Top Los Angeles Travel Nurse Jobs

Top Los Angeles Travel Nurse Jobs: Find Your Ideal Placement Now!

May 1, 2024

If you’re a travel nurse targeting Los Angeles for your next assignment, you’ll find a dynamic landscape ripe with opportunities. Expect competitive pay, a spectrum of specialties, and the flexibility to balance work with the LA lifestyle. Los Angeles boasts some of the best facilities, such as Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. Check out the jobs at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center for exciting opportunities.

This article unveils the realities of Los Angeles travel nurse jobs, giving you the information to land the right position in this sprawling metropolis.

Key Takeaways

  • Los Angeles offers a diverse range of travel nurse positions in various healthcare settings, with high-demand specialties such as critical care, emergency department, and telemetry nursing often providing competitive weekly salaries.
  • Travel nursing in Los Angeles necessitates maintaining up-to-date licensing and certifications, with requirements including at least an ASN or BSN, an active CA RN License, a valid California Driver's License, and possibly additional certifications like BLS or ACLS.
  • The Los Angeles travel nursing experience is not just professionally rewarding with competitive compensations and flexible scheduling, but also offers a vibrant lifestyle with numerous opportunities for leisure and personal growth.

Exploring Travel Nurse Opportunities in Los Angeles

Illustration of Los Angeles skyline with palm trees

In Los Angeles, a plethora of travel nurse job openings beckons. Imagine engaging in fulfilling work as a compassionate registered nurse or a case manager RN who oversees patient care within the dynamic environment of an urban hospital or perhaps in the more laid-back setting of a rural clinic. Opportunities also abound for those interested in specializations like working at specialty clinics, rehabilitation centers, and pediatric care facilities – all reflecting the city’s multifaceted nature.

The healthcare settings across L.A. are as eclectic as its famous locales.

  • The celebrity-filled thoroughfares of Hollywood
  • Santa Monica’s perpetual summer ambiance
  • Beverly Hills’ luxury retail havens
  • Silver Lake’s trendy scene

Taking on the role of a travel registered nurse allows you to delve into diverse medical experiences set against backdrops that radiate their unique allure and cultural flair throughout Los Angeles.

High-Demand Specialties

Illustration of medical professionals in high-demand specialties

In the Los Angeles area, there is a high demand for nurses with expertise in various specialties. These include:

  • Critical care
  • Emergency department
  • Labor and delivery
  • Neonatal intensive care
  • Psychiatric nursing
  • Telemetry nursing

When you work as a travel nurse within these areas of specialty, you enter an energetic and evolving medical environment where collaboration with both clinical resource nurses and mobile injection nurses is common.

Explore the opportunity to work as a Registered Nurse in Labor and Delivery at Hollywood Presbyterian in Los Angeles, CA. With a competitive weekly salary of $2,449, this day shift position spans a 13-week duration and is available for immediate start. Find out more about this exciting travel nurse job and apply here: Hollywood Presbyterian Labor/Delivery RN - Days.

Competitive Compensation Packages

Illustration of a scale representing competitive compensation packages

Jobs for travel nurses in Los Angeles come with highly competitive compensation packages. The hourly base rate for these jobs usually falls between $67.75 and $77.00. Per Diem Psych RNs can anticipate starting wages near the $50 mark.

The allure of these positions extends beyond just the impressive hourly pay. Numerous employers bolster their offers by including a variety of benefits such as health, dental, vision insurance along with disability and life coverage—not to mention accident and critical illness plans—ensuring that your financial health is safeguarded while you concentrate on providing top-notch patient care to those in need.

Flexible Shifts and Schedules

The ability to choose from a range of shift durations, including full-time and part-current employment opportunities, is one of the great benefits of engaging in travel nursing jobs within Los Angeles. For example, you might find yourself on 8-hour shifts spread over four days each week.

When it comes to typical working hours for these positions, patterns like 4x10 or 3x12 hour shifts are common, with some roles even extending offers such as referral bonuses. Listings for these jobs will give you specifics regarding shift schedules – expect details like ‘4x10 hrs, Evenings’ or ‘3x12 hrs, Days’, providing all necessary information for selecting work that aligns seamlessly with your personal life and obligations.

