Young female travel nurse opening yellow present box and smilign excited at the gift.

Best Gifts for Travel Nurses That Will Make Friends Envious

December 22, 2022

Healthcare professionals are some of the most selfless, intelligent, and proactive people out there. They’re responsible for saving lives, managing chronic illnesses, and helping their patients through some of the most vulnerable and traumatic times in their lives.  

It’s even harder for travel nurses who are frequently orienting themselves to new environments, learning new policies and procedures, and moving all over the country to do so. The work they do is priceless. Many people wish to express their gratitude with gifts during nurse appreciation week, international nurses day, the holidays, or when their lives are enriched by the care they received from a nurse.  

Whether you’re celebrating a special time of year or simply thanking a travel nurse for their positive influence on your life, here are some great gifts for travel nurses.  

1. Day at the spa

Female travel nurse woman lying down at a spa gift and getting a facial face mask painted on.

Nursing is labor intensive. They assist patients when they’re moving around, lift them, and transport them. And when they’re not doing hands-on patient care, nurses are walking back and forth between patient rooms, storage areas, and workstations. Add in traveling between different facilities and you’ve got a lot of wear and tear going on in nurses’ bodies.  

General aches and pains from all that hard work (that don’t require a doctor’s attention) may decrease with a day of rest and relaxation. Try setting up a spa day for your favorite travel nurse. It’s sure to be one of the best gifts for travel nurses they’ll always remember!

2. Compression socks

Travel nurse wearing black compression socks that were gifted and running up a hill outdoors.

Being on your feet all the time takes its toll. The best way for nurses to address foot pains and aches is to prevent them in the first place. Compression socks help support the muscles and other tissues in your lower legs and feet. The result? Higher stamina and fewer aches and pains.  

There are all sorts of compression socks available. Some are colorful and others are designed with nurses in mind. If you need help finding the best compression socks for nurses, we already did the research for you!

3. Supportive shoes

Travel nurse pulling supports out of medical shoes.

Compression socks are great, but they can only do so much without supportive shoes. Whether your favorite travel nurse has flat feet or high arches, there’s a perfect shoe that will help them get through long shifts on their hardest days.  

Check out our list of some of the most supportive and stylish shoes for travel nurses. It’s one of the best gifts for travel nurses that’ll make a huge difference in their quality of life!

4. Gift cards

Close up of hands belonging to diverse people holding a red gift card in a mall.

Maybe you want to do something nice for the nurse in your life, but you aren’t sure what they like or what they need. Gift cards are a great choice when you just aren’t sure your gift recipient would want. You can get a gift card to almost any store, or restaurant. And if you can’t decide, a Visa or Mastercard gift card works just about anywhere.  

The other nice thing about gift cards is that you can send them instantly. You don’t have to go into a store or wait for an online order to arrive. Simply send it to your favorite travel nurse’s email address and they get it on the spot!

5. Comfy medical scrubs

Female travel nurse in blue medical scrubs washing her ands and arms with soap.

It can get tough when you have to wear a uniform to work. Good quality scrubs are somewhat expensive. If the hospital or other healthcare facility doesn’t provide them, nurses are either left scrambling to wash their uniform between shifts or spending a lot of money on clothing that they only wear to work. And when they do get scrubs from work, they’re often itchy, unflattering, or uncomfortable.  

Gifting soft, comfortable, and stylish scrubs is a great way to put a smile on a travel nurse’s face—just make sure the scrubs you buy follow the dress code they must follow at work. Check out these sustainable scrub brands to find the perfect gift for travel nurses!

6. Personalized stethoscope

Woman wearing a white t shirt in front of red bricks holding a stethoscope in the shape of a heart.

There’s nothing better than the perfect personalized gift. The extra thought and effort to add an inscription is sure to leave the gift recipient feeling appreciated. It’s even better when the gift is something travel nurses can use frequently.  

Travel nurses use stethoscopes during patient care. In fact, many nurses keep these vital instruments within arms reach—and you can order a personalized one for your favorite travel nurse! Personalized stethoscopes come in many different colors and styles. AllHeart has a great assortment to choose from, including engravings, patterns, bright colors and more. A fully personalized stethoscope is a great gift for a travel nurse!

7. Smart watch

Female travel nurse wearing millenial pale pink and pointing at a smart watch on her wrist.

Another tool that’s a great gift for travel nurses is a smart watch. Nurses need watches to assist them while they deliver high quality patient care. Even though there are machines that measure vitals automatically, some nurses still prefer to measure heart rate and blood pressure manually. They also use watches for other patient care activities.  

Smart watches make it easy to keep time, set reminders, and support nurses in other ways. Nurses can set reminders to visit patients at appropriate intervals, timers for manual heart rate and blood pressure screening, and more. It’s also great for nurses who like to keep track of their physical activity, heart rate, and other interesting information.  

8. A weekend getaway

Group of diverse multi-cultural friends smiling and linking hands outdoors by a lake at sunset.

Many people get stuck in their routine of work and home life. As a result, it’s easy for them to forget to take time for themselves. And some people feel guilty when they take time off, especially if they’re in a field of service like nursing.  

If you have the means, sending your favorite travel nurse on vacation is a gift they’ll never forget. You can lend them your vacation home or timeshare for a week, or you can pool money together with other people who wish to contribute to a vacation fund!

Travel nurses are a gift themselves

With a nearly perpetual shortage of nurses in the US, travel nurses are the gift that keeps hospitals and other healthcare facilities going. Advantis Medical is proud to work with so many talented healthcare professionals who make a difference every single day, and we’re always adding to our skilled pool of travel nurses.  

Joining Advantis Medical is quick and easy. Start by registering on the AdvantisConnect portal and filling out your profile. If you need help, check out our guide to make your profile stand out. Once you’re registered, you can view and apply for travel nursing assignments all over the nation. We’d be lucky to have you join our team!

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