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Mind Your Budget: The Benefits of Weekly Direct Deposit

February 8, 2022

Travel nurses and clinicians know more about work stress than most professionals. But one concern that is nearly universal is budgeting– making your income work for you just like you must work for it. Even though travel nurse jobs are lucrative, and a travel nurse salary is a good one, we all work, at least in part, to pay the bills. That’s why Advantis Medical pays via direct deposit on a weekly basis. This simple benefit helps travel nurses budget easily while reducing stress – two perks worth celebrating.

Travel Nurse Budget Benefits

We all do it. Check our balance on payday, then calculate the likelihood it will last until our next paycheck clears. Whether you’re paid on the 1st and 15th or every other Friday, as most professionals are, you’re looking at two weeks of seeing into the future for your financial planning. And the further you get from your deposit, the greater the chance an unexpected expense can send you into the red. That’s stressful. You know what we all need less of? Stress.

Benefits of weekly direct deposit graph, 82% of the US prefer it.

Advantis Medical tackled that trouble with a simple, client-focused fix. If paying folks two weeks apart increased their concerns, why not eliminate that by paying weekly? Here’s how that makes life easier for our travelers:

  • Money in your pocket – A week with overtime means a bigger check. It’s helpful and feels more rewarding to have access to that added income as soon as possible after you’ve logged the hours. Plus, that cushion is in place sooner- for when you need it. Since travel nurses often log varied hours and pay per week, this makes budget planning much easier.
  • It’s habit-forming – Paperwork is a nuisance. You know what makes weekly form submissions more palatable? Weekly pay. It’s much easier to keep the routine of paperwork on schedule when there’s a one-to-one match of weekly submissions to weekly deposits.
  • Treat yo’self – You know you want to! And you deserve it! The ability to keep a closer tab on your finances also let’s you take note of extra funds. Using those funds to indulge yourself, even a little bit, has been shown to increase happiness, confidence, and resilience.
  • A safety net – Life happens. Whether an unexpected expense arises, or something else comes between you and your paycheck, you have a much quicker recovery time when your next check is only a week away.  

All these benefits can also fit under the heading of stress reduction, and let’s face it, that’s a primary concern for all of us. Our headaches are most often caused by a series of relatively small issues that pile up at one time. Since financial problems and work frequently top the list of stressors, it makes perfect sense to ease our minds by starting there.  

Prioritizing an accommodating pay schedule and stress-reduction plan will help you feel closer to the top of your game. A clear-eyed perspective lets you assess your finances, plan for treats and possible shortages, and keep your blood pressure in a healthy range. It’s easy to forget that we work to live and don’t live to work. Honoring yourself by choosing a travel nurse company that is truly clinician-focused has financial, emotional, and physical health benefits. You deserve to have quick access to your earnings without hassle and are right to demand it. And you can take that to the bank.

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