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10 Tips for Travel Nursing on a Budget

January 12, 2022

Below are 10 tips to help you remain within a budget when traveling nursing. Later, we'll offer some assistance with a financial check-up to ensure that you're on track with your financial goals.  

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1. Work with a Great Agency  

The very first thing you must do is research travel nursing agencies. You'll find that the benefits offered from one to another vary. Some cover all of your travel expenses, while others don't. Advantis Medical offers generous stipends that help with housing and meals.  

2. Take Advantage of Benefits Offered by Your Agency

While it's true that you do always have the option of arranging your travel and housing accommodations, this is typically at your own expense. However, agencies like Advantis Medical help by offering generous stipends. By taking advantage of the benefits offered by your agency, you could potentially save a lot of money.  

3. Obtain Insurance  

There's always the risk of financial loss for various reasons when traveling. You can protect yourself against loss by purchasing travel insurance. In addition, be sure that you have valid health insurance, as well as dental and vision, that will cover you when on assignment. Advantis Medical offers these as part of your compensation package.  

4. Set a Budget for Entertainment  

Travel nursing offers you the opportunity to see new things and experience new places- but sightseeing and entertainment can get expensive. Therefore, you want to give yourself a budget for these activities and make sure that you stick to them.  

5. Cook at Home

When you're on assignment, especially if you don't have access to a kitchen or kitchenette, it's easy to get into the habit of eating out. However, you might want to consider getting some dry goods, pasta bowls, soups, etc., that can be heated in the microwave. Additionally, you can save some money by bringing your lunch to work instead of grabbing takeout or visiting the cafeteria in the facility you're working in. Homecooked meals make a significant impact on your savings when travel nursing on a budget.

6. Stash Money into a Savings Account  

Typically, travel nursing assignments pay well, which means you'll make more than you need for your living expenses. You might want to consider opening a separate savings account just for that extra money. A high-yield account is great for making extra money off what you put in there without doing anything extra.  

7. Join a Bike/Car Share Program  

If you're using taxi services regularly, it can add up quickly. If you don't live close enough to walk to work, consider joining a Bike/Car Share program. Additionally, check into public transportation as a way to decrease the cost of your commute.  

8. Compare Prices  

Whatever you're doing, take the time to compare prices to ensure that you're getting the best deal. This includes renting a vehicle, choosing a restaurant, visiting a local attraction, and more. In some cases, attractions have special deals for certain days or certain times of the day and visit during those days/times to save money. Do your research ahead of time when travel nursing on a budget.

9. Check for Coupons  

Another great way to save money is to check for coupons. Check local newspapers, guidebooks, and even online to save yourself a few bucks.  

10. Pay Attention to Your Spending  

If you're not paying attention to your spending, it's easy to spend more than you intend to. Make sure that you're keeping track of your expenses. Consider looking into a bullet journal to keep everything in one place. This will help ensure that you remain within budget.  

What About Making Extra Money? 

Join AdvantisConnect where you can browse high-paying job opportunities for travel nurses and allied health professionals. Our recruiters and nurse advocates are your travel companions. If you need more tips, help finding affordable housing, or are just looking for a higher paying assignment, your personal Advantis Medical team member is just a text or call away. We’re here to make sure your assignment and travel nurse journey is pleasant.

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