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7 Best Dogs for Travel Nurses to Live With

May 17, 2022

There are many perks and benefits to working as a travel nurse or allied health worker. You get to see and experience places you may otherwise not have, and you also have the opportunity to meet new people and colleagues. However, travel nursing can be a little lonely, so why not remedy that loneliness with a furry friend?  

Perks and statistics for travel nursing with a dog.

Can you travel nurse with a dog?

The answer is yes! The best dog breeds for traveling range from pups who make great car companions to workout buddies to pint-sized best small dogs for travel.  

List of Best Dogs for Travel Nurses

  1. Dachshund
Brown Dachshund dog in a backyard with their tongue out.

If you are looking for a small dog that will act as a good guard dog, dachshunds are the dog for you. These dogs require little space and small amounts of food, making them perfect for travel and apartment living. They are low maintenance and will alert you of any strange activity.  

  1. Labrador Retriever
Cream Labrador Retriever dog laying on a bed of autumn leaves.

Labradors are very loyal to their owners and love exploring, so if you are active and adventurous, this is the breed for you! Additionally, they are notoriously easy to train. These dogs are a larger breed, so make sure your apartment, condo, or rental allows for dogs this size. This breed does require lots of activity, so make sure you regularly walk them or take them to the dog park.  

  1. Yorkshire Terrier
Cute brown Yorkshire Terrier laying on a couch staring at the camera.

One of the best small dogs for travel is the Yorkshire Terrier due to its small, compact size. This dog can easily travel and fit into small apartments if necessary. They also do not require large amounts of food. In addition to being a low-maintenance breed, they are also very social dogs, making friends wherever they go!

  1. Chihuahua
Black and white Chihuahua smiling at the camera outdoors in grass.

Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs in the world. Their small stature makes them great travel buddies. These dogs are well-behaved when they are left unattended during your shifts. Additionally, they do not require large amounts of activity daily, making them ideal for those who work long shifts. Be sure to train them well, though, because they can become aggressive or bark frequently.  

  1. French Bulldog
Cute French Bulldog smiling at the beach.

French Bulldogs are great cuddlers, but they are also well-behaved and low maintenance. This breed values sleep but are ready to play when you are! They are among the best dog breeds for traveling because they do not often bark, making them perfect rental tenants. Be wary about flying with this breed. Due to the shape of their face and their airways, it can be dangerous and even deadly for them to fly.  

  1. English Bulldog
Cute English Bulldog outdoors playing with yellow ball.

These bulldogs are similar to French bulldogs. They are low-maintenance, easy to train, and friendly. They can stay home alone during your shifts without any trouble or need for exercise. They are bad flyers, so avoid assignments that require you to fly.  

  1. Pug
Cute pug giving puppy dog eyes to the camera.

Pugs are similar to bulldogs in many ways. They prioritize sleeping and snuggling and do not require large amounts of exercise on days you are working. This laid-back breed also easily adapts to new environments and makes friends anywhere they go! Additionally, they have the same struggles with flying as the bulldogs, so make sure your assignment is somewhere you can drive to.  

There are so many breeds that can be the best dogs for travel nurses and allied health workers, depending on your travel and preferences. The breeds included here are only a few that would make great companions on your travel nursing adventures. If traveling in pairs sounds good enough to make you wonder “can you travel nurse with a dog,” help fight off loneliness in your new city by taking your furry best friend with you!

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