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Best Places to Travel Nurse in the US

August 17, 2021

After a terrible 2020 summer, 2021 must look better, right? If the current roster for 2021 of best places to travel nurse in the U.S. doesn’t get you excited, then we don't know what else will! There are many great destinations available for your career, and here are the top six travel nursing spots for 2021 from

Best Travel Nurse Destinations

Map of USA with best places to travel nurse and photos.
Preview of all the top paces to travel nurse in the USA.


The beautiful Golden State offers multiple opportunities for travel assignments. With the diversity from mountains to beaches to deserts to wine country, there are so many options to choose from your head will be spinning. Whether you are in national parks to the nation's top attractions, there is something for everyone to take part in. This state is a must-do for any travel nurse destination plan.


In the state's biggest city, Omaha, summer means all kinds of arts and festivals. The Henry Doorly Zoo is ranked one of the top zoos in the world! If staying in June, you can also watch the college World Series. Along with these attractions, Nebraska is also known for its romantic Midwest prairies and delightful small towns.  

New York

It is said the everyone needs to visit New York once in their lives. This is the time to do it! The Big Apple is a beautiful place for summer. Enjoy the big city where Broadway and tourists come back from the pandemic. Not only does New York offer its big city, but it also offers nature and outdoorsy favorites like the Adirondacks, Catskills, Finger Lakes, Lake Placid, and even Niagara Falls. The Empire State Building and the National Baseball Hall of Fame are also located in the bustling city. There will be no sleeping in this town if you choose this destination as a place to travel nurse.


Would you want to mess with Texas? The Lone Star State has wide open spaces, urban places, and beautiful Gulf Coast Beaches. Did you know that Texas has the most hospitals than any other state in the nation? Well, now you do! Stroll the San Antonia Riverwalk, visit the Alamo, and attend the concert in Austin (known as the world's live music capital). Texas also offers Big Bend, Padre Island, and so much more!


The Centennial State has four incredible national parks: Rocky Mountains National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison Nation Park. Although you do not want to visit this state in the summertime if you're going to hit their iconic ski slopes, there is also art, culture, and brewery’s located in the urban enclaves like Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder. It's no wonder Colorado is on the list for best places to travel nurse in the U.S.

North Carolina

High mountain peaks to low country beaches, North Carolina, is rated one of the top states to visit. This state has over 300 miles of beaches completed with multiple lighthouses. Temperatures are rising in the summertime, and a tourist can cool down with windows down cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway, which also winds through the Great Smoky Mountains. This state offers the most scenic drives the nation has to offer.

Concluding the Best Places to Travel Nurse

No matter where you choose to take your next assignment, 2021 is coming in hot with these spectacular travel nurse destinations.

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