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3 Surprising Benefits of the AdvantisConnect Job Portal

March 10, 2022

According to bestselling author Simon Sinek, the most important thing to know about what you do is why you do it. At Advantis Medical Staffing, we couldn’t agree more. You see, to us, healthcare staffing is more than making placements or filling job listings. It’s more than numbers or goals. To us, this pursuit is about making lives better. Your life and the lives of those around you. One day and one step at a time.  

Have we had setbacks and learned lessons along the way? You betcha. But those lessons have only strengthened our commitment. So, we’ve listened to you, done our research, and gotten to work. We designed the AdvantisConnect job portal to be anything but status quo. It’s about empowering you with speed, transparency, and ease of use. It’s about empowering your success. And frankly, it’s about time you had a job portal that truly prioritizes you first. Here’s how that looks.

3 Benefits of AdvantisConnect travel nurse job portal listed.

A Dedicated Recruiter and Care Team… from the Start

Doing things better means doing them differently. Unlike other job portals in which you do the legwork to set up your profile before they’ll talk to you, we assign a recruiter to you the moment you sign up. Why does that matter? Because it shows that you matter, right from the start. No need to guess or flounder if you have questions during the signup process. A simple click on the “My Team” tab gets you the support of your recruiter and our expert Care Team – even before your profile is done.  

We did this so you feel supported and valued from the start. That’s why.

The Auto-Referencing Difference

Speed. That’s the biggest improvement of auto-referencing. Here’s how it works. Most people fill out their profile in order, with references being the third step. Once you input your references and move to the next step, Skills Checklist, your AdvantisConnect portal moves into action. When the references you’ve listed complete the electronic reference form, we are notified instantly. It doesn’t get faster than instant. That quick reaction gets your profile completed faster and in the running for highly competitive assignments sooner.  

We implemented this feature to ensure a seamless, efficient, and rewarding job search. That’s why.  

Credentialing Ease

How does this sound: 72 hours from signup to offer? Pretty good, right? Honestly, most travel nurse and allied health worker assignments do take longer than this. But we’re focused on shaving time off your job search wherever we can so when the right position is available, you’re in the running for it without delays. We streamlined this step by starting the verification process as soon as you upload your credentials. No 48-hour delay. No waiting until your entire profile is complete.  

We improved this process to improve your odds of finding the right assignment by eliminating steps that slow you down or hold you back. That’s why.

Why it Matters

There’s a special responsibility that comes with working in the healthcare staffing space. That whole “it’s not like it’s life or death” doesn’t always apply here. Because sometimes it is life or death. When we came on the scene in 2018, it was with purpose. It was personal. One of our founders needed highly specialized care for his child’s rare and complicated disease. His personal quest revealed a chance to positively impact the lives of others. How great would it be to put healthcare clinicians with strategic abilities in the places they want to work, helping the people who need their expertise? Turns out, it’s really great. Also complicated.  

So, while we’ve been working hard and growing fast, we’ve felt some growing pains. And we’re responding with new innovation, new technologies, and an even greater level of commitment.  

It’s common to hear travel nurses and allied health workers called superheroes these days. We agree. That’s why we went further with AdvantisConnect. And we’re just getting started. After all, we figure that if we’re working with superheroes, we need a job portal that gives you superpowers. Because helping people succeed at helping other people is more than a job, more than a calling. It’s our “why.”

If travel nursing or allied health is one of the ways you make a difference in the world, let’s work together. Sign up for AdvantisConnect, meet your recruiter, and get ready for your next journey!

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