, nurses are bound to hear and experience funny, heartwarming, and feel-good patient stories. There are also challenges in nursing that can leave even the toughest nurses feeling gutted after a long shift. Some nurses find that journaling helps them process and overcome negative feelings. 

Overtime: A Journal for Nurses was created specifically for this purpose. Its structured pages include prompts, space for you to celebrate wins and discuss challenges, inspirational quotes and more. Gift it to help the male nurse in your life process his emotions. 

2. Long sleeve underscrub - $34

Black long sleeve underscrub for male nurses.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like all hospitals are cold and clammy—and they know it because they heat blankets for patients! Nurses can’t sit around wearing blankets to keep themselves warm, so they often resort to long sleeve shirts or underscrubs designed specifically for nurses. 

Figs honors male nurses (and keeps them warm!) with their long sleeve underscrub designed for men. It features text across the chest that says “I AM A NURSE,” meant to empower male nurses in a female dominated field. This is a great option for male nursing students, too. Get this limited edition underscrub for a gift before it sells out!

3. Performance compression socks - $34

Colorful Bombas performance compression socks.

Without proper socks and footwear, your legs and feet are bound to become sore after walking for extended periods of time—especially for nurses who spend the majority of their shift on their feet. Good compression socks can make the difference between an enjoyable or challenging nursing shift.

Bombas makes performance compression socks with 20-30 mmHg compression that wick away moisture and give your legs that extra squeeze they need to make it through your shift. Send the male nurse in your life high tension compression socks so he can avoid aching feet at work. 

4. mediclo scrubs - $49

Blue mediclo medical scrub pants for men.

Traditional nursing scrubs are uncomfortable, boring, and boxy. Many nurses invest in nursing scrubs that are fashionable and better fitting. The only thing better than that is scrubs that are also eco friendly, and mediclo fits the bill. 

Check out mediclo’s tapered and jogger style scrub pants for men. These fashion forward scrubs feature breathable, lightweight TENCEL fabric that’s soft and luxurious. They're available in many different colors, so it’s easy to find an option that matches almost any hospital’s dress code. Buy them as the perfect gift for a male nurse. 

5. Personalized decanter set - $120

Nurses have different ways to unwind after a long shift. Some soak in a bath, while others spend time with their loved ones. Whatever their preference, they may also choose to indulge in a drink every now and then. This makes the right bar setup a great gift for male nurses, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare pros.

This personalized decanter set is the perfect gift for nurses who enjoy a sophisticated drink to help them relax  after work. It features the caduceus symbol and “RN” on both shot glasses. The decanter itself also has these symbols along with room for four lines of personalized text.

Less than one fifth of nurses are male, so it’s easy for them to get lost in the shuffle or forgotten when nurse appreciation week comes around. Make sure the male nurses in your life feel appreciated year round with gifts we know they’ll love. 

The Best Gift of All

Here at Advantis Medical Staffing we believe nurses should be celebrated every day, in every way. So while you’re browsing these thoughtful gifts, we encourage you to remember the best gifts, kindness and compassion, are free and always available.  

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