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7 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Travel Nurses

February 13, 2022

Nurses are superheroes, the backbone of the medical system, and they are at the heart of this challenging time. The American Nurses Foundation confirms nurses report feeling overwhelmed and anxious during the pandemic. Nurses 34 years or younger report feeling exhausted (81%), anxious (65%), and feeling overwhelmed (71%).

So, whether the nurse in your life is a favorite coworker, the caregiver who helped you, a best friend, or a romantic partner, let’s hook them up with unique and heart-melting Valentine's Day gifts.

Valentine's Day is not just for celebrating relationships-- it is a holiday that nourishes you too! Nurses are some of the most dedicated people in this world, let’s dedicate some energy to making them feel celebrated. So read this article for your go-to list of Valentine’s Day gifts for nurses to fuel happiness in your favorite caregiver — #weloveournurses.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Nurses

Chart that determines best Valentine's Day gifts for travel nurses.

1. Nurse goodie bag or self-care box

Every nurse is different and likes different things. A great way to personalize a handmade nurse gift is to create curated self-care boxes. Show the nurse in your life how much you love and care for them, and give them something that can melt their stress away. Some typical go-to additions for self-care nurse goodie bags or boxes include:

  • relaxing scents like lavender and mint de-stress drops (1 ml dropper and 1 oz of bath and body oil)
  • relaxing flavored water packets to add fun to their work water bottle 
  • a de-stress CD mix catered to your preference
  • a custom list of podcasts to help them unwind, laugh or enjoy a distraction

2. Foot soaking bath 

Nurses are on their feet all day, for 12 hours at a time. At the end of the day, they end up with weary, aching feet. Give your nurse a little TLC in the form of a foot soaking bath kit. Add some Epsom salt, bubbles, soft washcloths, pumice stone, or a foot massager. 

3. Dry cleaning or laundry service

Many nurses take home uniforms to wash at night, but doing laundry can be difficult with a tight schedule. Dry cleaning services are expensive and hard to come by. Offering dry cleaner services for nurses is about so much more than just convenience – it's about providing the best care and comfort.

4. Connection with the outside world 

Medical professionals may spend up to 90% of their time interacting with people individually or performing sterile activities on equipment or in an operating room. It's essential to have communication tools available for downloading podcasts and videos. Get your nurse a subscription to Spotify or Apple Music and help them groove their day away.

5. Handmade Valentine’s Day nurse gift

Mornings can be hectic - filled with a thousand and one things to do. By gifting the nurse in your life a perfect morning routine, you can help start the day perfectly. Buy a unique and beautiful tea mug, a coffee or tea mix, and even a book to help your favorite nurse kickstart the perfect morning routine.

6. A relaxing massage or luxurious mani-pedi

Many nurses work long hours at the hospital and wash their hands often to avoid germs and contamination. This leads to going home with tired, sore muscles and chapped dry hands. Gifting a massage, luxurious mani-pedi or salon experience can make a world of difference. Use Groupon or LivingSocial to find the best deals near you, or buy a gift card at their favorite salon to add to a pampering nurse goodie bag.

7. A delicious feast

Everyone has to eat, even our superheroes! It can be not easy to think about cooking or food after working a grueling day at the hospital. Give your nurse a special day off cooking by providing gift cards to their favorite restaurants or food sites such as Grubhub, Doordash, or UberEats. It's a practical and valuable Valentine’s Day gift to show your nurse appreciation.

Those are seven awesome, unique, and highly impactful Valentine’s gifts for the nurse in your life. We hope that helps you decide what to get your favorite nurse or nurses!

But wait, there’s more!

A job you love in the destination of your dreams is a great gift any time of year. Do you want a career in travel nursing? Are you ready to travel, solo or with your Valentine? Then the team at Advantis Medical Staffing is ready to help you find sweet success. 

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