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Explore Top Travel Nurse Jobs with Atrium: Opportunities for Adventurous Nurses in N Carolina

January 1, 2024

If you’re on the hunt for travel nurse jobs with Atrium Health, you’ve come to the right place. Our focused guide will help you understand the unique offerings of Atrium’s network within North Carolina, from competitive salaries and flexible schedules to the ease of applying for a position that matches your expertise.

Key Takeaways

  • Atrium Health Mercy, part of the Atrium Health network, has grown from a 25-bed facility to a modern 185-bed adult tertiary acute care facility, retaining a legacy of compassionate care since its 1906 inception.
  • Atrium Health offers travel nurses competitive compensation, flexible scheduling for optimal work-life balance, and a wide range of work environments and specialties to foster career growth.
  • Potential Atrium Health travel nurses have resources to aid professional growth, with an easy application process via Advantis, advancement opportunities, and a focus on patient-centered care and innovative healthcare research.

Discovering Atrium Health Mercy

Atrium Health Mercy Building in Charlotte, North Carolina

Located at the core of Charlotte’s Elizabeth district, Atrium Health Mercy is a beacon of historical significance and dedication to medical excellence in North Carolina. Initially founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1906 as the state’s inaugural Catholic hospital, it has transformed from its original structure with just 25 beds into a contemporary adult tertiary acute care institution boasting 185 beds—a symbol of significant expansion and enduring commitment over more than a century.

Integrated within the extensive network that makes up Atrium Health—one of America’s premier not-for-profit healthcare providers—Atrium Health Mercy remains true to its founding ethos by delivering empathetic care coupled with an adoption of pioneering approaches within the health sector.

Travel Nursing with Atrium Health: Opportunities and Benefits

Travel Nurse Enjoying Flexible Schedule at Atrium Health

Atrium Health offers an exciting prospect for the passionate nurse who desires more than a mere position. Imagine embarking on adventures across varied health care terrains, all while enjoying the benefits of attractive pay and adaptable work schedules.

Committed to creating a supportive and enriching atmosphere, Atrium Health enables travel nurses to flourish in numerous fields and environments. This dedication promotes not only the growth of their careers, but also contributes positively to their overall health and personal satisfaction.

Advantis offers Competitive Pay and Bonus Packages with Atrium

Atrium Health places a high value on your skillset as a travel nurse, offering attractive wages and an extensive range of benefits that address your overall health. By collaborating with Advantis for regular pay reviews and bonus compensation, Atrium Health prioritizes your economic well-being. This allows you to concentrate on delivering outstanding healthcare services without financial worries.

Flexible Schedules for Work-Life Balance

Experience the adaptability of a travel nurse role at Atrium Health, where the Resource Team values work-life balance.

For registered nurses specializing in specific fields, joining Atrium's Resource Team offers a unique blend of professional development and personal satisfaction. This targeted opportunity allows RNs to perfectly harmonize their career goals with their individual passions and interests.

Diverse Work Environments and Specialties

Atrium Health, the nursing landscape is brimming with opportunities. If you find yourself attracted to the dynamic environment of an emergency room or have a calling for the focused attention required in an oncology department, there’s a suitable role for you. For travel nurses with a zeal for specific medical disciplines like pediatrics, MS/Tele (medical-surgical/telemetry), and neurology, a wealth of specialized areas eagerly awaits your expertise. With options ranging from hospital-based roles to outpatient settings at your disposal, your nursing career is set up for perpetual motion and growth within the health sphere.

Navigating the Application Process with Advantis and Atrium

Starting your journey in travel nursing with Atrium Health is an uncomplicated and fully supported process. By completing a simple contact form, you’ll be put in touch with a skilled recruiter from Advantis who will be there to help unfold the many exciting opportunities available to you.

As you embark on this new chapter, rest assured that our team is dedicated to facilitating a smooth application experience while prioritizing the security of your connection before they review the security and offer tailored support aimed at achieving your professional objectives.

Top Locations for Atrium Travel Nursing Jobs

Charlotte, North Carolina - Prime Location for Atrium Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing offers the dual benefits of engaging work and exploration, as seen with Atrium Health’s opportunities. You might be positioned in Charlotte, North Carolina’s vibrant urban environment, or experience the quaint allure of Macon or Rome in Georgia. These diverse settings provide a rich variety for your assignments within nursing—whether that entails being a Registered Nurse at a summer camp or taking on challenging roles in Ortho Trauma and ER Level 1 Trauma Centers.

