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October 16, 2023

Curious about ICU travel nurse salaries? On average, ICU travel nurses can expect “icu travel nurse salary” in the range of $100,408 to $143,416 annually. This article demystifies the key factors that drive these earnings, including how experience, geographic location, and specialized certifications impact your financial prospects within the field.

Key Takeaways

  • ICU travel nurse salaries vary based on experience, location, and certifications, with average earnings of $100,408 annually, potentially higher in regions with nursing shortages and higher pay rates.
  • According to ZipRecruiter, as of Jan 22, 2024, the average weekly pay for an ICU Travel Nurse in the United States is $2,426. Advantis Medical offers weekly earnings that can reach up to $3,361, well above the industry standard. See more ICU Travel Nursing salary data on ZipRecruiter.
  • Advantis Medical offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package to ICU travel nurses, including health insurance from day one, diverse 401(k) plans, and additional perks such as housing and travel assistance. Search for ICU travel nurse jobs with Advantis Medical.
  • ICU travel nurses can maximize their salary through strategies such as gaining additional certifications, working in high-demand locations, and networking with other nurses, while collaborating with agencies like Advantis Medical for personalized support and career growth opportunities.

Understanding ICU Travel Nurse Salaries

ICU travel nurse analyzing salary factors

The average annual salary for ICU travel nurses is impressive, approximately $69 per hour or $143,416 annually, with additional income factors taking total pay to around $100,408 yearly. However, these figures can vary depending on factors such as experience level, location, and certifications.

Experience Level

The salaries and hourly rate of ICU travel nurses are greatly influenced by experience. As nurses gain years of experience and refine their specialized skills, they often have better job opportunities available, leading to higher pay rates. In other words, career advancement and skill enhancement can significantly boost the average salary of an ICU travel nurse.


The geographic area in the country in which an ICU travel nurse works also has a substantial impact on their salary. States like Massachusetts, New York, North Dakota, and California tend to offer the highest pay.

In fact, cities like Santa Clara and Loma Linda in California offer some of the highest weekly ICU travel nurse salaries, which can reach up to $3,850. Therefore, strategically choosing to work in regions with nursing shortages and higher living costs can be financially advantageous.


ICU travel nurse qualifications can be significantly enhanced by obtaining critical care nursing certifications such as Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), and Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN). These certifications not only increase a nurse’s education and marketability but also open up a higher number of quality job opportunities with better pay for critical care nurses who care for both acutely ill patients and critically ill patients.

Advantis Medical: Competitive Salary Offerings

Advantis Medical logo

One of the leading names in the industry offering competitive salary offerings for ICU travel nurses is Advantis Medical. With offerings that are generally above the industry average, Advantis Medical is committed to ensuring that ICU travel nurses receive competitive compensation.

Higher Pay Rates

In recognition of the crucial role these professionals serve in healthcare delivery, Advantis Medical is proud to offer ICU travel nurses pay rates that exceed industry averages. For example, a high-paying position currently available in Boston, MA, for ER trauma can be found here.

Lucrative Deals in Various States

Moreover, Advantis Medical offers ICU travel nurse positions in some of the highest-paying states like California and New York, providing ICU travel nurses with many lucrative options.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

ICU travel nurse with health insurance documents

In addition to competitive salary offerings, Advantis Medical provides a comprehensive benefits package. This includes everything from health insurance to retirement plans, and additional perks that ensure a rewarding work environment for ICU travel nurses.

Health Insurance

The benefits package for intensive care unit nurses prominently includes health insurance coverage. Advantis Medical ensures that ICU travel nurses receive comprehensive health insurance coverage, including medical, vision, and dental plans, starting from the first day of their assignment.

Retirement Plans

Included in the Advantis Medical benefits package are diverse options for 401(k) accounts. These plans allow ICU travel nurses to secure their financial future, with the freedom to adjust their contributions at any time as per their financial situation.

Additional Perks

Beyond health insurance and retirement plans, Advantis Medical also provides additional perks such as housing and travel assistance, a personal concierge for onboarding, continuing education and credentialing, and referral bonuses.

