Advantis Rated #2 Employee Experience in Healthcare

Advantis Rated #2 Employee Experience in Healthcare by MIT

November 7, 2023

As reported by MIT, Advantis Medical has achieved the 2nd-highest nurse satisfaction rating among large healthcare organizations in 2023. This amazing recognition comes about as the result of a thorough and comprehensive review of nurse satisfaction ratings since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It signifies the emergence of a new employer culture– one that prioritizes support and recognition for those dedicated to caring for their communities.

Article Summary

About the Index

The Sloan School of Management Nursing Satisfaction Index rated the employee experience at 200 large healthcare organizations across the United States, analyzing over 150,000 Glassdoor reviews written by nurses. During this study, four notable themes emerged:

“Toxic culture, organizational support, compensation and workload– emerged as the strongest predictors of how satisfied nurses were with their employer.”

               -MIT Sloan Management Review

Reviews were collected from March 2020, marking the beginning of the COVID-19 era, through June 2023. This period proved pivotal for healthcare professionals as they assessed their career satisfaction. According to the American Nurses Foundation, during the two years following the pandemic’s onset, only 19% of nurses under the age of 35 believed their organizations prioritized their well-being. Feeling valued became an increasingly significant sentiment in a time when nurses dedicated countless hours and extra shifts, all while bearing the physical, emotional, and mental burdens of a nation in constant need of their care.

The Human Side of Healthcare

The American Nurses Foundation further reports in their COVID-19 Two-Year Impact Assessment Survey that “the nursing profession has been under disproportionate stress due to the pandemic and typical hierarchical issues have been heightened.” Many of Advantis Medical’s current travel nurses, post-acute caretakers, and allied professionals turned to the organization in the aftermath of the pandemic. They sought opportunities that enabled them to maximize their impact while preserving self-care, securing fair compensation, and opting for shorter contracts that offered the flexibility to try out several facilities and take breaks when needed. At a time when nurse burnout was at an all-time high, Advantis Medical took action by connecting the hospitals and healthcare facilities with the greatest needs to highly skilled nurses specializing in their preferred fields. The impact was incredible: hospitals across all 50 states received crucial help during critical times, and nurses reported better work-life balance, higher levels of job satisfaction, and the improved ability to provide for themselves and their families through travel assignments. 

In light of changing industry dynamics, nurses are using new criteria to evaluate potential employers, including travel staffing agencies. Gone are the days where compensation alone determined a nurse’s choice of employer. Anecdotally, clinicians today indicate that staffing agencies both solve their problems more effectively and communicate more honestly than their hospital and permanent staffing counterparts. In this particular index, Advantis Medical scored 3.5 standard deviations above the average based on real nurse reviews:

“I have been travel nursing since 2020 and this experience is insurmountable to any travel experience I have had thus far. It isn’t often that people are acknowledged for the things they do and being great at their job."        

               -Tosha Calthcart                                                                              

“Having a recruiter that has your needs and wants at the forefront of their agenda means a world of difference… I always brag on the ease of the systems [Advantis Medical] has in place that justify and respect my role as a nurse. I did not have to do any of the extra leg work that I normally have to do with other agencies. I simply had to submit the documents asked, and go to my facility. That's truly what nurses want.”

               -Diamond Butler

“Advantis Medical was the first agency I worked with as a travel nurse. They sent a beautiful package for nurses week and an amazing gift box to my home address at the conclusion of my assignment - so generous and sweet! Highly recommend this staffing agency to anyone!”

               -Shannon Blackwell

Experience the Advantis Difference

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