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Best Side Hustles for Nurses to Make More Money

September 30, 2021

Who doesn’t want to make a little extra money on the side? The financial freedom that can come from this is liberating. The nursing field has not only grown within the last few years but has rocketed within the last few months, and although the jobs pay well, additional income from healthcare side hustles can always be a plus.

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American’s are moving towards having side hustles next to their full-time jobs. Approximately half of Americans have jobs other than their full-time ones. This means that around 60 million people are working a side gig, and most are still probably not making ends meet.

Whether you are bringing in more dough than you know what to do with or needing to make more to make sure you and your family have food on the table, here are some opportunities that can boost a little more income your way.

Best Side Hustles for Nurse Practitioners

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Paid Medical Surveys

One of the easiest side hustles for nurses is using your expertise in completing surveys. These surveys can be taken online, by telephone, or in-person focus groups. The medical field's opinions are highly valued.

Getting started can vary. Most surveys require an email address, and this is where the survey is typically sent. Surveys sent to you will be relevant to your title in the medical field, and received payments from surveys are primarily by check or PayPal.

Immunization Nurses

Administering flu shots is a healthcare side hustle that can bring in a few extra dollars if needed! These nurses work in a variety of locations and on a need-to-need basis. Due to COVID-19, this has led to more opportunities for immunization nurses in the field. The pay range within this field is from $20-40$ per hour or even more, depending on your location!

To qualify for this, you will have to be an RN/LVN/LPN. You will need to be CPR certified and have at least one year of experience under your belt in administering vaccinations.

Freelance Health Writer

If you enjoy sharing your clinical insights and expertise through writing, then this might be up to your ally! Many companies seek out nurse writers for their valuable knowledge, skills, and expertise. You would also have the option to make your schedule and choose your rates.

To qualify, you will want to know your area of expertise. Once you know this, you will want to establish which freelance company to partner with to start your business; there are many to choose from. You will then want to start some writing samples/portfolios so that you can build your customers. This is a fantastic healthcare side hustle if you enjoy writing and sharing your knowledge about the industry.

Sell Your Scrubs and Nurse Gear

Not many people think of this avenue, but it is a money maker. Any nurse gear can be expensive, and many people look for cheap items, especially if they are just getting started! Try this by reaching out to different platforms such as Poshmark or Craigslist. You will want to take pictures of the items in a well-lit area and indicate their wear and tear—the more detail, the better for the items you post.

Side Gigs in General

You don’t have to stay in the nursing field for a side gig. The world is your oyster! Try finding side gigs that are not medically related. You would be surprised what is out there. Some examples would include dog sitting and Airbnb your house/rental out.

Start Your Adventure

All in all, getting a little more cash in hand is always a nice feeling. Whether you stay in the medical field for your side gig or decide to venture out in the non-medical field, you won’t be disappointed by being able to bring home more for yourself or your family.

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