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Contract Radar Connects Clinicians to the Best Travel Jobs

June 17, 2022

Wouldn’t it be great to have the best travel nurse or allied health jobs on your radar when you’re planning your next travel role? Imagine that you could set preferences by date, location, pay rate, and specialty, then get text notifications when the right jobs post. Sound good? We hope so! We’re calling it Contract Radar and we hope it will make your travel clinician career much easier.

Your Competitive Edge to Finding a Travel Job

There’s strategy to finding the best travel nurse and allied health jobs. Your profile in AdvantisConnect must be current and complete. You need an updated resume, the right education and certifications, and it helps to know about the best travel jobs before your competition does. That’s the idea behind Contract Radar, Advantis Medical Staffing’s latest travel clinician job search tool. It’s built on a simple idea: you tell us the type of healthcare jobs you want, and we tell you when we have them. You can view roles filtered by your preferences and 1-click apply while you wait in line for your next cup of coffee.

Reasons to sign up to Contract Radar.

Find Travel Jobs Faster

Nurse staffing shortages persist across the nation. And travel job openings have declined along with pay rates. As a result, competition is fierce and minutes matter when applying. By automating your notifications, Contract Radar can reduce the time between a travel job being posted and you applying by up to 73%. Clearly, that gives you an advantage by putting you closer to the top of the candidate pool. Not only does it let your application get viewed early, in some cases it can be the difference between your application getting skipped over or viewed at all.  

Enrollment is Fast, Free, and Flexible

Contract Radar is free to use and available to all travel nurses and allied health workers. Getting started is simple. Clinicians complete a signup form when enrolling for the program. You’ll select your desired dates of travel, location, pay rate, and specialty. Once activated, you’ll get text notification when roles that meet those parameters are listed. We realize your requirements change over time. You can update your preferences at any point by notifying your recruiter. This way, we’ll keep in touch when you want and give you space when you need.

Contract Radar sign up end.
We take your happiness seriously. Any feedback is always welcomed any step of the way. Help us help you find travel jobs faster and easier.

Contract Radar is one of many improvements we’re making for you. Our goal is to provide the best travel clinician experience with no exceptions. That means listening to you and learning from you. Do you have ideas to make us better? We’d love to hear your helpful suggestions! Send your thoughts to us at Thanks!

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