Tips for Travel Nursing in Missouri

Essential Tips for Travel Nursing in Missouri: Thrive in The Show-Me State!

January 1, 2024

Seeking tips for travel nursing in Missouri? This article delivers practical advice for optimizing your travel nursing assignment in the Show-Me State. Expect to explore topics like must-know logistics, cultural hotspots, adapting to Missouri hospital settings, and professional growth opportunities. By providing you with this essential information, we aim to help you navigate Missouri confidently and make the most of your time there—both professionally and personally.

Key Takeaways

  • Missouri offers a rich cultural experience and diverse living environments, from urban settings like Kansas City and St. Louis to serene rural areas and natural attractions like the Ozark Mountains and numerous caves.
  • Advantis Medical provides travel nurses with exceptional support services, including job placement assistance, competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for professional growth in top Missouri healthcare facilities.
  • Travel nurses in Missouri must adapt to varying hospital settings, build rapport with local healthcare teams, and can enhance their professional profile by taking advantage of the state’s opportunities for career development in nursing.

Embracing Missouri's Cultural Tapestry: Tips for Travel Nurses

Diverse cultural tapestry of Missouri

Missouri is a tapestry of diverse cultural experiences, and its cities are vibrant threads in that tapestry. From the jazz clubs of Kansas City to the historical landmarks of St. Louis, travel nurses can immerse themselves in a rich cultural milieu while pursuing their professional commitments. St. Louis is renowned for its BBQ spots, where you can savor the local food culture, and attractions like the free St. The Saint Louis Zoo is a popular attraction, and the iconic Gateway Arch is a must-see landmark in the city..

Sports enthusiasts will find it easy to embrace Missouri’s sports culture, with options to catch a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game or a St. Louis Blues hockey match. And after a long day of work, Missouri’s nightlife, including places like Blueberry Hill and Pin-Up Bowling, offers a lively atmosphere for unwinding with music, drinks, and entertainment.

Navigating Urban Life in Missouri Cities

Navigating urban life in Missouri cities like Kansas City, Springfield, and Cape Girardeau is an adventure in itself. Kansas City, with its affordable living and relaxed traffic conditions, is particularly friendly for travel nurses. Some tips for navigating urban life in Missouri cities include:

  • Utilize the bus system, which primarily serves the downtown area
  • Consider using personal vehicles for comprehensive transportation
  • Take advantage of affordable living options in Kansas City
  • Familiarize yourself with the traffic conditions in each city to plan your routes effectively

These tips will help facilitate easier urban navigation during your time in Missouri.

Kansas City boasts a diverse range of neighborhoods catering to various lifestyles, from urban dwellers to those preferring suburban comfort. For accommodation, travel nurses can explore options like, which provides listings for short-term furnished rentals suitable for their transient needs.

Discovering Rural Serenity in Missouri

Exploring rural serenity in Missouri

Beyond the urban excitement, Missouri’s rural areas offer serene retreats, brimming with natural wonders. With over 7,000 documented caves, including Springfield’s Fantastic Caverns that visitors can explore via Jeep-drawn tours, Missouri offers unique natural adventures.

The Ozark Mountains provide a family-friendly setting in Branson, with attractions like Silver Dollar City theme park for weekend adventures. Meanwhile, Fenton, the ‘City of Parks,’ offers an environment for nature-loving nurses to unwind with its extensive parks system.

Lake Saint Louis presents a suburban retreat, featuring recreational facilities, shopping, and diverse housing options.

Advantis Medical: Your Gateway to Missouri Travel Nursing Jobs

Choosing Advantis Medical for your Missouri travel nursing assignments offers:

  • Exceptional service that goes beyond the typical agency support
  • Competitive pay tailored to your preferences
  • Comprehensive benefits, including health coverage and a 401(k) plan

Advantis Medical ensures that their travel nurses are well taken care of.

One of the standout features of Advantis Medical is their free concierge service, which simplifies the job acquisition process. This includes:

  • Seamless onboarding
  • Credentialing
  • Housing assistance
  • Travel assistance

By choosing Missouri for assignments, travel nurses with Advantis Medical enjoy access to in-demand positions and chances for professional growth at top healthcare facilities.

Exclusive Job Opportunities with Advantis Medical

arch, st, louis

With Advantis Medical, travel nurses have access to exclusive job opportunities. For instance, a Telemetry Nurse position in Springfield, MO at Mercy Hospital and a MedSurg/Tele Nurse position in St. Louis, MO at Mercy Hospital - South. These positions come with competitive weekly pay, standing out compared to the Missouri travel nursing average salary of $2,051 per week.

To explore the wide array of travel nursing opportunities available in Missouri, visit Advantis Medical's Missouri Travel Nurse Jobs page. Here you can find up-to-date listings and apply for positions that align with your professional skills and personal interests.

