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Talent Technology & Recruiting Trends 2020

September 30, 2021

The Covid-19 Pandemic took leaps and bounds when it came to changing people’s lives. It also was the stepping stone into a new era of recruitment for businesses across the globe. A primary business sector for this impact is the healthcare system. The pandemic showed people what mattered in the world. It gave companies new insight and inspiration on getting efficient and quality work out of workers without jeopardizing co-workers' health.

Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech 2020

Recruiting trends in 2020 and statistics in an infographic.

1. Virtual Recruitment Becomes the Norm

With the COVID-19 and Delta Variant pandemic limiting traveling and meetings, the most business has resorted in doing virtual meetings. This has been no exception within the healthcare industry. With virtual meetings, they are now conducting virtual interviewing through Skype, Teams, Zoom, Discord, and more. Along with virtual interviewing, the healthcare industry is also doing virtual job fairs pulling any candidates they believe to be a good fit for the company and bringing them in and doing a face-to-face interview. This technique ultimately decreases the possible exposure of the virus to people within hospitals, keeping the population safer in the end.

2. Physicians are looking for work in new areas

With the pandemic picking up, there is no secret that the healthcare team has been under a lot of stress. With most working around the clock and others being laid off due to the pandemic, there has been much talk on their mental health. This has ultimately led the healthcare professions to think about "what matters" to them.

A lot of the consensus is their families. People are moving closer to home to be with their loved ones, and many of these areas are in rural areas. More than they have ever seen before, there has been an uptick in people applying to hospitals in these locations.  

3. Dissatisfied Physicians

Healthcare providers are overworking the impossible hours along with filling the open spots within their team. This takes away their family time and overall impacts their mental and physical health.Physician burnout is real and is being experienced across the nation.

This 2020 recruiting trend is anticipated to go on even after the pandemic to be successful and to move forward. Teams will want to assist and support their providers, so they are not in jeopardy of high turnovers within the company.

4. Approval Process

Since everything has gone virtual regarding the interviewing, the approval process has made recruiting easier and faster on the backend. Documents such as invoices and hiring forms that would take weeks due to being sent to each department for physical signatures have now been reduced by people being able to sign forms virtually.

Where is the Human Connection?

With everything going virtual from interviewing, onboarding, and training, what happens to that human connection you have with someone from face-to-face meetings? People miss out on nonverbal cues, personal interaction, or the personal touch. Healthcare recruiting offers more personal interviewing such as facetiming or zooming candidates to see them and have a more personal interaction with them as they move through the hiring process.

The biggest thing that companies need to focus on is the outcome of the hiring. Despite the less personable interactions with co-workers, the one important thing is patient care. If we are providing top-notch patient care, then we have successfully done our jobs.

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