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Travel Allied Health Careers - Experience the World

April 27, 2021

Does the thought of traveling excite you? Have you wanted to travel, but are worried about the negative impact it could have on your career?  If so, keep reading because there are several benefits signing up as a contract allied health professional offers, including getting paid top rates to travel. 

Here at Advantis Medical, we are a travel nursing agency that specializes in matching top talent healthcare providers with facilities in need of additional support staff across the nation. This in turn allows us to help healthcare providers chase their dreams and explore different parts of the country while furthering their careers. For first time travelers, taking the leap of faith from employed to travel is the most difficult part, but yields great reward. You can become a travel allied health professional in no time, with a year or more of experience under your belt and a small amount of courage. 

So, let’s talk about the perks and the challenges.

Benefits of Being a Travel Allied Health

6 travel allied health career benefits listed in a chart.

• You have options on where you go.

• Flexibility and more control over your career.

• Short-term commitment (usually 8-13 weeks), with options to extend depending on needs of facility. 

• Extended time off, if you choose it, allows you time to check off your bucket list items.

• Keep your job exciting and new.

• Resume building: make your resume stand out.

Challenges of Travel Allied Health

• Not every location has availability for a travel allied health contract.

• Usually, it’s up to you to find housing (although Advantis Medical offers assistance in identifying options in the area, if needed). 

• New contracts mean more paperwork and documentation.

• Less job security. In rare cases, contracts are rescinded.

• You must be confident in your skills. Expect very little time to acclimate before seeing patients.

Would You Be a Good Fit?

• Do you want a job that lets you travel?

• Do you have at least 12 months of experience?

• Can you pass a drug screening?

• Are you ready to instantly be an asset to a facility that needs your help?

• Can you go with the flow, handle change, and adapt quickly?

If you answered “Yes” to the questions above, then becoming a travel allied health professional could be the exact opportunity you have been looking for. All you need are solid references, flexibility, and the ability to adapt to new environments and situations.

Is There a Demand?

Absolutely. There are many situations in which a facility is left short-handed without the staff their patients need, such as parental leave, interim coverage while permanent recruiting, unexpected retirement, unexpected leaves of absence, seasonal patient influxes, etc. Travel allied health fill these gaps and are an invaluable asset to facilities in need in order to best take care of their patients and avoid provider burnout. 

When a facility is in dire need, an Allied Health Traveler is a great solution. They are skilled, experienced, talented, and can get to work quickly dependent upon the facility’s credentialing requirements. 

Become a Travel Allied Health Through Advantis Medical

Here at Advantis Medical, we are committed to understanding your unique abilities and skillsets. We want you to be successful. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional Traveler experience to every Allied Health worker. We work with your happiness in mind to connect travelers like you to opportunities at top medical facilities across the U.S. Let’s make your dream a reality. Start your journey as an Allied Health Traveler with Advantis Medical today! 

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