Supporting Your Professional Growth: Resources and Education

Professional Growth and Education Resources at Atrium Health

Atrium Health is dedicated to fostering your career growth as a travel nurse through a strong support system of professional advancement. You’ll benefit from educational prospects offered by respected establishments, including the Cabarrus College of Health Sciences, and have access to more than 20 fellowship initiatives tailored for advanced practice providers, ensuring comprehensive development throughout your journey.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Committed to continuous education, the Carolinas Simulation Center at Atrium Health provides the MentorSim program, a pioneering system designed to bolster abilities in simulation training and data examination.

This systematic strategy is reinforced by recognized nursing residencies which assist nurses as they move from academic settings into professional practice. It guarantees that nurses embark on their journey in travel nursing with ease and assurance.

Networking and Mentorship

Atrium Health, the importance of networking is deeply embedded in the travel nursing journey. By engaging in organized mentorship initiatives and events aimed at fostering community connections, you will become an integral part of a dynamic professional network that not only augments your clinical abilities but also heightens your job fulfillment.

Advancing Your Career with Atrium Health

Atrium Health is committed to fostering your career growth, acknowledging your accomplishments with programs designed to enhance your nursing career. This includes providing access to specialized clinical advancement initiatives to support your professional development.

Making an Impact: Atrium's Commitment to Patient Care and Research

Atrium Health's Dedication to Patient Care and Research

Joining Atrium Health as a travel nurse, you become part of an organization celebrated across the nation for its patient safety and education initiatives. With an expansive network throughout the Carolinas, including North Carolina (NC), you are pivotal in providing healthcare that is not only innovative and accessible but also deeply personal—lifting the standard of care beyond what’s conventional.

Focusing on Patient-Centered Care

Atrium Health, the core value of putting patients first is firmly embedded within our culture. In your role as a travel nurse in this health system, you are integral to ensuring that patient safety and their family’s welfare are always at the forefront while fostering their involvement in their own care process. Your vital contributions to patient care are acknowledged and appreciated, highlighting how essential you are within the continuum of healthcare.

Involvement in Groundbreaking Research

Atrium Health, you’ll not only play a role in patient care, but also engage with an organization that consistently leads the way in medical research. Participating daily in innovative activities such as clinical trials and collaborations with top-tier academic institutions is part of the fabric of our institution.

Embracing Innovation and Technology

Atrium Health, innovation is at the core of our mission. By joining this progressive organization, you will directly witness the transformative effects of virtual care, artificial intelligence instruments, and the creation of both medical devices and software solutions that are reshaping how patient care is delivered.


In summary, Atrium Health offers a universe of possibilities for travel nurses looking to expand their horizons, engage in groundbreaking work, and create a significant impact. Rooted in the principles of patient-focused treatment and dedicated to ongoing professional growth coupled with a vibrant culture steeped in research and inventive progress, Atrium Health isn’t merely an employer—it represents the launchpad for your vocational journey where your contributions significantly reverberate throughout the health sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Atrium Health Mercy significant in the realm of healthcare in North Carolina?

Established in 1906, Atrium Health Mercy holds a pivotal place in North Carolina’s health sector as the state’s inaugural Catholic hospital. It is recognized for its dedication to compassionate care and commitment to innovation within the realm of healthcare.

How does Atrium Health support work-life balance for travel nurses?

Atrium Health values the balance between personal life and professional responsibilities for its travel nurses by providing adaptable scheduling arrangements via its Resource Team.

Such provisions guarantee that these healthcare professionals have as fulfilling a time during their off-duty hours as they do when they are at work.

Are there opportunities for professional growth at Atrium Health?

Indeed, Atrium Health provides a range of opportunities for professional development including programs for education, fellowships, mentorship initiatives, and routes for career progression.

How does Atrium Health contribute to medical research?

Atrium Health is engaged in advancing medical knowledge through the publication of important research findings, involvement in consortia at both national and international levels, and the execution of numerous research endeavors that are financially supported, encompassing clinical trials.

What innovative approaches does Atrium Health use in patient care?

Atrium Health demonstrates its dedication to superior patient outcomes by employing innovative strategies, including the utilization of virtual care, creating medical devices and software solutions, as well as integrating holistic health practices in treatments and therapies. These methods underscore their resolve to harness state-of-the-art solutions for improved health care.

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