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The Perks of a Job Portal: Make the Most of your Traveler Career

February 28, 2022

Jobs are everywhere in the news these days. Whether it’s about people getting jobs, changing jobs, or altogether leaving jobs, there’s no escaping the hot topic of employment. And one of the hottest areas of discussion is healthcare staffing. So, it makes sense that travel nurse and allied health jobs, and the best way to get them, has evolved in recent years. For many travel clinicians, this means finding assignments through job portals. Let’s look at what that means and how it works.

What is a job portal?

Reasons to make a profile in a healthcare staffing job portal.

Though arguably not as thrilling as portals in Sci-Fi movies, job portals do lead to adventure. These online vehicles also give you superpowers – allowing you to review and apply for up to thousands of travel assignments. Job portals in the healthcare space are usually hosted by agencies and offer access to each agency’s pool of listings.  

The design and abilities of job portals vary greatly, but almost all follow a similar process:

  • Sign up to gain access  
  • Create a profile to determine job matches
  • Apply for any or all qualifying jobs

Healthcare staffing agency job portals are not created equal

True, those three steps are nearly universal. The difference is some healthcare staffing agencies go beyond that. Far beyond that. Because just as no two candidates are alike, neither are job searches or preferred styles of seeking employment. The best job portal for your search depends on your wants and needs. A good place to start is by reviewing the varied added perks that set the best healthcare staffing job portals apart.

The big difference is your clinician control of the process and recruiter/team support throughout the search. Sure, you can find good travel nurse and allied health jobs on your own or through a bare bones portal. It simply won’t be as easy or comprehensive a search and might come without any support. Key features to look for include comprehensive listings, true transparency, tech that delivers, and a human touch.

The AdvantisConnect Job Portal Advantage

It’s no accident that Advantis Medical Staffing earned #1 Ranked Travel Nurse Company 2021 on BluePipe’s prestigious list. As a healthcare staffing agency that puts travelers’ happiness at the heart of every innovation, we developed the AdvantisConnect job portal to empower success, not just placements. We targeted excellence from four corners.

  • Comprehensive Listings – Would you make a major life decision with “some” information? Of course not. We don’t hold back in our job listings. You can filter your matches by start date, shifts or salary, then view them all. We give you all the information you need to decide and then empower you with 1-click applications.
  • True Transparency – Have you ever received a paycheck with a range of what it might be for? Ridiculous? We agree. That’s why we show you the money, literally. You’ll know how much to expect from wages and per diem, so you know whether an assignment works for you financially – without guessing. That’s peace of mind you can count on.  
  • Tech That Delivers – Let’s get nerdy. AI and machine learning might not give you chills, but the customized results they deliver sure should. Advantis Medical invests heavily in tech, time, and testing to uncover the best travel nurse or allied health positions, based on your profile, to help you meet your goals and realize your dreams.  
  • A Human Touch – There is no substitute for top-notch support during your job search. Travel nurses and allied health workers do not have “typical” jobs. You manage new roles, new facilities, new teams, and new settings multiple times a year. It’s nice to work with the same recruiter across your travel journeys for consistency and so you know you have your recruiter and the entire Advantis Medical Care Team at your service.  

Travel Jobs From Dream to Reality

The best healthcare staffing job portal helps you turn your dream travel job into reality. It is available 24 hours a day. You don’t need to schedule or even brush your hair before you get started. And it gives you access to thousands of jobs for which you’re qualified and that meet your needs. So as long as you’re working with an agency you trust that has a proven portal, you are a few clicks away from a brighter future.

The Start of A Beautiful Career

There you have it. You are empowered to plan your career one travel assignment at a time. You’ll gain new skills, meet new people, discover new destinations. A job portal can help you achieve all these quicker and with personal control of the process. Do we hope you’ll choose Advantis Medical and the AdvantisConnect job portal? Of course, we do. But, however you get started on your next travel adventure, we wish you all the best.

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