Licensing and Certification Requirements for a Valid Registered Nurse License

Illustration of California map with nursing-related symbols

When considering the prospect of travel nursing in Los Angeles, it is crucial to understand the necessary licensing and certification prerequisites. To work as a travel nurse in this city, one must possess either an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), along with having secured a valid nursing license and a valid RN license within California.

Beyond acquiring your degree and RN license, specific certifications are mandatory. For example, possession of Basic Life Support (BLS) certification is typically expected. Should you opt for a particular area within nursing that demands Qualifications, obtaining Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification might also be required. These stringent requirements affirm Los Angeles’s commitment to maintaining high healthcare standards so that all patients benefit from superior medical care.

Ensuring Your Credentials Are Up-to-Date

In order to maintain an active registered nurse (RN) license in California, you are required to pursue ongoing education. Within each two-year cycle, it is mandatory for you to complete 30 hours of continuing education and pay the associated renewal fee. It’s important that your continuing education comes from a provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing and is designed to advance your understanding of nursing beyond what was necessary for obtaining your initial licensure.

The good news is that Continuing Medical Education (CME Category 1) courses are acknowledged by the California Board of Registered Nursing as fulfilling these educational prerequisites for RNs. This means that while ensuring compliance with the licensing requirements, you will simultaneously broaden both your knowledge base and clinical skills. Keeping your state medical license number current also remains a critical aspect of upholding professional standards in practice.

California-Specific Licensing Information

If you’re a travel nurse looking to practice in Los Angeles, it’s essential to acquire an RN license specific to California. You must already hold a valid registered nurse license from another state, U.S. territory, or Canada, fulfill educational prerequisites, and succeed in the NCLEX-RN or SBTPE for endorsement.

Here are the necessary steps.

  • Submit your application through BreEZe online portal
  • Provide fingerprints as required
  • Ensure proof of license verification is submitted
  • If applicable, furnish any documents regarding past convictions or disciplinary matters

Once these measures are taken care of, your status will shift to “verification successful waiting” while your application undergoes review and subsequent approval.

For nurses coming from out-of-state with at least two years’ experience under their belt, retaking courses such as anatomy, physiology, and microbiology might not be needed provided they’ve been completed previously. It’s important for those considering transferring their licensure to California that there could be hurdles along the way including extra expenses especially if originating from non-U.S. based nursing programs.

The Allure of Los Angeles for Travel Nurses

Illustration of a diverse work environment in Los Angeles

The attraction of Los Angeles for travel nurses goes beyond their professional life. The city presents a variety of workplace settings, ranging from high-energy urban medical centers to serene countryside health facilities, offering an exciting landscape for the nursing profession. With flexible work schedules available, travel nurses can find an ideal balance between their career duties and personal enjoyment.

The charm of Los Angeles isn’t limited to its job offerings. As a nurse on assignment in this metropolis, you will be able to:

  • Experience the glitz and glamour associated with Hollywood
  • Unwind along famous shorelines
  • Delve into the rich cultural tapestry present in areas like Koreatown and Silver Lake
  • Discover an electric culinary scene
  • Partake in outdoor pursuits such as hiking or catching waves surfing
  • Engage in various entertainment activities including concerts festivals

This lively city offers plentiful opportunities for continual professional development that travel nurses can leverage while there.

Los Angeles captivates not just with its employment prospects, but also through extracurricular experiences that complement your role as a travel nurse perfectly.

Lifestyle Benefits

Embarking on a journey as a travel nurse in the bustling city of Los Angeles ensures that your daily life will be filled with excitement and variety. This lively metropolis provides an array of leisure pursuits you can relish, from relaxing beach visits to exhilarating biking explorations, engaging rounds of golf to tranquil paddleboarding sessions, not forgetting the opportunity to indulge in fine dining.

Striking a work-life balance here means access to an endless selection of entertainment possibilities. There’s always something new and exciting at your doorstep.

Known too as LA, this urban haven boasts iconic sites like the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, and Getty Center – all set against the backdrop of its dynamic art community and coastal enjoyment spots. With LA’s gentle climate blessing residents with pleasant weather throughout the year, it allows for endless outdoor activities. Still keep in mind that living costs are steep, which could influence how much you manage to save while residing in this energetic city.

