CARE Award Celebrate All-Star Travel Clinicians

Introducing the CARE Awards: A New Way to Celebrate All-Star Travel Clinicians

September 18, 2023

Advantis Medical Staffing is proud to unveil our latest initiative to celebrate and recognize the extraordinary dedication of our travel clinicians: the all-new CARE Awards! Starting this quarter, we will be shining a spotlight on the acute, post-acute and allied travelers who consistently go above and beyond in their commitment to providing exceptional patient care.

At Advantis Medical, we strive to set the gold standard for our clinicians’ experience both with our agency and on assignment. We understand that travel nurses are the lifeblood of the healthcare industry, stepping in to assist vulnerable hospitals and patient populations in times of need. Your unwavering dedication and meaningful work are worthy of appreciation!

Why the CARE Awards?

The CARE Awards, an acronym for Clinician Appreciation and Recognition of Excellence, represent our deep commitment to the healthcare professionals we work with on a daily basis. We recognize that these individuals not only bring their exceptional skills to the bedside but also adapt to new environments, build rapport with diverse patient populations, and positively impact every healthcare facility they serve.

Our mission with the CARE Awards is to acknowledge the hard work, compassion, and resilience of travel clinicians. By doing so, we hope to inspire others in the field and encourage a sense of camaraderie within the travel nurse community.

How Do the CARE Awards Work?

Beginning this quarter, our dedicated team of recruiters, credentialing specialists, and other clinician-serving employees will nominate travelers who stand out as all-star performers in their respective specialties. Each quarter, three travelers (one RN, one Allied, and one LPN/CNA) will be selected as CARE Award winners. Nominations will be screened and selected by the Daisy committee, where selection is based on a criteria of Advantis Medical’s core values:

  1. The Future is Bright: Clinicians who shine bright in their units with positive attitudes, display flexibility and a willingness to adapt, and who consistently go the extra mile.
  2. Be Valuable: Clinicians who are assets to their facilities and leave a lasting, positive impression on both patients and colleagues. They display unwavering commitment to their profession by arriving on time, showcasing leadership qualities, and taking initiative.
  3. CARE: Clinicians with hearts of gold who go the extra mile to provide compassionate and quality patient care.

Winning Prizes

Three winners per quarter will each receive a:

  • $250 bonus
  • Engraved trophy
  • Shoutout in email newsletter to nearly 200,000 travel clinicians
  • Notification to your facility, manager and clinical team of your award
  • Biography featured in the Advantis Medical blog

Our Commitment to the Gold Standard

At Advantis Medical Staffing, the CARE Awards represent our unwavering commitment to providing a gold-standard experience for our valued nurses. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that travel clinicians face, and we are dedicated to supporting them every step of the way.

We believe that recognizing excellence not only motivates our current clinicians but also attracts new talent to our growing community. The CARE Awards aim to showcase the incredible opportunities that come with choosing Advantis Medical as your partner in travel nursing and allied health careers.

The CARE Awards are not just accolades; they are a testament to our mission of providing a consistently exceptional experience for travel nurses. We believe that recognizing excellence is the cornerstone of building a stronger, more united clinician community.

How to Get Started?

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to stay tuned for updates on the CARE Awards and the incredible clinicians who make a difference every day. Join us in celebrating excellence in travel healthcare and be part of the Advantis Medical Staffing family, where your dedication is not only acknowledged but celebrated with pride.

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