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Benefits of Travel Nursing in 2021

January 22, 2021

Travel nurses play a big role in the healthcare system and are in high demand during the pandemic for obvious reasons. We are in a public health emergency, and as frontline workers, nurses are our greatest heroes.

Staff nurses transition into becoming travel nurses for a variety of reasons, some seek adventure, and some flexibility - these days it’s due to demand. There are many benefits of travel nursing- personally, professionally, and financially.

Agencies are crucial in matching professionals with hospitals that are short on specialized care staff. As a travel nurse, you will work with a recruiter to determine an assignment based on current needs and your licensing.

If you are interested in becoming a travel nurse, here is a list of why you should consider travel nursing:

Benefits of Travel Nursing

Generous Pay

Hospitals have had to stay competitive in the environment. Some hospitals pay as much as double to staff up as nurses move from one hotspot to another.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "Demand is so great that hospitals are paying as much as twice the usual hourly pay for nurses, in one case $140 an hour, traveling-nurse agencies and hospital-industry leaders say.”

Additionally, notable perks of being a travel nurse, contracts can include generous pay, housing stipends, meal reimbursement, and transportation reimbursement.


Due to the times, hospitals are offering shorter contracts with more flexibility when negotiating contract terms. While we normally see 13 -week assignments we are seeing assignments as short as 4 or 8 weeks.

A significant advantage of travel nursing with flexibility is, you always have the option of working the frontlines of the pandemic or to work away from high risk areas. However, if you choose to work away from high risk areas (which need more support) be prepared to be flexible in the schedule that is offered.

Work Experience

By becoming a travel nurse during the pandemic you will gain valuable work experience in different specialties. The experience you gain as a travel nurse during a pandemic is a plus on your resume. There is a chance you get pulled to fill shortages in other areas.

This is an opportunity to use your skills while building skills in other areas.

Branching out and adopting new specialties demonstrates adaptability and will provide you with a unique skill set and you will stand out as an attractive hire.

Social Impact

It goes without saying that there are rewards and risks to being an essential worker during a pandemic. In a time of uncertainty, the reward is proving to outweigh the risk.

As a travel nurse going into an emergency assignment, you get to relieve fellow healthcare workers/staff that are battling the virus nonstop. You become a helping hand and you play a big part of a necessary support system.

Ready to take on the rewarding challenge as a travel nurse?

Advantis Medical is on the field to adapt to immediate demand changes safely. We stand with travel nurses and encourage them to wreak the benefits of travel nursing. If you are interested in travel nursing opportunities with Advantis Medical, the #1 travel nursing agency, please contact us for more information.

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