Professional Growth

The vibrant healthcare sector in Los Angeles offers a wealth of opportunities for you to expand and vary your professional portfolio. By working within the city’s acclaimed hospitals, specialized facilities, or local health clinics, you have the chance to enhance your abilities and deepen your understanding of nursing.

To progress in your career, continual professional growth is essential. In Los Sangeles, an extensive array of healthcare events— including conferences, workshops and training sessions—is at hand to ensure that you are up-to-date with cutting-edge healthcare practices and technologies. Additionally, the dynamic networking scene provides ample opportunity for making meaningful contacts that can significantly benefit your future career path.

Navigating Travel Nursing Jobs Listings and Resources

Navigating through job listings and resources can be a daunting task, especially in the competitive landscape of Los Angeles. There is no need to worry! Listings for travel nurse jobs in Los Angeles are comprehensive, providing all the critical information required to make a well-informed choice. You will find details on:

  • Type of contract
  • Location of the hospital
  • The staffing agency involved
  • Hours per shift
  • Weekly salary expectation
  • Required qualifications

Specialized platforms such as AMN Healthcare update their listings daily with fresh opportunities for Telemetry travel nursing positions within Los It’s these tools that equip you with a precise guide to locating your perfect travel nursing job in “The City of Angels”.

Reading Between the Lines

Keep in mind that the job market for a travel nurse position in Los Angeles is highly competitive. Possessing specialized skills or extensive experience can provide you with an advantage when seeking employment. Ensure to emphasize any unique abilities or experiences you possess as you search through job openings that could help distinguish you from other candidates.

Real-Life Experiences: Testimonials from LA Travel Nurses

Learning from those with previous experience is extremely beneficial. Testimonies from travel nurses who have taken assignments in Los Angeles offer critical understanding of what the job entails. Consider Bobbi T., a 28-year-old travel nurse on her first assignment in Los Angeles, who has relished the chance to work across varied ICU environments, thus becoming acquainted with different medical practices than what she was used to back home in Wisconsin.

Accompanied by her husband during this journey, Bobbi has discovered an exceptional equilibrium between advancing her career and exploring personal interests. Despite initial hesitations about working as a travel nurse in Los Angeles, she reports that the city’s opportunities have surprisingly enhanced her professional development beyond expectations prior to accepting this role.

Overcoming Challenges

While travel nursing in Los Angeles can be exciting, it’s not without its challenges. Bobbi faced initial apprehensions about traveling to the city, but found value in stepping out of her comfort zone to work in different areas and units. By being open to change and asking questions, she overcame her nervousness about travel nursing.

Bobbi's successful adaptation to her new environment in Los Angeles was facilitated by her willingness to embrace different areas and units. Her experience shows that with adaptability and curiosity, travel nurses can overcome the unique challenges of working in Los Angeles.

Success Stories

Travel nursing in Los Angeles has been a fountain of accomplishment for many nurses, filled with stories of professional growth and enduring contributions to patient care. These nurses have not only advanced their careers, but also enriched communities and touched lives deeply through their service.

Consider Bobbi T.’s journey as a travel nurse. She significantly enhanced her ICU skill set beyond initial expertise, assimilated into the varied practices across hospitals, and thrived amidst the ever-changing conditions that characterize this role. Her narrative is among numerous accounts reflecting how travel nurses achieve personal satisfaction and career advancement while playing pivotal roles within Los Angeles’s esteemed healthcare framework.

Preparing for Your Los Angeles Travel Nursing Adventure

As you prepare for your nursing assignment in Los Angeles, be aware that the city’s notorious traffic congestion could lengthen your travel times considerably. Having family or friends in the area to support you can make adapting to a new environment much easier if this is your first experience working as a travel nurse in Los Angeles.

Housing Tips for Travel Nurses

Finding suitable accommodation in Los Angeles can be a complex task, but with the right guidance, such as our in-depth guide to travel nurse housing in California, the process becomes much simpler. Travel nurses headed to Los Angeles typically benefit from housing allowances included in their pay packages, which can be used for a variety of lodging options, from hotel stays and fully equipped apartments to rooms within private residences.

