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Top 10 Best Bags for Nurses to Wishlist

February 22, 2022

If you have ever worked a 12-hour shift in the hospital, you know it takes a lot to make it through. Surviving a hospital shift can sometimes be difficult and uncomfortable, especially if you don’t come to work prepared. So having a well-stocked nurse utility bag with you may help your shift go a little smoother. Additionally, ensuring you have enough nourishment to make it through the shift is also important. Check out the best bags for nurses and the best lunch bags for nurses, and decide which ones are for you!

Diagram of features in the best bags for nurses.

Best Lunch Bags for Nurses

  1. Bentgo: These lunch boxes are different than your typical insulated lunch box. They come in several different varieties and shapes. Most of the variations come with separate compartments and reusable plastic utensils, so you don’t have to remember to pack them every time.  
  1. RTIC: Insulated lunch bags from RTIC are structured and able to keep your lunch cold for hours. These lunch bags come in several different sizes, depending on your need and preferences.  
  1. YETI: These nurse lunch bags are at a much higher price point, but they do come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. These lunch boxes will keep your food cold for several hours, so don’t worry if your unit doesn’t have a fridge nearby.
  1. Elvira Leakfproof Insulated Lunch Tote Bag: This nurse lunch bag has a central storage space and external pockets for utensils and napkins if you need them. It is also thermally insulated as well as leakproof. Plus, it comes in several designs to meet anyone’s taste.  
  1. Buringer Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag: With several colors, patterns, and designs to choose from, this lunch bag has a lot of options. Additionally, this lunch bag is leak-resistant, tear-resistant, and insulated. Having a tough lunch box is essential to survive the breakroom refrigerator because that can be a jungle of lunches and dinners.

Best Bags for Nurses

  1. Vera Bradley Tote Bags: These bags are the holy grail of nursing bags. If you have ever owned a Very Bradley bag, you know that it lasts forever and fits more than you would ever think possible. There are several styles, designs, and prints to suit your style!
  1. Nurse Mates Ultimate Backpack: Are you looking for a backpack-style bag? This is the option for you! This bag has a cooler pocket on the front and pockets on the sides to hold your drinks. Additionally, it has a front pocket with compartments for your stethoscope, trauma shears, notepads, reference books, pens, etc.  
  1. Koi All You Can Fit Tote Bag: Not only does this bag allow you to fit pretty much everything you need for work in it, it transitions between a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag, whichever is your preference. It also has side pockets with bungee cords to hold any shape of a cup, can, or bottle.  
  1. Esvan Water Resistant Shoulder Bag: This tote comes in various colors and is waterproof! It has elastic and mesh side pockets and a zipper pocket inside and outside. This bag also has a wide shoulder strap if your work bag is heavy! This bag is perfect if you are looking for something simple and versatile.  
  1. Crest Design Water Repellent Shoulder Bag: If you are looking for a versatile tote with many pockets, you have found the right bag! This bag converts from a shoulder bag to a crossbody bag. It has several storage pockets on its exterior and has a ton of compartments on the inside to keep yourself organized.  

Working a twelve-hour nursing shift can be challenging, so nurses must be prepared whatever arises. Having a good quality lunch bag and nurse utility bag that meets your needs is vital! The options for best bags for nurses and best lunch bags for nurses above provide various options to fit your style and your preferences. Hopefully this helps with your decision and helps you to have your next great day “in the bag.”

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