Each of these positions comes with a 13-week contract duration, aligning with the typical assignment lengths available in Missouri, which include 6, 8, and 13-week options. This provides flexibility and allows travel nurses to plan their assignments and breaks accordingly.

The Allure of Missouri's Natural Landscapes for Travel Nurses

Missouri’s diverse natural landscapes are an alluring escape for travel nurses. From national forests to scenic riverways, nature lovers can find plenty of spots to relax and replenish their spirits after a strenuous work schedule. The Shawnee National Forest, for instance, features remarkable rock formations and offers hiking trails leading to breathtaking views.

The Missouri Ozarks captivate with expansive lakes, dense forests, and wilderness areas. The Ha Ha Tonka State Park stands out with its natural bridge, caves, cliffs, and castle ruins. Additionally, the Southeast region’s ‘the Bootheel,’ offers a charming rural backdrop, where travel nurses can engage in activities like canoeing on scenic riverways, exploring trails, and enjoying the local wine region.

Easy Access to Nature's Wonders

Enjoying nature's wonders in Missouri

Missouri is not just about rural serenity; it also offers easy access to nature’s wonders within its urban settings. Travel nurses can enjoy the St. Louis Zoo, known for its naturalistic exhibits. The Laumeier Sculpture Park, set within green spaces near the city, presents large-scale sculptures in a scenic outdoor environment.

For a unique experience, a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River offers a chance to view the St. Louis skyline and indulge in some 19th-century nostalgia. Near Columbia, MO, Rock Bridge Memorial State Park provides a natural escape with outdoor activities for travel nurses staying in or visiting the area.

Adapting to Varied Hospital Settings in Missouri

Working as a travel nurse in Missouri involves adapting to various hospital settings. This includes familiarizing oneself with each hospital’s distinct policies and operational procedures, such as charting systems and scheduling practices. Travel nurses also need to acquaint themselves with essential areas like supply rooms and crash carts to ensure they’re well-prepared.

Building a network and establishing clear communication with the local healthcare team is pivotal. Seeking mentorship and respecting the cultural quirks of Missouri healthcare environments contribute significantly to a travel nurse’s integration into a new setting.

To ensure efficiency and punctuality, travel nurses should perform a test run of the commute to the new hospital and learn its layout beforehand, as this will make the verification successful waiting period more productive.

Building Rapport with Local Healthcare Teams

Building rapport with local healthcare teams is a key aspect of a travel nurse’s role. Apart from introducing themselves and quickly assimilating into new settings, travel nurses should be staunch advocates for patients, providing consistent, high-quality care. This helps establish trust and rapport within the team.

Being approachable and frequently making themselves available to assist colleagues are more likely to form strong working relationships within Missouri healthcare teams. Seeking out a mentor or willing to be guided by experienced nurses on the local practices can significantly help travel nurses in forming positive and supportive working relationships in Missouri hospitals.

Professional Growth in Missouri's Top Healthcare Facilities

nurse in Mo

Choosing Missouri for travel nursing assignments offers:

  • An enriching cultural and natural experience
  • Opportunities for professional growth
  • Diverse experiences across different states and healthcare environments, which can be integral to career advancement

With Advantis Medical, travel nurses can make the most of the best travel nurse jobs opportunities.

Missouri offers opportunities for travel nurses to work in renowned hospitals, providing competitive compensation that enriches their professional profile. The compensation rate for travel nurses in Missouri is influenced by their experience, the medical facility they are assigned to, and the certifications they hold.

Travel nurses can foster collaborative relationships within Missouri healthcare teams by showcasing their skills and commitment, which is valuable for both professional growth and patient care quality.

Leveraging Resources for Career Development

Missouri offers various resources for career development in the field of nursing, making it an ideal place to pursue a nursing career. While registered nurses and licensed practical nurses with a Missouri nursing license are not required to fulfill any continuing education units (CEUs) for maintaining their nursing license, there are other opportunities for advancement, such as the nurse licensure compact. The Clinical Faculty Academy in Missouri provides a pathway for registered nurses to augment their career by training to become clinical faculty.

Advantis Medical’s AdvantisConnect platform assists travel nurses in career development by allowing them to view detailed job postings and set preferences for personalized job opportunities that align with their professional growth objectives.

A Supportive Journey with Advantis Medical

With Advantis Medical, travel nurses are assured of a supportive journey. Recognized for its exceptional service, the agency offers comprehensive support and is Joint-Commission certified, promising a seamless and stress-free experience for travel nurses. From the beginning of employment, travel nurses enjoy:

  • Dedicated personal support
  • Competitive pay
  • Weekly direct deposit
  • Valuable onboarding and credentialing assistance

Travel nurses also receive financial support from Advantis Medical through comprehensive healthcare benefits, a generous housing stipend, and assistance finding affordable living options. The agency simplifies the job search with a streamlined application process available on their website and AdvantisConnect app.