Travel nursing agencies like Advantis often provide help finding accommodations, simplifying the task of securing a place to live. For those looking independently, online platforms like VRBO, Urban Flat, and Westside Rentals offer valuable tools for locating residential options throughout Los Angeles. When selecting your living space, it’s important to consider proximity to your assignment location so as not fall prey to LA’s infamous traffic congestion.

Networking and Community Engagement

As you embark on your travel nursing journey in Los Angeles, forging professional relationships and immersing yourself in the local scene are crucial elements to consider. Ways in which you can achieve this include:

  • Becoming involved with professional nursing organizations
  • Participating in industry events and conferences
  • Engaging with community health projects
  • Offering volunteer services at nearby hospitals or clinics
  • Building connections with fellow travel nurses within the region

Engaging in these activities not only offers substantial opportunities for networking, but also opens doors to new possibilities, provides a deeper understanding of home health care environments, and keeps you abreast of important individuals and evolving trends.

Being present at various conferences and specialized gatherings is an excellent strategy for meeting colleagues while furthering your educational growth. Leveraging social media platforms is a smart way to network effectively and enhance your professional trajectory. Thus, as you gear up for your sojourn into Los Angeles life home health care setting through travel nursing, make sure that building networks and participating actively within the community form integral parts of your preparations.

LA has some of the Best Facility in US

In Los Angeles, a city renowned for its exceptional healthcare establishments in the United States, travel nurses have access to prestigious working conditions. Noteworthy institutions where travel nursing professionals can find opportunities include:

Such facilities are instrumental in bolstering Los Angeles’ distinction as a premier hub providing comprehensive environments suited for psychiatry physical setting among other specialties to those in the field of nursing.

Singled out amongst these is Hollywood Presbyterian, which presents an unparalleled workplace atmosphere brimming with career prospects for travel nurses. Advantis Medical stands prominent as an experienced staffing agency presenting abundant openings at Hollywood Presbyterian. Consequently, if your aspiration involves engaging and meaningful assignments in travel nursing, consider Hollywood Presbyterian a top destination choice.


In summary, Los Angeles provides a distinctive mix of career prospects for those in travel nursing, boasting an array of varied workplace settings, enticing lifestyle advantages and chances for career development. Travel nurses can find competitive salaries alongside the flexibility that comes with choosing shifts and schedules within this high-demand sector.

As a vibrant epicenter for healthcare coupled with its exhilarating urban life, Los Angeles stands as the perfect backdrop for travel nurses ready to delve into an enriching career path. Whether experienced in traveling nursing or newly initiating your professional journey in nursing, this bustling metropolis extends a warm welcome. Thus arises the question: are you prepared to dive into your exciting voyage as a travel nurse in Los Angeles?

Frequently Asked Questions

What specialties are in high demand for travel nurses in Los Angeles?

Specialties like critical care, emergency department, labor and delivery, neonatal intensive care, psychiatric nursing, and telemetry are particularly sought-after within the Los Angeles nursing sector.

For travel nurses seeking assignments in this region, these areas of expertise present significant opportunities.

What are the licensing and certification requirements for travel nurses in Los Angeles?

If you’re aiming to be a travel nurse in Los Angeles, California, it’s necessary to have an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), hold a registered nursing license specific to the state of California, and possess certifications such as Basic Life Support (BLS) and potentially Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS). These represent the fundamental qualifications regarding licensing and certification.

What lifestyle benefits can I expect as a travel nurse in Los Angeles?

Working as a travel nurse in Los Angeles, you are poised to enjoy lifestyle perks like engaging in recreational pursuits, visiting renowned attractions, and taking advantage of the consistently temperate climate for year-round outdoor activities. This could significantly elevate your quality of life.

How can I find suitable housing as a travel nurse in Los Angeles?

When searching for housing as a travel nurse in Los Angeles, you might want to look into options offered by your agency, browse through listings on dedicated housing websites, or make use of the lodging allowances that come as part of your pay package.

What are some of the top healthcare facilities for travel nurses in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center stands out as the top choice for travel nurses seeking to work in a premier healthcare facility. Other notable institutions such as Cedar Sinai Medical Center, UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center, University of Southern California Hospital, and St. Vincent’s Medical Center also offer exceptional opportunities for those looking to advance their careers in top-tier medical environments.

Travel nurses seeking employment in California will find that these renowned medical centers provide excellent environments to advance their careers and gain valuable experiences.

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