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17 Best Nursing Shoe Brands To Get You Through Your Shift

May Baker
July 14, 2022

Your nursing shift likely involves standing for hours, turning immobile patients, running to codes, and the occasional body fluid splash. Wearing just any pair of shoes can result in back pain, aching feet, and health issues like plantar fasciitis. Not to mention, a shoe that isn’t slip-resistant can be hazardous. Nursing shoes need to be durable, comfortable, resistant to slips and fluids, and easy to clean. Quality nursing shoes are often an investment, so we’ve found 17 of the best nursing shoes to meet all comfort, style, and budget requirements.

The Best Nursing Clogs

  1. Dansko
Patterned Dansko nursing shoes.

Dansko’s website states their clogs have been trusted by healthcare professionals for over 25 years. As one of the most well-known nursing shoe brands, you won’t be able to walk through a hospital without seeing a few pairs of these. Offering a multitude of colors and thousands of positive reviews, you can’t go wrong with this brand.  

Prices range from $80-$160. Check out the fun colors and styles at

  1. Alegria
White Alegria nursing shoes.

Similar to Danskos, Alegria nursing shoes are another popular clog found among the most seasoned nurses. Alegria understands that an improper shoe can cause health issues and pain and that nurses need and deserve support through their shifts. Along with memory foam padding for comfort, these Alegria shoes are slip and stain-resistant.  

Priced at the lower end from $55-$140, these comfortable nursing shoes won’t break the bank.

  1. OOFOS
Patterned OOFOS nursing shoes.

This brand gives back by donating a percentage of each sale to breast cancer research. Their OOfoam technology absorbs impact and is designed to reduce stress on the joints.  

Check out OOFOS limited edition Rose Leopard print clog for $90.

  1. Savvy
Rainbow patterned Savvy nursing shoes.

The cheapest nursing shoe award goes to Savvy. Their current sale shows nursing clogs priced at $45. Comfort is king with an aerocushion insole, lightweight construction, arch support, and enhanced toe room.

With over 50 design and color choices, there’s a clog for every nurse.

  1. Birkenstock
Red Birkenstock nursing shoes.

Birkenstock is known for its easily identifiable sandal, but the Super-Birki is a polyurethane nursing clog designed for professional use. A more compact clog style, this shoe’s latex-cork footbed molds to you. Made for resistance, it withstands disinfection for optimal hygiene.  

Offered in an array of colors averaging $80, this nursing clog is sleek and stylish.

Popular Nursing Shoe Brands

  1. Clove
White Clove nursing shoes.

Founded by a husband and wife team as she went through nursing school, Clove understands that shoes for medical professionals must withstand fluids and be endlessly comfortable. The 2022 Core Collection is re-engineered to be the “quietest, comfiest, and grippiest support system.”

With an almost perfect 5-star rating, grab your preferred color combination for $139.

  1. Hoka
White Hoka nursing shoes.

New on the nursing scene, Hoka has become a popular shoe among nurses. While Hoka brands itself as more of a running shoe, the Hoka Bondi SR is best for professional use. With a 4.4 star rating and an 86% recommendation rate, these shoes offer plush comfort, compression, and water and slip resistance.

This bestseller is priced accordingly at $175. Get yours before they’re out of stock.  

The Best White Nursing Shoes

  1. Nurse Mates
White Nurse Mates nursing shoes.

Wearing white as a nurse isn’t usually a preferred choice, but some nursing schools and employers require it. Nurse Mates is a quality brand committed to comfort and protection for nursing professionals. The Nurse Mates Dove white leather nursing shoe is a no-fuss style that includes rubber inserts for longer wear.

At $95, look no further for a white leather nursing shoe.

  1. Skechers
White Sketchers nursing shoes.

White nursing shoes can be hard to make stylish. The Skechers Work Relaxed Fit is easy on the eyes and has an air-cooled memory foam insole perfect for long shifts.

With a medium price point of $95, turn to Skechers for a white nursing shoe that looks and feels cool.

The Best Black Nursing Shoes

  1. BALA
Black BALA nursing shoes.

BALA brand nursing shoes are unique. They took the time to survey hundreds of nurses, created a shoe to withstand 12+ hour shifts, and then put their shoes to the test to further improve upon. The “Twelves Nocturnal Black” is the bestselling BALA shoe. Boasting fluid resistance, arch support, and high traction with no squeak, nurses have given this shoe a 4.2 rating.

Priced on the higher end at $150, BALA shoes seem to be a worthwhile investment.

  1. Brooks
Brooks black nursing shoes.

The Brooks “Ghost 13” athletic shoe has a nearly perfect rating with over 2,000 reviews. One specific review states “Being a nurse, I’ve worn Brooks Ghost for a long time, very comfortable and supportive.”  

These are currently on sale at just under $100. Snag your pair here.

The Best Nursing Shoes for Men and Women

  1. Figs + New Balance
Figs x New Balance nursing shoes.

Two popular brands have teamed up to offer men’s, women’s, and unisex nursing shoes. In a range of colors and styles, these shoes look more like an everyday sneaker and less like your traditional nursing shoe. This bestseller is rated 4 stars with reviews stating “comfortable, stylish, and worth the price” and “durable and non-bulky.”  

Prices range from $98-$138. See more details at

  1. Crocs
Crocs white nursing shoes.

The Crocs At Work Collection is made for professionals in mind. They are lightweight yet supportive. Unlike popular Croc styles, this style is enclosed without holes because who wants to risk body fluids on your feet? Gross.  

Super affordable at $60 and gender neutral for men and women, these Crocs are a no-brainer.

  1. Nike
Nike white nursing shoes.

One of the most trusted brands in footwear. Nike offers several options for nurses, one of which is the Nike VaporMax. In styles for men and women, this shoe is built to “make you feel like you’re walking on air.”  

This advanced technology comes with a high price tag of around $270.

  1. Adidas
Blue and white Adidas nursing shoes.

Another well-known footwear brand, Adidas offers 6 options to meet the comfort of nurses. The Ultraboost 20 for men and women offers a knit upper for breathability and a snug fit and heel support for security and quick movement.

While in a pricier range, Adidas offers a 30% discount to healthcare heroes.

  1. Cherokee
Cherokee black nursing shoes.

As one of the most popular nursing scrubs brands, Cherokee also offers an Infinity Footwear collection for men and women. Whether you are seeking slip-on styles, athletic shoes, leather, or knit, Cherokee has it all.  

Top-rated for men, the Fly Athletic Shoes combine a sporty look with a layered insole and mesh upper for $70.

  1. Asics
Asics gray and white nursing shoes.

For shoes that transition from the hospital to outdoors, Asics is supported by hundreds of positive reviews. The NOVABLAST available for men and women is designed with FLYTEFOAM technology to propel you forward.

Asics seems to meet all the requirements for $90. Check out Asics Nurse Favorites.

How to Find Discounts for Nursing Shoes

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