Close up of blue medical Mandala scrubs laying flat on a table with a stethoscope.

Honest Mandala Scrubs Review from a Travel Nurse – Is It Worth It?

September 30, 2022

The scrub game is constantly changing. There are always new companies, new styles, new cuts, and new colors available every time you turn around. It is so overwhelming trying to find something that will fit right and, most importantly, feels right. Personally, one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to scrubs is comfort. I spend ten to twelve hours a day in scrubs; they better make my skin and body happy. If you are on the same page as me, I would like to introduce you to Mandala Scrubs! I stumbled across an ad for them on social media and thought, what the heck? I am going to check them out. Let me tell you; I am so thankful I did! Here’s my Mandala scrubs review:

Mandala Scrubs Company Review

Mandala scrubs are an online-based company that prides itself on quality scrubs with cost transparency. And they back it up. Right on their homepage, they break down what it costs them to make a pair of scrub pants or a scrub top, including materials, hardware, labor, taxes, and transportation. They also compare their prices to other leading scrub companies, showing you how much you can save! I don’t know about you, but the cost is another important factor when it comes to buying scrubs. Because scrubs are a part of your wardrobe that you truly only wear to work and not to social events (no judgment here if you wear scrubs to family gatherings, I just don’t), it seems wild to spend $100 or more for just one pair.  

Mandala scrubs are made with Equa Tek, a fabric technology woven into the scrubs' fibers, allowing them to maintain their soft feel and be spillproof, wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial. The Equa Tek technology lasts for 80+ washes and most likely the lifetime of your scrubs! Additionally, the Mandala scrub tops and bottoms have more stitches per inch compared to other scrub companies, which increases their durability. The fabric also provides a four-way stretch and relaxed fit, which in turn fits a broader range of body sizes and shapes!

Mandala Women’s Scrubs Review

Mandala women’s scrub tops come in 17 different colors and three styles depending on your preference and needs. The three styles come in v-neck and notch tops. They also have a variety of pocket designs, from one pocket to six pocket designs, most of which are concealed within the two main pockets to stay organized. I have the one-pocket design, which is great for attaching my name badge and tucking my scrub top into my bottoms.  

The scrub tops are an excellent quality fabric without being too thick, and they feel breathable without feeling cheap or low-quality. As a person who is always warm, I welcome how lightweight the material feels. If you are always cold, Mandala scrubs also offer jackets and under scrub shirts.  

Mandala scrub bottoms come in 4 styles and 17 colors. Except for the slim pants, they come in ten colors. You can pick between regular, petite, and tall lengths. I have the nine-pocket jogger, which is perfect for your shift essentials. The elastic ankle is not too tight or uncomfortable, and the fabric is nice and breathable.  

Travel nurse and healthcare writer Andrea Mosher posing in a maroon Mandala scrub set while standing up.

How do Mandala Scrubs fit?  

Outside of all these features, you are probably wondering how Mandala scrubs fit. With the four-way stretch design and relaxed fit, you can move comfortably in any direction. Are you looking for a more fitted look? I would suggest sizing down from your usual top and bottom measurements.  

Sizing and fit chart for women's Mandala scrubs.
Women's Mandala scrubs size guide.

Mandala Men’s Scrubs Review

Mandala men’s scrub tops come in 18 colors and two styles based on your needs. You can choose from a two or three-pocket top. Both shirts have one chest pocket with one or two hidden pockets inside. The hidden pockets make it so convenient to organize all your shift essentials. These tops feel like women’s scrub tops, so lightweight and breathable yet constructed from high-quality, durable fabric.  

If you are looking for pants, Mandala scrub pants come in two different options a seven-pocket jogger and a seven-pocket cargo pant. Both pants come in 18 colors, but you can choose between a relaxed ankle or soft ankle cuff. Both pants have regular lengths that accommodate a 30”-31” inseam. If you’re one of the rare male nurses who can find the right fit, check out these other men’s medical scrubs.

Sizing and fit chart for men's Mandala scrubs.
Men's Mandala scrubs size guide.

Where to Buy Mandala Scrubs

Mandala brand scrubs are not available in storefronts; they do not use retailers or third-party stores. This helps keep costs low for you! You can find them on their website. They often have free shipping on orders over $50. Additionally, they have a 30-day return policy on all items except for masks as long as they are unworn and unwashed.  

Of all the scrubs I own, I get compliments on my Mandala scrubs almost every time I wear them. Mandala scrubs are worth checking out if you are on the hunt for affordable, comfortable, and functional scrubs. You won’t regret it!  

How to Find Discounts for Medical Scrubs

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