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The Inaugural Winners of the CARE Awards Have Been Announced!

October 3, 2023

Advantis Medical’s first-ever CARE Awards winners and nominees have been announced! We are thrilled to honor the allied, acute, and post-acute healthcare professionals who go above and beyond in their call to provide exceptional healthcare to their communities. The individuals recognized this quarter have demonstrated initiative, positivity, compassion and value that have set a new standard of excellence both at Advantis Medical and the facilities these travel clinicians work at. The hard work and dedication of these individuals bring our mission of connecting people to opportunity to life in remarkable ways!

We are proud to announce the following CARE Award Winners for October 2023:

April McGuffey

Emergency Room RN

Emergency Room RN

Nominated by: Her travel partner, Shelley Rowe

Place of work: Curry General Health in Gold Beach, Oregon

Time traveling with Advantis: Five months

About April:

This amazing nurse was placed in a small hospital with limited staff and fewer resources, where she consistently worked with a positive, upbeat attitude and a willingness to adapt as needed. When a young teacher came in with critical injuries due to a car accident while on her way home in the early evening, April went above and beyond to care for her both physically and mentally.

When the patient learned that the other vehicle sustained a death, she was distraught, fearful, and in physical pain herself. The compassion, empathy and gentleness with which April cared for this patient helped her not only begin her physical healing journey, but her emotional healing journey. As April held her patient’s hand, this young teacher was given the chance to grieve this loss of life while also being able to process the situation she had just been in. April cared for her patient holistically, reinforcing what it truly means to care for another’s full well-being.

Witnessing April in action had a profound impact on her nominee and travel partner, Shelley Rowe. Advantis Medical is honored to award April with our inaugural CARE Award for going above and beyond in her commitment to patient care!

Sonia Cornish

Registered Nurse & Director of Nursing

Registered Nurse & Director of Nursing

Nominated by: Her Advantis recruiter, Jessa Lacroix

Place of work: The Villas Post Acute Care Rehab in Honolulu, Hawaii

Time traveling with Advantis: Six months

About Sonia:

Sonia is a powerhouse of positivity, dedication, professionalism, and compassion at The Villas Post Acute Care Rehab in Honolulu, Hawaii. She effortlessly takes on multiple roles, seamlessly adapting to the varying needs of a bustling rehab center. She's been requested for contract extensions at every place she's worked, thanks to the strong relationships she builds with both patients and staff.

Not just a team player, Sonia also actively helps others find their own opportunities. She's volunteered multiple times as a resource for nurses interested in working at The Villas. She's a go-to person in her facility for advice, support, and a helping hand.

Her colleagues and supervisors can't say enough good things about her, and we couldn't be prouder to have her represent Advantis Medical!

Ebonei Goshton

Certified Surgical Technologist

Nominated by: Her Advantis recruiter, Braden McGill

Place of work: Emory University Hospital Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia

Time traveling with Advantis: Four months

About Ebonei:

Ebonei is a standout allied professional, setting the bar high in the operating room for both allied clinicians and nurses. She consistently goes the extra mile, often picking up additional shifts and exceeding all expectations set by her managers and peers. She is extremely dedicated to her work, consistently going above and beyond by picking up necessary shifts and stepping in as needed. She has exceeded all expectations and standards of excellence according to her managers and colleagues. Known for her golden heart, she's won accolades not just from colleagues but also from her recruiter, Braden, who shared that Ebonei's dedication has reignited his faith in healthcare workers.

It is because of shining star clinicians like Ebonei that we are proud to represent the allied professions of healthcare!

These exemplary candidates represent the best virtues in our healthcare system. We want to thank and recognize all of our nominees for their outstanding efforts in the field. Nominations for the next round of CARE Awards will open again next quarter!

Honorable Mentions


  • Anaikia Bridges
  • Vanessa Couture
  • Nichole Kennedy
  • Katricia Mari Lint
  • Gena Hanney
  • Traci Kramer
  • Aileen Ferrer
  • Sebastian Chiriboga
  • Jody Reynolds
  • Sheria Wheeler
  • Daniel Cox


  • Chandranea Atkins
  • Carlise Waller
  • Rebecca Martinez
  • Victoria Villar
  • Kevin Anderson

Allied Health

  • Edward Marcyoniak
  • Angela Gordon
  • Andrey Bohonok
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