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Halloween Costumes for Nurses at Work 

October 6, 2021

One of the most fun times of year to be a working nurse practitioner is Halloween. Halloween is a great time to be a nurse because of the candy, of course, and because there are so many options for Halloween costumes for nurses at work to wear with scrubs.  

Advantis Medical cares and wrote this guide to educate nurses about safety and that mental wellness is vital for everyone. Hence, it's important to enjoy yourself at work on Halloween.

Can you wear a Halloween costume to work as a nurse?

All hospitals have uniform requirements for nurses. They must be safe, practical, and hygienic; most people know these uniforms as scrubs.

Some hospitals may not allow nurses to wear costumes and their scrubs on Halloween, but it is encouraged for many hospitals! Wearing costumes on Halloween is a fun, festive way to celebrate the holiday while still at work. When executed correctly, it can still meet the sanitary and functionality needs of the hospital.  

Benefits of wearing a Halloween hospital costume as a nurse

Wearing Halloween hospital costumes is fun and silly and can help raise the mood around the hospital. It is hard not to smile while wearing a Halloween hospital costume, and those smiles are contagious!  

Hospital can be a scary, stressful environment, especially for children. 38% of children in hospitals are ages 6-17 yrs old, seeing nurses and other hospital employees dressed up can help make them happier, boost mental wellness, and help to provide a more pleasant experience during their hospital stay.

Population of Children and Age Groups in Hospitals

Population of children and age groups in hospitals.

Halloween Hospital Costume Requirements

Luckily, scrubs come in all kinds of designs and colors, so matching your costume with scrubs is easier than ever.  

It is important to follow the sanitary and functionality guidelines of uniform requirements at all times, even on Halloween. Because of this, it is crucial that your Halloween costume:

  • Allows you to move freely and easily
  • Lets you keep clean hands and wrists
  • Does not modify the scrubs in a way to make them less sanitary

Given these guidelines, there are plenty of options for Halloween costumes to wear with scrubs.

Easy Halloween Costumes for Nurses at Work

Here are some options for quick and easy Halloween costumes to wear with scrubs:

  • Superhero: Attaching a superhero logo to your scrubs is easy, and by adding a mask and a cape, you are sure to put smiles on patients’ faces
  • Rosie the Riveter: This iconic look is easily achieved with some bright red lipstick, a red bandana, and blue scrubs
  • Animals: Using face paint to draw noses and whiskers is a quick and easy way to portray a cute dog or cat. Animal ear headbands also make a great accessory!
  • Puns: Everyone loves a good pun, drawing tread marks on your face to make you “tired,” or putting a sign on your scrubs that says pH>7 could make you “basic,” or taping smarties to the pants of your scrubs to make you a “smarty pants” are all easy ways to dress up for Halloween

In conclusion, wearing a Halloween costume to work as a nurse is a great way to have fun while remaining safe and sanitary.

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