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5 Things to Know about Travel Nursing in Hawaii  

December 6, 2023

Hawaii is a string of islands and a desirable locale for vacationers and, recently, travel nurses. There are so many reasons people want to come here. Many are turning to travel nursing jobs in Hawaii to relax and have a piece of paradise. However, what should you expect when you head off to the islands searching for a travel nursing position? We will explain 5 things you should know about travel nursing jobs in Honolulu, Hawaii below.  

To gain a comprehensive understanding of what awaits you in this unique environment, especially traveling nurse in Honolulu hospitals, it's essential to be well-informed. Delve into our detailed guide, 'Tips for travel nursing in Hawaii,' to discover key insights and prepare for an enriching experience in Hawaiian travel nursing.

1. It’s Not Just About the Money - But the Money Does Help

The truth is, it's not that hard to convince travel nurses to come to Hawaii. Therefore, the travel nursing compensation in Hawaii isn’t as high as some other areas. However, there may be some exceptions for certain specialties. So, how much do travel nurses make in Hawaii?  

You can expect your weekly take-home to be between $1,900 to $3,280, including a stipend. Of course, some other items can be factored in to change that amount, but that is a rough estimate.  

2. Hawaii License  

You will need to apply for a license before going to Hawaii as a travel nurse because they are not a compact state. If you don’t get one early, it’s possible to speak with your employer about getting a temporary license, but it’s always best if you go ahead and get the application process started before you pick up a contract.  

Steps for obtaining a Hawaii license before travel nursing.

3. Hawaii Culture and History

To be the best possible caregiver in Hawaii, there are some things that you need to be aware of. First, though the islands are part of the US, there are some old wounds around how that happened.  

At one time, Hawaiian heritage was shameful. They wanted to remain their kingdom and still refer to the rest of the states as "the mainland." Older Hawaiians are proud of their history. Therefore, you must learn to be culturally respectful.  

4. All Good Things are Wild/Free  

All Good Things are Wild/Free  Hawaii is known for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Therefore, you should enjoy them while you are in Hawaii. Watch the sunrises and sunsets. Consider getting scuba certified while on the island, which allows you to explore the vibrant underwater life unique to these Pacific waters.  Make friends with people who enjoy the outdoors and love to hike. Joining local groups or fellow travel nurses can lead to discovering hidden gems and breathtaking vistas. Most of the trails are not marked, and it's best to be with someone that knows them. Your travel nursing experience is not complete unless you experience all the islands have to offer. From lush rainforests to volcanic landscapes, Hawaii's natural diversity is a paradise for adventure seekers. Most of the activities are free, offering a wealth of experiences without straining your budget.

5. Aloha is Life-Changing  

Hawaii is a special place. You will learn a lot about yourself while you are working on the island. You will learn patience as you experience life on “island time.” You’ll learn to respect nature.  

The islands are a fantastic place, but it's the people who make it home. You don't just make friends in Hawaii; you make a family. Aloha will change you. It changes everyone.  

The Advantis Edge in Hawaii’s Travel Nursing Landscape

While the allure of Hawaii is undeniable, the real draw for travel nurses considering this tropical paradise is the unparalleled support and benefits offered by Advantis Medical. Understanding the competitive nature of both travel nurse and nursing employment in Hawaii, Advantis stands out by offering a comprehensive package of healthcare facilities that caters to the diverse needs of healthcare professionals.

Firstly, Advantis Medical ensures peace of mind from the moment you start working vacation. With comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Vision plans that activate on your very first day, you're covered from the get-go. This immediate coverage is a testament to our commitment to your well-being, recognizing that healthcare professionals need the same level of care they provide to others.

Moreover, the financial aspects of travel nursing jobs are made more convenient and rewarding with Advantis. Weekly direct deposit ensures that your earnings are in your hands promptly, offering a steady and reliable income stream that is essential for travel nurses navigating new environments. This is especially beneficial new travel nurse jobs in Hawaii, where managing finances efficiently can enhance your island experience.

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Additionally, Advantis Medical appreciates the power of community and word-of-mouth in the nursing profession. Our $500 Referral Bonuses are not just incentives; they are a way of thanking our nurses for helping build a strong, professional network. By referring peers, you're not only contributing to a community of skilled professionals but also reaping tangible rewards.

Choosing Advantis Medical for your Hawaiian travel nurse job and nursing journey means you're backed by a team that values your professional and personal growth. Our dedicated Pro Recruiters are committed to finding assignments and jobs that fit not just your skill set, but also your personal aspirations. In Hawaii, a tropical climate where opportunities are as diverse as the islands themselves, having a supportive agency like Advantis can make all the difference in your travel nursing career.

In summary, when you embark on your Hawaiian travel nursing adventure with Advantis Medical, you're not just getting a new job,; you're gaining a partner dedicated to your success and well-being in one of the most beautiful settings and hospitals in the world.

Looking for a Travel Nurse Assignment in Hawaii?

Travel nursing in Hawaii is an amazing experience. However, it's a bit competitive - it seems that everyone wants to experience working and living on the islands. Before you head out to the islands, be sure to check out the top travel nursing locations in Hawaii.  

Additionally, if Hawaii isn’t the place for you, we have a list of the best travel nurse destinations here.

As such, it doesn't pay as much as some other contracts do, but it's worth it because you get all kinds of other benefits. Advantis Medical has many open positions (over 2300 as of Dec 2024) for Med Surg nurses, ICU nurses, Telemetry, and more.  

Set Sail for a Hawaiian Journey with Advantis Medical

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Ready to answer Hawaii's call for your nursing expertise? Trust Advantis Medical, the #1 rated travel nurse agency, to guide your course to this tropical haven.

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A call nurse and nursing job in Hawaii isn't just an opportunity - it's the start of an unforgettable journey filled with adventures, employment opportunities and personal growth. Begin your Hawaiian voyage today by searching for travel nurse and nursing jobs in hawaii, with Advantis Medical.

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