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Sustainable Medical Scrubs with Coupon Codes

April 13, 2022

There are several companies that produce sustainable medical scrubs for healthcare professionals. They come in many different colors, styles, and sizes, so you’re sure to find something you love. And with Earth Day right around the corner, what better way is there for travel nurses to do their part to protect our planet than by investing in eco-friendly scrubs? Here are five great companies that make sustainable nursing clothes along with savings and coupon codes!

Infographic explaining what makes medical scrubs eco-friendly.
How to tell if your medical scrubs are sustainable.

Barco Uniforms

Barco Uniforms sustainable medical scrubs product image.

When it comes to travel nursing, preparing for your next assignment means having ample medical scrubs on hand. You may need access to different colors to match the dress code of wherever you end up, so choosing more sustainable scrubs is ideal. Barco Uniforms makes it easy to check off both of these boxes.  

They produce their sustainable medical scrubs using recycled fabric and have convenient features including soil release and moisture wicking to prevent stains. The fabric is also infused with minerals that promote relaxation and reduce inflammation to help you feel your best. With these benefits, it’s no wonder Barco Uniforms has been a leader in this industry for nearly 100 years!

Bella Organics Medical

Bella Organics Medical scrub product image.

If you’re looking for organic materials in addition to sustainable options, Bella Organics Medical should suit your fancy. This one-of-a-kind manufacturer utilizes an organic blend of cotton and bamboo varicose to produce comfortable and environmentally responsible scrubs.  

Medical scrubs from Bella Organics Medical are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial, making them perfect for the healthcare setting. They’ll make a great eco-friendly gift for your favorite nurse during Nurse Appreciation Week this May.  

Blue Sky Scrubs

Blue Sky Scrubs with men modeling the products.

Do you prefer athleisure wear when you’re not working? If so, you’ll love the eco-friendly scrub options at Blue Sky Scrubs. All of their products are 100% fair trade, making them a great option for those who prioritize ethics in their shopping choices. Blue Sky Scrubs also donates scrubs to medical professionals in low resource areas around the world.  

In addition to being eco-friendly and giving back, this fashion-forward brand has cargo, trouser, and jogger medical scrub bottoms. They even have special edition scrubs to raise awareness and support for Ukraine amid the heart-wrenching war. Blue Sky Scrubs makes it easy to give back, support sustainability, and stay comfortable.  

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LAGO sustainable medical scrubs product image.

Looking for a way to reduce, reuse, or recycle plastic single-use water bottles? LAGO makes the perfect sustainable medical scrubs for travel nurses concerned with the impact of plastics on the environment. This revolutionary brand uses 14 plastic bottles in every set of scrubs they produce. Plus, Lago scrubs are manufactured by a factory that has a partnership with the United Nations on labor rights, so employees are assured a living wage.

LAGO goes a step further to embrace sustainability. In addition to using fabric created from plastic bottles, they also prioritize sustainability in other facets of their business. They produce mailers using recycled materials and they use Forest Stewardship Council certified paper to make packaging stickers. If that weren’t enough, they also avoid petroleum-based ink in favor of soy ink for these stickers.  

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mediclo sustainable medical scrubs product image.

Planting trees and recycling are two ways people across the globe celebrate Earth Day and promote sustainability. You can do your part by purchasing scrubs from mediclo. They will plant a tree for each order you place for tree edition scrubs. If you prefer, you can choose to purchase medical scrubs made from recycled plastic bottles instead. Either way, you’re making a positive impact on the environment.  

That’s not all, though. Mediclo uses eco-conscious packaging and carbon neutral shipping to prioritize sustainability in the majority of their business dealings. This makes mediclo medical scrubs one of the best eco-friendly gifts you can give to a nurse this year.  

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With so many companies focused on making sustainable products for nurses and other healthcare professionals, it’s easy to make earth-friendly uniform choices in 2022. They also make great gifts for National Nurses Week, which begins on May 6th. Check out these other eco-friendly gift ideas to spoil the nurse in your life this year. They’ll appreciate it!

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