Personalized Service Every Step of the Way

With Advantis Medical, personalized service is at the forefront of their offering. The agency tailors travel nursing opportunities to align with the individual professional goals and lifestyle preferences of each nurse. This personalized approach extends to their service, with Dedicated Professional Recruiters providing white-glove service to assist nurses in their job search.

The agency actively works to ensure a match between travel nurses and top healthcare facilities through travel nurse assignments that benefit both parties, offering a variety of travel nurse jobs, including the perfect travel nursing job for each individual. As a bonus, nurses are eligible for a $500 referral bonus when they bring along friends or family members as travelers, adding a social aspect to their work experience.

Missouri Travel Nursing: Blending Urban Excitement with Country Charm

Blending urban excitement with country charm in Missouri

Travel nursing in Missouri offers a unique blend of urban excitement and country charm. Cities like:

  • St. Louis, known for its community feel and landmarks like the Gateway Arch
  • Kansas City, known for its vibrant food scene and attractions like Legoland
  • Springfield, which blends big-city amenities with small-town charm
  • Columbia, which offers public art and progressive culture

Offer a rich cultural and urban experience during a weekend trip.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Lake of the Ozarks region is a haven for travel nurses who seek respite in nature with its large reservoir, extensive shoreline, and picturesque setting. Travel nurses in Missouri can seamlessly transition between the energetic urban life in major cities and serene rural retreats. What’s more, the low cost of living in cities like St. Louis makes Missouri a financially attractive destination for travel nurses.

Essential Resources for Missouri Travel Nurses

For travel nurses preparing to work in Missouri, staying informed and compliant with state regulations is crucial. The Missouri Board of Nursing serves as the regulatory authority overseeing nursing licensure and practice within the state. It is an indispensable resource for travel nurses, providing detailed information on licensure requirements, renewal processes, and the latest nursing regulations in Missouri. A visit to their website can help ensure that travel nurses meet all the necessary criteria to work in the state confidently and legally.

Another key resource is the Missouri Hospital Association (MHA), which represents and supports Missouri's hospitals and healthcare systems. The MHA offers insights into healthcare trends, employment opportunities, and statewide initiatives. For travel nurses looking to grasp the broader healthcare landscape in Missouri, accessing MHA's resources or reports can provide a comprehensive overview of the environment they will be stepping into. This knowledge can be instrumental in adapting to new roles and making meaningful contributions to Missouri's healthcare settings.

Making the Most Out of Your Missouri Assignment

To make the most of a Missouri assignment, travel nurses are encouraged to:

  • Embrace Missouri’s community and culture
  • Adjust to different hospital settings
  • Organize essentials for packing
  • Build rapport with local healthcare teams
  • Remember personal details about colleagues and patients

These steps can enrich the assignment experience.

It’s also essential to organize essentials for packing, and remember that any non-essential items can be acquired after arrival in Missouri. Using clear storage bins can optimize packing space, with some bins serving multiple purposes, such as acting as a laundry basket. Traveling to Missouri with only the essentials on one occasion can help travel nurses understand their true needs and prevent overpacking in future assignments.

Bringing personal comfort items, like a favorite comforter, mugs, or family photos, to Missouri helps create a sense of home in temporary housing.


To summarize, Missouri offers a rich tapestry of experiences for travel nurses, from diverse cultural experiences to serene natural retreats. Along this journey, Advantis Medical provides comprehensive support, personalized service, and opportunities for professional growth, making Missouri a top choice for travel nursing assignments. Whether you’re seeking an urban adventure or a rural retreat, Missouri is ready to welcome you with open arms and a wealth of opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do travel nurses make in Missouri?

Travel nurses in Missouri can expect to make an average salary of $1,858 per week, with a range between $1,263 to $2,713 per week depending on the city and position. The highest paying city for travel nurse jobs is Springfield, with positions offering up to $2,713 per week.

How much should I save before travel nursing?

You should aim to save about $3,000 before starting travel nursing, considering costs such as rent and moving expenses. This will help you better prepare for the financial aspects of your assignments.

How do I prepare to be a traveling nurse?

To prepare to be a traveling nurse, first become a registered nurse by completing a nurse training program, passing the NCLEX-RN exam, and gaining clinical experience before applying for licensure. Typically, travel nurses need some clinical experience before transitioning into this role.

How do I maximize my travel nurse salary?

To maximize your travel nurse salary, be upfront and ready to justify your request during negotiations. Factor in stipends, benefits, bonuses, job expectations, location, and cost of living as well as inquire about extra opportunities.

What makes Missouri appealing for travel nurses?

Missouri's appeal for travel nurses lies in its blend of urban excitement and country charm, diverse cultural experiences, beautiful landscapes, and friendly communities.

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