Unique Support System

Support system concept illustration

The support system offered by Advantis Medical for healthcare facility professionals includes:

  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Housing logistics
  • Licensing and credentialing
  • 24/7 support

This comprehensive support system ensures a smooth experience for ICU travel nurses.

Dedicated Pro Recruiters

ICU travel nurses at Advantis Medical are matched with personalized recruiters who provide customized job search help. These Pro Recruiters act as personal success agents, ensuring nurses receive multiple job offers tailored to their specialty.

Onboarding and Credentialing Assistance

For onboarding and credentialing, Advantis Medical provides a tailored concierge service. ICU travel nurses can submit their credentials directly through Advantis Medical’s app, facilitating a smooth follow-up during the approval process.

24/7 Support

Advantis Medical provides continuous support, promising a ‘white-glove, hassle-free experience’ many nurses throughout all travel assignments. This 24/7 support ensures that any issues can be addressed immediately, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience for the ICU travel nurses.

Testimonials and Success Stories

ICU travel nurse reading success stories

The testimonials and success stories from nurses who have worked with Advantis Medical provide real-world insights into the benefits of working with them in intensive care. From career growth to personal experiences, these stories illustrate the positive impact Advantis Medical has had on the careers of ICU travel nurses.

Career Growth

ICU travel nurses, also known as icu nurses, employed by Advantis Medical have numerous opportunities for substantial career advancement. With diverse assignments in various healthcare settings and hospitals, nurses not only enhance their clinical skills but also broaden their professional networks, opening up new avenues in their careers.

Personal Experiences

The personal experiences of nurses who have worked with Advantis Medical highlight the positive impact of their collaboration. For instance, Kathy Staley has been able to strike a beneficial balance between her long hours on professional assignments and personal family time, while the Honaker couple has enjoyed the flexibility of travel nursing.

Tips for Maximizing ICU Travel Nurse Salary

In addition to the significant salary boost offered by supportive agencies like Advantis Medical, ICU travel nurses can employ other strategies to maximize their earnings. These include obtaining additional certifications, choosing high-demand locations, and networking with other travel nurses.

Obtaining Additional Certifications

Nurses, including registered nurses and nurse practitioners, can improve their marketability and salary potential by obtaining extra certifications like CCRN, NRP, or CPN. Similarly, being cross-trained in various nursing specialties helps ICU travel nurses identify the most lucrative specialties through their travel agency.

Choosing High-Demand Locations

Opting to work in areas with high demand can result in more lucrative opportunities, higher salaries, and increased pay rates. As public healthcare crises can lead to significantly higher wages due to increased demand, strategically selecting such locations can be beneficial.

Networking with Other Travel Nurses

Establishing connections with fellow travel nurses can offer useful advice on high-paying assignments and career prospects. Building relationships with fellow travel nurses can provide a support system for advice on finding rewarding assignments.


To sum up, ICU travel nurses play a critical role in healthcare and are rewarded with competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits. With agencies like Advantis Medical, ICU travel nurses can enjoy additional perks such as dedicated Pro Recruiters, onboarding and credentialing assistance, and 24/7 support. To maximize earnings, travel nurses can obtain additional certifications, choose high-demand locations, and network with other travel nurses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ICU nurse gets paid the most?

The highest paying ICU nurse is the Pediatric Critical Care Nurse, with a salary range of $84,500-$101,500 per year.

What is the highest pay for a travel nurse?

The highest pay for a travel nurse can be up to $154,500 per year. Travel nurses perform similar duties to permanent nurses, but for shorter durations and night shifts.

How much do ICU travel nurses make in the US?

ICU travel nurses in the US can make anywhere from $1,123 to $3,654 per week, depending on experience and location.

Can travel nurses make 200k a year?

Yes, travel nurses in high-demand specialties in jobs like ICU, OR, and ER can earn up to $208,000 or more per year, with some earning as much as $4,000 per week.

What factors influence the salaries of ICU travel nurses?

Experience level, location, and certifications are key factors that influence the salaries of ICU travel nurses. These variables can have a significant impact on their earning potential.

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