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How to Find the Best Travel Nurse Housing in North Carolina

July 8, 2024

Whether you are a nature buff, or the city life speaks to you, taking a travel nursing job in North Carolina could be for you. You can explore the Great Smokey Mountains, the Atlantic beaches, or even the Outer Banks if you are interested in the outdoors. If city life is more your style, you will also have plenty of options, like Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and even Durham. There are endless activities for you to choose from while you are traveling, but you have to decide where you will live first! Finding a place to live in an unfamiliar place can be overwhelming, but rest assured, we have broken down some of the most critical information in finding travel nurse housing in North Carolina.

How much does a travel nurse make in North Carolina?

If travel nursing is functional for your lifestyle and will make you happy in your career, it can be a financially advantageous decision. Depending on where you will be working in North Carolina, your wage can range from $1,440 weekly in Lumberton to $2,594 weekly in Lenoir. Seeing such substantial weekly pay can be enticing, so if you are interested, start getting your resume ready to submit!

Once you have found your travel contract, it is time to consider where you want to live. Calculate your budget, timeframe, and length of stay, and start hunting! If you feel overwhelmed with searching for travel nurse housing in North Carolina, touch base with your recruiter and see their available resources for your search area.  

Types of short-term housing for travel nurses in North Carolina

1. Extended Stay Hotel

Renting a room at an extended-stay hotel would be ideal for the single traveler due to the limited space. Still, it provides the benefit of housekeeping, linen service, and daily breakfast options. Additionally, your hotel may offer laundry services to save you a trip to the laundromat.

2. Room Rental

Some homeowners have extra space in their homes or even small apartments available if they are comfortable sharing living space with someone else. Typically, if they have a room to rent, you will have your own bedroom but will share common spaces like the bathroom, kitchen, and living area. This can be an affordable North Carolina travel nurse housing option if you are struggling to find other short-term rental properties.  

3. Apartment or Condo Rental  

If your travel nurse contract is longer, or if you are concerned you may need your own space, an apartment or condo rental may be the option for you. Renting an apartment or condo will allow you to have your own space and some amenities like a pool or on-site gym. Check with the complex about typical contract durations and what it may cost you if you break your lease early for another travel nurse assignment. Additionally, consider budgeting for renter insurance to cover your possessions in case of disasters.  

4. House or Townhouse Rental

Renting a house or a townhouse may be the ideal option for families that are traveling. These options will provide you with the space you need, but be mindful that if you rent a home in North Carolina, you may be responsible for the care of the property. Discuss this with your landlord before signing on the dotted line. Additionally, discuss the rental duration and what it will cost you if you break your contract and move sooner than planned. And finally, make sure to budget for renter’s insurance; you will want to have it in case of any fires, floods, tornadoes, etc.  

How much does housing for travel nurses in North Carolina cost?

Similar to other areas in America, the average housing cost in North Carolina can vary depending on the location of your travel nurse housing and what type of housing you are looking at. Depending on the county, the average cost for a studio apartment can range from $500-$1,100. If you are looking for a one-bedroom apartment or condo, your rent will range from $530-$1,100. Are you looking for multiple-bedroom options? That will drastically change your monthly cost; rent for two or more bedrooms ranges from $700-$2,200, not including utilities.  

If you are looking for fully furnished options, that may change your monthly rental fee. Also, if you rent a space in one of the larger cities, you will have to consider parking costs or transportation costs if you choose public transportation. Make sure to consider these additional costs when creating your monthly budget.  

Factors affecting affordable housing for travel nurses in North Carolina

Finding a short-term rental can take time and effort. Finding an affordable short-term rental can only be possible if you know what to look for. Some landlords and rental companies will charge double or triple the rent prices for a short-term lease. Other factors can affect how affordable your accommodations are as well, including:

Graphic infographic with a list of 7 factors affecting affordable housing in North Carolina accompanied by small icons.
  • The location of your stay
  • The length of your stay
  • The amenities you choose
  • Available discounts  
  • The time of year you are renting
  • Whether you have roommates or not
  • If you need pet-friendly accommodations

You have two options when looking for housing during your travel assignment, you may either live in housing provided by your agency, or you may choose to receive a housing stipend. There are benefits and drawbacks to both approaches.  

Most agencies will have their internal housing department. This can be beneficial if you are choosing agency housing; not only is it the most straightforward option, but it also reduces your upfront North Carolina travel nurse housing costs. Often, agencies will have a long-term rental agreement with a landlord or rental company and will have travel nurses lined up to cover the entirety of the rental agreement. This means you typically won’t pay a deposit and will most likely not have any extra costs if your contract ends early. Unfortunately, if you want any spare time before or after your contract, they may be out of the question since the agency most likely has a strict schedule of when nurses are moving in and moving out.  

Choosing a housing stipend option allows you to move in and out of your accommodations on your schedule and the freedom to live wherever you want. Additionally, if your rental costs come in under budget, you have the freedom to pocket that money. The stipend option does come with a few drawbacks as well. It is challenging to find short-term rental properties within your budget. Additionally, your travel nurse housing stipend will be taxed like income if you do not have a tax home (a permanent address). You will also be responsible for upfront costs and penalties if you break your contract early. The stipend option would benefit nurses traveling together or if you plan on living in a camper or RV on your travel assignment.  

Where to find short-term rentals for travel nurses in North Carolina

So you have decided to take an assignment in North Carolina and are looking to find your own housing. Where should you go to look? Rest assured, there are plenty of places to start looking to find your temporary home sweet home.  

1. Airbnb

If you have ever traveled, you may be familiar with Airbnb; this site has short vacation rentals and long-term and monthly rentals. Search the long-term rentals, as they may be more affordable than short-term rental options. You will be able to search for rentals near your workplace and slim the rentals down by amenities that are non-negotiable for you. Rentals range from homes to condos to lofts downtown.  


Searching for a travel nurse apartment is simple at You can search by area, move-in date, amenities, bedrooms, etc. The listings show common requests like whether the rental is pet-friendly, has in-unit laundry facilities, or access to a clubhouse or pool.  


If you decide that renting a room is your best option during your travel contract, is your search engine. You can search by location, duration of need, and by price range. It may be more challenging to find three-month stays on this site, but you can contact hosts to discuss your options further.  


Like Airbnb, VRBO is a vacation rental website. This site offers you options to search within specific regions based on the space you need. Unfortunately, VRBO does not have a long-term rental page which could make this North Carolina travel nurse housing option a little more pricey.  

Find your next travel nurse assignment with Advantis Medical

If you have been considering jumping into travel nursing, what is stopping you? Spruce up that resume, and Advantis Medical is ready to help you find your travel nurse assignment! We are here to guide you through the daunting task of finding North Carolina housing options and a new place for you to call home for now!  

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