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Traveler Referral Program Benefits

April 26, 2022

Being a travel nurse comes with many benefits in and of itself. You can travel across the country to explore new areas, earn bigger paychecks for filling in at high needs facilities, and meet new people along the way.  

In addition to helping you find travel nursing opportunities for yourself, Advantis Medical also gives you an incentive to help your nursing friends start traveling too. Here are three ways you can benefit from the Advantis Medical referral program.

Benefits of Referral Programs

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Earn extra money

The referral program at Advantis Medical is an easy way to make extra money, and who doesn’t want to do that?. By sharing contact information for nurses who are good candidates for travel nursing, you can earn $500. Refer 2 nurses to make $1,000 or 10 nurses to make $5,000. There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can make. Simply fill out the referral form online and Advantis Medical will take care of the rest!

Work with people you know  

Relationship building is everything. It’s one of the very few drawbacks of travel nursing—you might not know any of the people you’re working with on a new assignment. The Advantis Medical referral program may be able to change that.  

If you have a friend or acquaintance who is also a nurse, refer them to our agency. There may be an opportunity for the two of you to take travel nursing positions in the same facility. If so, this means you may have the opportunity to work with someone you already have a relationship with. That can make it easier for you both to acclimate to a new work environment.

Find a travel buddy

Traveling frequently for work as travel nurses do can be lonely if you’re not bringing your family along with you. The referral program can possibly solve that issue for you as well. Maybe you don’t end up at the same facility, but you and your referral take assignments in the same geographical regions. You could travel together, making the transition from one assignment to the next a little easier.  

Refer a friend today

Travel nurse referral programs are a great way to make extra money. You can also strategically expand your travel nurse network through referral programs in the hopes of working with your contacts on future assignments. This can help ease the burden of relationship building in new environments, as well as give the opportunity for you to have a travel buddy for assignments that aren’t near your home.  

If you’re considering a travel nursing career, Advantis Medical is here to help. Use our online job portal, AdvantisConnect to propel your job search. After you start working with us, you can utilize our referral program to earn extra money and expand your Advantis network.  

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